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June 22, 2013 at 10:04a

I live in Cleveland. My greatest Sports highlight this year was Trent Richardson's comment(he of fine SEC education) "This is the goodest defense we faced all year!" Try getting over that! Anywho, I LOVE 11 warriors and the community that faithfully post the best content about my beloved Buckeyes: The Good, The Bad, and, The Ugly. 

One thing that has me scratching my bald head this week is the Contrast of comments between the Meechy77 and Stephen Collier Commitment posts. 

Maybe it's just me, but I think it's refreshing that in this day and age when recruits are looking for attention(Meechy77)Stephen Collier came to Columbus on his own dime to earn an offer with hard work, humility, and Grace. 

I think Demetriius Knox is a beast and would love to have him in Columbus, It's great he wanted a little attention. But I found it humorous that everyone on the thread kissed his ass and not one person put him on the spot about comitting as if one challenging question would offend him and influence his decision.

Collier commits and IS already focused on helping Our Team achieve the ultimate goal and the majority of comments are concerns about his offer list, star rating, and all the QB's that committed elsewhere instead of coming to Columbus to work out for the staff and earn an offer.

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Respect your post here Paul, but disagree with your notion that everyone "kissed his ass" in regards to Demetrius Knox.

He's been respectful, genuine and enthusiastic in regards to the Buckeye fanbase. I feel he got wind of how cool things are here on 11W and wanted to take part. If it doesn't lead him to coming aboard to Ohio State then so be it. He can still be a fan.

I took his congratulations to Stephen Collier at face value......he should understand a recruit pledging his future to such a great institution and football program far better than most of us certainly could.

My humble opinion.

*edit* I didn't downvote your post btw....I thought I'd take the time and put forth the effort to explain my take on the topic. Again, imo.

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Oh there was some first class ass kissing being done with D. Knox. If I or anyone else asked to for up votes I am pretty sure we would have been crucified for doing that. 

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I understand and agree, but not everyone jumped aboard his "Upvote Express".

I've been here over eight months, have offered hundreds of posts, in which I've tried to be a passionate yet respecful member of 11W. Knox surpassed my sticker total in about three days. I thought it was cool of him to spend some time here, and even stated so in direct reply to one of his responses to his own community interview, whereas I offered my lone upvote to him.

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He made it to 7000 in 3 days.  Nah, of course not. 

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I found this odd as well.  Upvotes are supposed to be for really good posts, not a butt kissing contest.  It did cure me of my Helmet Sticker count obsession.  I thought the 11W community would have been above this sophomoric action, I guess I was wrong.

CJDPHoS Member

The Official DDS of 11W

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Yea that happened to me, asked for help with some votes to get privileges and got absolutely hammered. And for awhile no matter what I wrote got downvoted. But i will admit, i upvoted whatever i could of his lol. So yea, there was preferential treatment for meechy77 and for good reason, come on board and join the urban train to crystal ball city. hopefully the NCAA doesnt get wind or eSECpn might create a huge story about his excessive upvotes on OSUs #1 website. Ssshhh!
Ps. I don't agree with your negative post, especially with all that happened with that sicko last year. What should we have downvoted and make stupid comments in a thread. Oh wait..

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Very immature to call someone on this board out like that. Knox is very young, he is enjoying the recruiting game. He is a Buckeye fan, he loves the Buckeyes, regardless of where he goes. Would you get mad if your kid chose UCLA over Ohio State? 

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I think you missed the point here. 

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I didn't miss any point. He compared a commit to a non-commit. He directly came on here and said Meechy was whoring for upvotes, which may or may not be true, I will keep my opinions to myself. No one calls player retweet whores for posting pictures of them in school uniforms or posting things on twitter and facebook how they could see themselves at that school. No one calls out a recruit when says he is "getting no love from Buckeye Nation." Knox joined this site as a fan and to have fun. We forget that this a business decision. That is like getting  mad at your own child for getting accepted into a good school but still applying to others. We are just fans of OSU football, but we shouldn't let us being fan take over for our general respect for humanity. If a kid wants to commit right on the spot, great for him, that is his personal decision. If a kid wants to wait things out and continue to get recruited, so be it. 

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I agree with the feelings on Knox; however, I believe plenty of members of this site call other members out whether itd be directly or in some other form of reference (myself included)

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I do believe people just upvoted him because of who he is and not what he said. You can't go back and change that. But, you can't get mad at him for accepting love, as well as the hate. Only difference between calling a normal user out and calling Meechy77 out is we are all covered behind this veil of secrecy. When I call you out as a person who is making comments, you are calling out that username for what that person posted. When people called out Meechy77, it wasn't for anything he said on the website, it wasn't for actually leading anyone on, it because he UCLA, a top ten college in the world probably, is the leader for his services because of the beautiful california atmosphere, the great education, the beautiful women, having a former NFL coach coaching you, and being sold on the opportunity to build a dynasty as well as start right away. 

