JB Shugarts is the 39% #OCCUPYSCRIMMAGE

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November 22, 2011 at 11:18a

You've thought it, said it and heard it for the past three years: JB Shugarts has to have at least 50 false start penalties in his career. BUT DOES HE REALLY?

Shugarts' false starts have become so routine they're practically expected in each game. However, in honor of Bruce Hooley's agonizing difficulty in differentiating between tongue-in-cheek and literal statistics (he might still be trying to mathematically parse 11W's stated "99.7%" probability of Urban Meyer coaching Ohio State) we've decided to get literal with JB FalseStarts as he heads into his final regular season game.

Shugarts didn't become a full-time starter as a sophomore, so we didn't bother including his freshman year. The numbers are below. Ohio State has accumulated 59 false start penalties over the past 37 games (yay coaching!) of which #76 has put his name on 23 of them, or 39% of the total: [Ed. The Michigan and Florida numbers were added post-publication]

Navy (2009) 0 3
USC (2009) 1 3
Toledo (2009) 1 2
Illinois (2009) 1 1
Indiana (2009) 1 1
Wisconsin (2009) 0 1
Purdue (2009) 0 3
Minnesota (2009) 1 1
New Mexico State (2009) 0 2
Penn State (2009) 1 1
Iowa (2009) 0 1
Michigan (2009) 0 1
Oregon (2010) 1 2
Marshall (2010) 1 3
Miami (2010) 0 0
Ohio (2010) 2 3
Easern Michigan (2010) 0 0
Illinois (2010) 1 1
Indiana (2010) 1 2
Wisconsin (2010) 0 0
Purdue (2010) 0 2
Penn State (2010) 1 3
Iowa (2010) 2 3
Michigan (2010) 0 0
Arkansas (2011) 1 1
Akron (2011) 0 1
Toledo (2011) 1 1
Miami (2011) 0 2
Colorado (2011) 1 2
Michigan State (2011) 1 3
Nebraska (2011) 2 3
Illinois (2011) 0 3
Wisconsin (2011) 1 1
Indiana (2011) 0 0
Purdue (2011) 0 2
Penn State (2011) 1 1
Michigan (2011) 0 1
Florida (2012) 2 2
TOTAL 25 62

It only seems like Shuggy Bear jumps early in every game. He only gets twitchy in most games, not all of them.

So if you're the type to get literal with your frustration, now you have the statistics. Great news for Saturday: Shugarts has never false-started against two Big Ten teams: Purdue and Michigan.

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I'm appalled that you didn't put your full name on this article. HOW DO WE KNOW WHO YOU ARE?!

Please, be honest. This is for science.

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After i read your last piece and you divulged who you were i just wanted to formally thank you for WartsbyBrooks.. lol

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Thanks. Appreciate it.

Please, be honest. This is for science.

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Full names only go on front page stories. Jason insists on a dressed-down chillvibe for blog posts.

By the way, this isn't Ramzy Nasrallah. This is one of the four other Ramzys who barely ever post.

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I assumed it was Raamzy Naasrallah.



Please, be honest. This is for science.

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SbB reporting that false starts usually lead to a 5 yard penalty but no loss of down. You heard it there first.

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I really wish I could "favorite" a comment. Hopefully soon.

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I have always hoped that the first play call of every game was a Shugarts false start.  Just get it out of the way and line up 1st and 15.

vacuuming sucks

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For any other stat-junkies out there:

  • Shuggy Bear false started in 65% of the games where tOSU had a false start (31)
  • 55.5% of the last 36 games
  • 2009 = 54% of all games
  • 2010 = 58% of all games | 87.5% games with a false start
  • 2011 = 58% of all games | 63.6% games with a false start (includes a DNP v. Purdue!)
  • 23 false starts = 115 negative yards
  • He's been most focused against ThugUMiami, scUM and Purdue; a combined zero (0!!) false starts.

Don't text while driving.

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This is why I've been calling him "J.B. Falsestarts" since his sophomore year.

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Either the stats are skewed or my mind is skewered. He HAS to false start every game. SbB says so.

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It's because he always does it at the worst possible time.  Like on 4th and 5 when we need to get the 1st to win the game. smh

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Shugarts would have been deadly at the O.K. Corral.

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Shugarts shot first. - Greedo


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He really has earned his nickname.  F.S. goes for the double dozen and potentially the silver 25th false start this Saturday.  

Class of 2010.

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Not gonna lie, I was half expecting to find at least a couple games where Shugarts himself had more false starts himself than "TEAM"

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The fact that he does not know the snap count, is one thing, but can anyone ID how many times he jumped on 3rd down.


Lost Nut in Michigan

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Added the numbers from Michigan & Florida.

Shugarts finishes his eligibility having accumulated 125 yards in false-start penalties.

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Thats it?  I was thinking over 200.

Dustin Fox was our leading tackler as a corner.... because his guy always caught the ball.

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I would've thought it was over 9000.

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Is Shugarts graduating early?

Do you think he'll go early in the upcoming NFL draft?  If history is any indicator, he should go before any other lineman.

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