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I was thinking very similar thoughts on this matter. Everyone has a user name. Yet 99% are made up. My user name is my real name. I have nothing to hide. And no money or credit to steal. The picture I have as my icon is from the net. I thought it was funny. If more ppl put their real names I think it might help keep things real. This is a kid. He has been through hell already with his recruitment. I cannot log in to this site and judge any kid for trying to make life changing choices. None of us should. And why in the hell should anyone care about pretend helmet stickers? Who gives a rats ass? I'm hoping that big meech actually gets to wear the real ones. Most of us never will. He has a good chance if he chooses. He has a choice to make. A choice I was never blessed to have. We are all on here to hear about these kids and their choices. We cheer for them. We brag about them. We start to follow their actions on and off the field . Why not give them the only "trophy" we can give them here. A single upvote. I am disappointed in some of our fellow 11w family. It is ok to have a different view. But to seem upset about landing a recruit, or upset by a recruit getting upvotes is not cool. These are kids your talking about. I'm sure they could care less what we write. But I care what we write. The majority of us stay positive on most things. I just wish we all did. It is their choice to stay or go. We know their real names. We find out their info. Why should any of us hide behind a fake name and talk smack? I guess I just expect ALL of us here at 11w to hold ourselves to a higher standard. Just like our beloved Buckeyes. 

Bury me in my away jersey, with my buckeye blanket. A diehard who died young. Rip dad. 

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I honestly have been watching what you bring to the forefront here and to me as a fan it kind of turns me off when it comes to athletes enjoying the "recruiting drama". With that said I am very enthusiastic to have Stephen Collier and fam be a part of the Buckeye family! He worked hard, didn't try to steal the spotlight and made our University better with his commitment.

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Also disagree about people kissing Knox ass.  This is a kid that hasn't started his senior year trying to make a life changing decision.  He's a buckeye fan but that doesn't make OSU the right place for him regardless of what we think.  

Fitzbuck | Toledo - Ohio's right armpit | "A troll by any other name is still a troll".

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First, collier is going to be a beast   Urban knows what he needs to win.  
About Knox , I don't understand your comment.  Knox is from ohio , huge buckeye fan and poops on ttun   He is a fan like all of us.  I never felt he's playing games.  Osu has pulled kids from so many states and I bet those players were fans of other schools but went to osu because of fit or a better opportunity    Knox isn't rushing anything, he did say he did when he committed to Texas and won't do that again  
He did come up to osu and then decommitted from Texas.  Maybe urban told him to enjoy the process don't rush an important life decision   Good luck kid.    Go bucks 

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Not a criticism of Knox folks. It was an observation of our community eating out of the palm of Knox's hands, and a large number of comments questioning the staffs decision to offer and accept Stephen Colliers Commitment. I found the reaction interesting considering one is on board and the other isn't as of this time:).  It appears the majority of our community is concerned about offending a possible recruit instead embracing an actual committed recruit. 

There are winners and there are losers, and then there are "THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY"


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I think the reaction to Knox on this site has been a bit, for lack of a better term, creepy. It just seems that because a highly-rated prospect says hello, people freak out. Fair enough that its exciting to have direct interaction with a potential recruit (something normally known only to staff of this and other recruiting sites), but I was a bit bothered by the incredibly over-the-top response when Knox asked for "upvotes". Not so much about the kid, just about the reaction of members. Just my own, humble opinion and I do not mean to offend anybody that did get giddy when Big Meech popped in for a chat.

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I don't think anyone freaked out and I agree, the up votes were whored out but it isn't like an up vote is currency or some benefit given for a recruiting benefit. I thinks fans wanted him to feel embraced and welcome. That something the coaches do themselves. What's the alternative? Ignore the guy and make him feel ordinary? Hell, it's just an up vote and probably more indicative of catering to entitlement but I think everyone was fairly responsible in their communication with him. My questions were directly related to recruiting, something I've never experienced. A Funny thought just occurred to me, we always say Ann Arbor is a whore. 

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I don't know D. Knox at all but I am willing to bet that he is a pretty lucky kid. He is most likely the BMOC of his school and community. Not sure about nowadays but those guys always got preferential treatment and pretty much run of the school. IMO I am 40 and I do find it creepy and slightly stalker-ish that this kid tallied up 7000 " kiss up-votes" in three days. I read his comments and didn't find anything interesting or meriting  an up-vote. I personally saw it as a stroke my ego party that a lot of members were guilty of feeding. 

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"Collier commits and IS already focused on helping Our Team achieve the ultimate goal and the majority of comments are concerns about his offer list, star rating"...
Collier seems like a genuine, well spoken and humble kid. I believe he holds a scholarship offer from Harvard... not overly impressive from a football perspective, but it certainly speaks to his academic achievements. He seems to be an extraordinary student-athlete. Having said all of that, I have to say that I am one of those who wonders why Ohio State has to settle at the quarterback position. Maybe the word "settle" isn't accurate/fair, but Collier's offer list is very weak, and he is a 2 star QB per Rivals (I know, Rivals blows, but...). I don't follow recruiting as closely as many on this site, but I do pay attention and stay informed specific to the Ohio State commits. I believe that the recruiting services are GENERALLY accurate. Do they miss on some kids? Yes. Do they get more right, by a wide margin, than they miss on? I believe that they do. After the summer camps and his senior season, plus a scholarship offer from the likes of Ohio State, Collier might earn a 3rd and/or 4th star... but as of today he isn't highly regarded by the services or the other major programs (UC is his next best offer). Troy Smith wasn't highly regarded either, and we all know how that turned out. The bottom line for me is this: I'll trust that Urban Meyer and Tom Herman know far more about what makes a good college QB than do the recruiting "experts" from Rivals/247/Scout/ESPN... but I do wonder what Meyer and Herman see in Collier that everyone else seems to be missing. I think its a fair question, and one for which 11W is a perfect debate forum.

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I might have it wrong, but on another thread post it mentioned Stephen Collier cancelled planned visits to Alabama, Auburn, and FSU. We may have just gotten to him before his recruitment was about blow up. 
This could very well be yet another example of what Urban Meyer said in his initial press conference about going at it real hard. 
I think the big take away might be that with an Urban Meyer team, Recruiting is a 365 day a year process and he and his staff will do whatever it takes to get the players that fit their model for success. 
What a great era in the history of Ohio State Football.

There are winners and there are losers, and then there are "THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY"


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I believe they saw Collier as a leader and a competitor. Those are all qualities that you can't find. When they rank players, they tend to rank only on physical capabilities, like how fast they are, how strong that person's arm is, how much muscle can they add to their frame. Things like that, they tend to not pay much attention to a player's drive and desires to get better. That is why recruits like Collier could fly under the radar for so long. And, it is not only Collier, there are several recruits like that, Najee Murray had a huge jump his senior year, Mike Adams jumped a great amount during his senior year, Christian Bryant's offer list wasn't that impressive. Pretty much all of our starters for the past 2 years.

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Collier just started on varsity for the first time last year. The reason his star ranking and offer list aren't that big is because of exposure. He lives in a rural area where not a lot of college scouts and coaches venture. Plus in his interview he stated his team was usually up so much at halftime he would not play the second half many times. That is why his stats are lower too which college coaches look at. This very true of  the recruiting "experts" as well. His recruitment is starting to blow up though kind of like eze's did last year. He won qb mvp at the Atlanta NFTC where by the Deshaun Watson was camping to. He also got an elite eleven invite after taking Watson to the wire in the pressure cooker drill at the Atlanta elite 11 tryout. He is a lot better than people give him credit for and I'm telling u the kid is for real.

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I don't think Urban and staff settled AT ALL with Collier.  I think they genuinely wanted him.
Consider how limited scholarships are this year.
Consider that there is not a real pressing need to sign a QB in this small class.
Consider how many elite players, as judged by a consensus of the recruiting services, we are still in on.
Consider some of the other high rated QBs that had real interest in OSU but never got the committable offer (Drew Barker, Zach Darlington, etc).
Consider that it's only June, leaving more than 7 months for Urban to find a QB he REALLY wanted.
Consider that Urban Meyer and his staff are widely regarded as experts in evaluating high school talent.
Consider... well, you get the point.
The only valid conclusion is that Urban sees 4-5 star ability in Collier and did, in fact, REALLY want the kid.
And the same logic largely applies to players like Terry McLaurin and Lonnie Johnson.
The recruiting job this OSU staff has done in the first two classes ought to be evidence enough that they aren't "settling" for anyone at this stage of the recruiting game.

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Oh there was some first class ass kissing being done with D. Knox.

I take offense to this comment but did not downvote it. FWIW, I work my ass off 60 hours a week, and next to hanging out with my son, one of the few joys during my time off is to come to 11W and read about the Buckeye world and relax. I thought the upvoting and Q & A with Mr. Knox was a lighthearted convo. with a potential future buckeye, nothing more.
If you have a problem with what was going on, don't be a part of it. But please don't judge the others who choose to converse with a recruit who has become a member of the site and took the time to answer questions and be a great sport. I monitored most of the chat and did not feel that anyone crossed over into obnoxious fanboy.
I mean we are talking about helmet stickers here man...helmet stickers
Also Collier will be a great addition to the team, whether he starts or not. Trust in Urban.




     " I hope when I die, I die laughing"...                

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We in here talking about helmet stickers. I mean, listen, we're talking about helmet stickers, not ass kissing, not currency, not improper benefits, we talking about helmet stickers. Not a game. Not, not ... Not the game that I watch on Saturdays and die for and grip on every game like it's my last. Not the game, but we're talking about helmet stickers, man. I mean, how silly is that? ...

+1 HS
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I got a chuckle reading your response as it had an Allen Iverson vibe imo."We're talking about practice...err...helmet stickers. Not a game...practice...wait stickers." Damn you Iverson

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The fact that you take any opinion I have about a football recruiting topic to be offensive is offensive to me. This is an open forum and that means it is open to all opinions but  to find something offensive is just taking this site way to serious. I got 2 wonderful daughters and I cherish every moment I have with them and if anyone was to mess with them I'd find that to be truly offensive. My advice is that you work way to much and you should spend less time on 11W being offended and more time with your son. IMO

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you are aware he reads this board right.  Check out the leaderboard....

~Because we couldn't go for three~

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Who do you think has a bigger influence on Demetrius Knox? Urban Meyer and the head coaches of the schools he's interested in, or the forum posting community here at Eleven Warriors? 
Tell you what, for all the worry warts out there, if Mr. Knox commits elsewhere due to the   Comments on this specific post topic, I volunteer to sit in a dunk tank at the next Eat too Brutus and all the proceeds can go to charity.
Actually not a bad idea, I'll volunteer regardless for a good cause. The charity can be determined by a poll question vote. 
Let me know eleven warriors community! I'm in!!!!

There are winners and there are losers, and then there are "THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY"


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Paul just flipped the script on that one! Sounds like a fun idea, haha

You can feed a bobcat all the chili it wants. That don't mean it's going to crap out diamonds.

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I like your suggestion! I kinda felt like Knox may not commit to Ohio State anyway and when he were to make the decision to go to UCLA or Ohio State, or whichever school he chooses, a lot of the folks on here would feel betrayed. Not that I'm hoping he doesn't choose Ohio State! I really hope he does become a Buckeye and I'm just as guilty as the next guy for wanting him to come aboard the Buckeye Bus but I also have to admit it got a little bit ridiculous in the way we all kind of expected him to pick the Buckeyes because we all upvoted him to the Leader board. Even Knox made it clear that he still wasn't sure which school he would pick.
On another note, I think it should be very clear to Mr. Knox that his chances of winning a National Championship at Ohio State are far greater than they would be at UCLA. So I guess the ultimate question would be, would you rather be looking up at a crystal ball or staring at Asian women walking down Sunset Blvd in bikinis'? Referring to his interview on that ask a fan site or whatever it was called? The Asian women will be there for the rest of your life but you'll only get one chance to win the crystal ball!

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Every recruit has a different personality and a different story.  In my mind, Collier was a surprise commit, but so was Holmes.  Collier was under the radar, but QBs recruiting is very different from recruiting at other positions, as he himself stated so well, so I have no problem with the way the 11W community is interacting with Meechy or in welcoming Holmes or Collier.  
The Knox situation is unique in that a recruit happens to be a fan.  He is also intelligent and social and maturing.  We have not run into this type of issue before, and I am certain that we all are learning from it.  
Bottom line:  the 11W staff are the best, and tOSU football is the best.

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Well said MN BUCKEYE !




     " I hope when I die, I die laughing"...                

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Recruiting has changed as these sites covering recruiting have grown and social media (specifically Twitter) have become easier to communicate with the masses. 

You have to remember that we are covering and following teenagers (feels weird saying that since I am still a teenager). These top recruits are treated like celebs by the schools recruiting them and mostly by the teams fans. If we are going to treat them like celebs, it's hard to fault them for acting like it as well. They (and I) are kids. For some reason, kids take twitter followers and retweets very seriously. It's a competition. Your popularity hinges on the number of twitter followers you have or how many retweets you can get. 

I have no problem with how Mr. Knox has handled himself nor do I have a problem with how many here and throughout BuckeyeNation have idolized him and recruits in general. Many grown men tweet these prospects daily, begging them to go to their school, or asking for a retweet from their favorite recruit. I think it is a little weird, but I guess doing so is just sort of generally accepted these days. 

While he might be idolized right now by many, by committing to a school he will take a lot of heat on twitter. These young kids will be personally attacked, potentially death threats, and people hoping for injury. That is what really saddens me. They should never have to deal with that. No one should. For that reason, I say let the recruits enjoy their moments. 

This is the biggest decision of their lives, so far. This decision could make the difference between a multimillion dollar NFL career or only graduating with a college degree or (hopefully not) not even making it through college. We are all diehard Buckeye fans. Not everyone is and we need to understand that. Not everyone has grown up dying to be a Buckeye. For some recruits, this is more like a business decision. 

For most senior-to-be students, they won't find out whether or not they've been accepted into a college for a few more months. Some probably haven't even applied for colleges yet. 

Just remember: These are teenagers that are forced to act like adults at a young age. That is all I ask from BuckeyeNation. Before you hit that send or tweet button, remember that you are talking to a 16-17 year old kid. 

Also: I love kids like Stephen Collier and Terry McLaurin that come to camp on their own dime and earn offers. I love that. I'm glad they got the offers they earned. Hard work pays off. 

All these recruits work so dang hard. Trying to fulfill their dreams. Hats off to them. 

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Slowly rises to his feet. Begins the chant...Jordan....JOrdan...JORdan...JORDAN...JORDAN...

An angry fan...rooting for an angry team...led by angry coaches

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Myself, i dont kiss ass. Meech is a buckeye fan, and he likes coming to the 11w site as all buckeye fans do. No matter his choice of college, i wish him outstanding success on the playing field and even more so in the classroom.  I also like seeing kids come to camp and bust their "ass" to earn an offer, such as collier did. A lot of super bowl and national championship quarterbacks, were very cerebral. I trust urban to search and find the players that fit his way of winning. I have a feeling urban found the quarterback to lead the buckeyes to the national title game. GO BUCKEYES!!!!!

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i think this is a little misunderstood. This is more about how great and refreshing this commitment is. I believe the knox situation was used as a reference point.
..i might be wrong also lol

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I love collier because he's a buckeye that is all

stark county football

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First let me send my deepest sympathy for you having to live in the mistake by the lake............(I'm just picking on ya, don't get your panties in a bunch...GO BENGALS)
Second I agree about the undue critical posts about Collier, I think after his senior year and after he attends more camps his ratings will rise significantly.
Third I don't see all the hoopla about Meechy being ass kissing, I think it's cool that a recruit has embraced our 11W family. He has allowed us unprecedented insight into the world of a highly ranked recruit, and has been gracious, intelligent, and funny.
I would bet if more players would log on and share their thoughts on 11W the leaderboard would be filled with actual Buckeyes!

"Because I couldn't go for 3"

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1) So what?
2) Why does it matter?

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I talked with our incoming place kicker. I'm not going to try and spell his name. It is German. Lol. He is from Kentucky. When I spoke with him , I brought up 11w. He was aware of us. Idk if he has logged on, but i hope he does. I would think some kids would visit us. Maybe even with hidden identity. Thats why I try to say nothing but positive things. We are mostly adults. And We are fans. It is our jobs to cheer on the team. To welcome the new kids. To try and show how great our school is so others become buckeyes too. We are to be fishers of men. We should lead by example. I think we should upvote every player who takes time out of their very busy lives to write a few lines and answer questions. I think the insane amount of votes he got were only us fans saying thanks for your time. And I didn't see very many of us talking smack about a recruits ranking. A few I will admit. But not very many. I will gladly upvote the next player or recruit for hooking us fans up with q&a. 

Bury me in my away jersey, with my buckeye blanket. A diehard who died young. Rip dad. 

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Thanks again for all the love y'all show BuckeyeNation. I hope it doesn't come off as I'm trying to be an attention seeker but like others have said in this blog, IM A HUGE BUCKEYE FAN TOO! I was talking with Stephen today about OSU, and yes it's been a dream since 2nd grade to go to the Ohio state. It seemed so simple back then, dominate high school, be one of the best players in the nation, go to ohio state, win national championships. Go to the NFL, dominate and retire and be a coach. I even have an Ohio state SNUGGIE! Doesn't get bigger than that haha. The thing I had to promise myself was, even though I'm a big Ohio state fan, I can't let that get in the way of what's best for me. Maybe it's Ohio state and maybe it's somewhere else. I have until now and NSD to figure that out. But regardless of where I go, I'll always say two things. I was born in Springfield Ohio and I am a huge Buckeye fan! Thank you again.

Angry staff, Angry team. The Ohio State

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I think it's fair to say whether or not you choose OSU, you will have your fair share of OSU fans rooting for you the rest of the way.  

steensn's picture

Don't think you've done anything wrong. Some people just read into things too far. Funny how people on a forum give the impression it is ok for everyone but those we are talking about can come talk on the forum... Seems a bit hypocritical IMO. Hope to see you in scarlet and grey in college!

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Son, You can't put it any better than that. If anybody played sports or even wanted that perfect job, I see the plan the same. it's whats best and that's all that matters in the end.
Good Luck to you Sir.
You a Buckeye to me and that's what I Here in your words no matter were you end up

Capn, Make It So...

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Apparently some people think that doing an AMA on here means that you're trying to get attention. They're wrong.
Personally, I thought you did a great job of carrying yourself during that interview. You said yourself that you want to work harder than anyone else, and not act like you are entitled to greatness. To me, that's a quality that I want my Buckeyes to have, and that's something that a lot of top recruits seem to not have.
Collier committed right after he got his offer, and immediately shut down the rest of his recruitment. He's a guy who made his decision and wanted to get down to business right away. It's great to have recruits like that, but if I was an elite recruit, I'd take my official visits and make sure I was making the best decision possible. So I can't fault you for doing what you're doing.
Most of the time these days, recruits only acknowledge the fans by saying things on Twitter like "Stand up #BuckeyeNation" and stuff like that, but they don't actually take time to talk to us. It's great to have an inside look at what recruiting is like. If someone thinks that you were seeking attention, they're wrong.
Thank you very much, I wish you the best no matter what your decision, and go Buckeyes!

When I walked in this morning and saw the flag was at half mast I thought, "Alright, another bureaucrat ate it." but then I saw it was Li'l Sebastian. Half mast is too high. Show some damn respect.

-1 HS
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I think all OSU fans that follow recruiting would obviously love you to be a Buckeye, not just because you're an elite player, and at a position that OSU desperately needs (OL depth is possibly the only weakness I see on an OSU team that will likely challenge for multiple titles over the next 5-10 years), but because we all realize that you GET IT when it comes to what makes OSU special to all of us (fans, alumni, etc). The appeal of having a BUCKEYE FAN playing for OSU is great for many of us.

Any negativity you get from Buckeye fans, however, is just some misguided people who feel your not choosing OSU is a rejection of OSU imo, which it obviously isn't. I don't think they have an ounce of hate for you, they just are reacting really poorly to someone who's making their own decision. If I were a recruit, despite being an OSU fanboy, I'd do the same thing you're doing. This is a decision that could directly effect your livelihood (and the livelihood of your current and future family) for the rest of your life. You have to do you, I think the vast majority of us OSU fans realize that, so best of luck on your decision!

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Agreed. I want Meechy to be a Buckeye not only because he is an elite recruit, but because he is a fellow Kanye fan. This stuff is important.

When I walked in this morning and saw the flag was at half mast I thought, "Alright, another bureaucrat ate it." but then I saw it was Li'l Sebastian. Half mast is too high. Show some damn respect.

-1 HS
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Meechy I'll be pulling for you wherever u go. That is not ass kissing, that is recognizing that u take time to talk to the fans, answer questions and have the kind of class that is sadly lacking from the majority of young men in your position. I don't see it as getting attention, but rather giving it.

P. S. I'm from the Field too. Me, you and Brax. Good company to be in.

Buckeye born and bred. Buckeye til I'm dead.

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I do hope you don't take this like anything. Some choose to ruin a good thing, a player who can give us first hand knowledge on the field. No matter where you go! I believe I can speak for most in saying, we never played college ball. To talk with someone currently about to do that is a perk of this site right now.

Just hope u do know some of us actually like conversing with u and not just pandering to u because of who u are. And few feel how the OP feels.

I saw a UFO told me to have a goodyear!

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I wish I could upvote this post by Meechy77 100 times.  This just goes to show that this young man has a great head on his shoulders and is going about this process in a smart way IMO.  As a 20 year old, I have a lot of friends who aren't capable of a mature response like this.  I'm definitely really impressed with Demetrius, and I hope he feels that OSU is the best place for him when he decides.  Now, if that's not the case and another school is the best fit for him, then I will definitely wish him luck and I will certainly still follow his career and root for him to succeed.  He doesn't deserve any flack for his approach, and I honestly don't believe him coming to this website is an attention seeking action.  I think he is truly interested in what's going on at OSU, and comes to this site as a fan of OSU just like WE DO.  Now obviously the love he gets is an added bonus and that certainly doesn't hurt, I mean who wouldn't love getting love from your favorite colleges football fans??  All in all, I think Meechy has a bright future ahead of him wherever he ends up.  Hopefully that is OSU, but if not, I refuse to be upset with the kid about it.  It's really impressive to me that he has the maturity to go about the process in the way he is going about it.  It's certainly an interesting dynamic when you are a recruit with the opportunity to go to the school you grew up loving.  Jalyn Holmes just picked OSU over his childhood favorite FSU because of how good of a fit OSU was for his future.  He saw how well OSU set him up for life after football, the program Urban has implemented that sets players up with job opportunities after football, and realized what it means to be a part of the OSU football family.  Not too mention he realized OSU provided him with the best chance at winning national titles.  Meechy could end up finding reasons that another school is better for him just like Jalyn did.  Good luck to you Meechy, I hope you find the perfect fit for you and your future!

MN Buckeye's picture

Best of luck to you, Meechy!  I still want to get ahead of you in the 11W premium buffet line!

TheBadOwl's picture

Shhhh, don't let the non-premium members know about our buffet.

When I walked in this morning and saw the flag was at half mast I thought, "Alright, another bureaucrat ate it." but then I saw it was Li'l Sebastian. Half mast is too high. Show some damn respect.

Brutus' Left Nut's picture

"I even have an Ohio state SNUGGIE! Doesn't get bigger than that haha."
...Literally.  That's got to be one big ass snuggie.

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Once a buckeye always a buckeye. I think as fans most of us think if we had the opportunity to play.c college football we would suit up for the bucks without question. But none of us had that chance so we are very biased in our opinion. I hope you choose to come to Columbus but its the biggest decision of your life and its completely justifiable that you want to explore all options. Best of luck in your recruitment. Columbus will always welcome you

OSU2002Grad's picture

I agree with the original premise of this blog and I also think it's disrespectful.
I agree with the premise that Stephen Collier has earned our respect by earning the respect of the coaches we respect. Those posters who are valuing his worth based on the number of offers or stars aren't just questioning Collier's talent, but also the ability of the coaches to evaluate talent. When have Meyer and Co. ever given anybody out there reason to question their ability to evaluate talent?
I think it was a disrespectful post in regards to Knox, who has shown himself to be a fan and a contributor to this site. Just because he is also a recruit does NOT mean isn't he a Buckeye just like the rest of us. I remember multiple threads discussing whether someone needs to go to the school they root for to be a fan. The general consensus seemed to be that a fan is a fan is a fan no matter where they went. And Knox is a fan.
That DKnox doesn't share the same anonymity as the rest of us probably makes him different because you can put a face to the post. How is that a bad thing? Doesn't that just make this site more interesting?
This blog post comes across as some whiny fanboy complaining that a recruit hasn't chosen his favorite school yet. While the original premise of building Collier up was benign, the follow through was utter... dog crap.

bodast67's picture

thanks for the comment. Just remember, it is about what is best for you and your family during this process. Fans will be fans and as we all know, fan is short for fanatic. As i have posted earlier, i had a lot of fun with the upvotes and appreciated you taking time out of your life to come on here and answer everyone's questions.
Take all your visits and enjoy the process. Hopefully, the Buckeyes will be team you ultimately choose. If you decide on another school, I for one will be the first one to wish you success with all your future ventures.
Good luck to you,have fun, and know that the best damn fan base in college sports supports you every step of the way  !
Go Bucks  !




     " I hope when I die, I die laughing"...                

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I've had an account on this site for almost a year, and have been a reader of the site (mostly front page articles) much longer. This is surely the first time where a recruit took the time to personally interact and answer direct questions from any commenter on this site.  It's sort of like the community interviews Birm started, but even more personal.  
Personally, I threw a few up votes to Knox because I wanted to show some appreciation for taking the time to hang out on the site and provide some insight.  (Even in this world where I see too much attention given and sought out in regard to recruiting of high schoolers, I don't see the Q & A as being needy for attention as much as say some #hottake controversial--and misleading--headline used only to grab attention.)  I don't see how this is in any way being a "kiss ass." Indeed, I find that comment to be insulting on top of being inaccurate.  That's okay, I see it as botched attempt to make what I can only see as a remotely related (in a broad sweeping generalized way) point about the reception of Collier's commitment.
The first time I saw the 11w post on Collier there were almost 200 comments on the thread, and there are 374 now. I'm not too worried about the reception to his commitment, in other words.  People had questions because they didn't know anything about him. So what? 
The comments, or fake outrage or whatever, about upvotes is a farce by the way.  For one, there seems to a smidge too much concern over a few meaningless internet pixels.  For two, you seem to be forgetting all the frivolous things that have garnered oodles of upvotes on this site. Like changing an avatar, well making an announcement about changing an avatar. Or, a failed attempt to break some news (or was it a successful attempt to convince others old 9er had some news to begin with? He's still riding the upvote love either way.) . Heck, want some upvotes? Post a gif! No need to call out someone you don't know, and a community of people you don't know, over a few net pixels.

Run_Fido_Run's picture

Like others in this thread, I appreciated Meechy taking the time to interact with the fans and thought it was a great example of how cool 11W is, etc. He seems like a really good young man and I wish him the best wherever he chooses to pursue his next endeavors. Having lived in So Cal, myself, at one time, I understand the lure of sunny and sparkly Westwood and so forth, and UCLA is a top-notch public university, but I also saw some of the downsides . . . 
Anyway, seeing him rise up the leader board was all in good fun, kind of like 11W performance art, or something - nothing to take seriously at all. Any "criticism" of Meechy's meteoric rise up the 11W leader board should be confided to tongue-in-cheek barbs (like, it might have been funny to point out that the guy at the top of the list started posted 200 comments a day instead of 100 in a frantic effort to ward off the rapidly approaching Meechy hoard). But if anyone seriously cares about his (or their) positions on the board, or the integrity of the silly list (or something like that), they got issues.
Don't get me wrong - the helmet stickers and leader board were nice additions to an already great site. There are plusses and minuses to the system, but IMO it was net positive in terms of governing trolls and facilitating good discussions, etc. But, come on, the Leader Board is only half-serious matter, which is another thing that Meechy seems to get. 

Meechy77's picture

I'm just curios, but what are some of the downsides?

Angry staff, Angry team. The Ohio State

+2 HS
GV9's picture

"I'm just curios, but what are some of the downsides?"
Exactly.  Much ado about nothing.  
Later Edit:  Didn't read the post Meechy was replying to carefully enough and thus my off-target response.  oops, sorry.  

tdible2132's picture

My guess would be when he is referring to the downsides he is referring to things like the distraction aspect of it all.  That environment is really easy to get caught up in, and in turn you end up dealing with a ton of distractions that can take away from your focus to school and football.  I'm not positive what he meant though, but I do know I chose not to pursue a college along the beach because I knew it would make doing the things I needed to do harder due to the distractions.  Not everyone is like that though and some kids can juggle those kinds of things well.  It just all depends.

+1 HS
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Meechy: the downsides of Westwood/L.A./So Cal don't really relate to UCLA, at least not directly - which is a great school with a seemingly resurgent football program.
Actually, I referred to "downsides" because some of the negatives - from my point of view - are flip sides of factors that are positive on the surface. For example, the people there are beautiful, but along with that the culture is relatively narcissistic and fixated on image/brands, symbols of status and affluence. It has to be the world capital of cosmetic surgeries and Botox treatments.
Other "downsides" might not especially apply to a student-athlete who is expected to spend 50+ hr/week on campus as part of a rigorous training and study regimen - e.g. traffic, parking, terrible public transportation for a huge city, high rents, high cost-of-living, high taxes, awful public (primary) schools, and so forth. Obviously, there are drug addicts, deadbeats, con artists, predators and gang bangers in any city including in C-bus, but the dangerous and depressing/depressive characters in L.A. are in another league, I'm afraid.     
Still other factors might not be "downsides" depending on one's personality. When I was 19 years old, unlike you, I had no self-discipline and was easily distracted. Not only are there are a lot of temptations in a place like L.A.; family-oriented, down-to-earth folks are more likely to collide with hedonistic and/or alternative lifestyles. It's a good place to gather material for novels and stream-of-consciousness poetry and explore the boundaries of tolerance, but it can be a bit stressful and "high maintenance" for some of us.   

9Route's picture

Taxes/cost of living

I'm just happy to be here

steensn's picture

Just got back to Ohio from living near Santa Barbara and if it weren't for the fact we adopted two older kids from Ethiopia and wanted to be close to family we would still be back there. As with any place, there are pluses and minuses, UCLA and that area is very big city, the people are nice but the culture is a bit different. We just thought people didn't like us the first few years, but it was just the fact you have to work your way into a network of friends. Being on the football team I would expect you wouldn't have that problem, but something to know. It's a lot more "clicky" than the Midwest. Given that, we still loved our time there and made amazing friends.
It's gonna be a ton more expensive to do everything, so think of that when you think of your time doing anything fun. Gas, car, etc. just because its a big city doesn't mean they have great public transportation. LA is a big suburb, meaning you need a car. Your car has to pass smog every few years or so, gas like $1 more a gallon, taxes higher, etc. but being in college might not mean much. Your scholarship will not go as far out of school as in places like Texas or Ohio.
We are more small town kinda people, so LA was a place we visited but didn't stay. Something to think about.
Water, you won't be going in much, it's freezing.
All of that, we'd move back if I had $800k to buy a reasonable house ;) but if I'm in he Midwest, Columbus is the best place to be by far. A least it gives you the kind of opportunities of an LA with a Midwest culture (+) adn worse weather (-).

SilverState's picture

Like many are saying, plus/minuses are really in the eye of the beholder. Having said that, I can vouch for some of the aspects being mentioned.
I was actually born in Springfield, and raised nearby. I moved to Los Angeles after college and lived there for about four years. In general:

  • Great looking girls...though, not necessarily attractive overall. (Personality/values is the anchor of beauty IMHO.)
  • Great weather...though, many claim (as do I) that once you live there for awhile, your body that what feels cold to you now will feel the same way, only when it's technically warmer out. (People who are there a year or two wear coats and scarves in the 60's...sounds crazy, but true.)
  • Great hiking/trails.
  • Just absurd traffic...though you can plan you day around it.
  • High cost of living.
  • The beach/ocean in L.A. is average in many folks opinion. You really need to drive to somewhere like La Jolla to get what you probably have in mind when you think of California beaches.

For a lot of these reasons, I ended up moving back to Ohio. You're definitely wise to look more into what it's actually like living in Los Angeles. The industry (Hollywood) can make it look like this amazing place, but there are definitely some aspects worth your consideration.

ExpatBuckeye's picture

Meechy77 -
I don't know if you'll get a chance to read this but I think I can lend you one man's opinion that attended BOTH Ohio State and UCLA.  Just FYI, I also am a big 11W reader but this is literally my first post because this is the first time I felt I may have a helpful opinion to share.
I also grew up in Ohio as a Buckeyes fan and enrolled in OSU partly because it was affordable and partly because of an opportunity to play a non-revenue sport.  After two years and a half years of not getting on well with my coach I decided to look at other schools.  I had a buddy that went to USC out of high school and I went to stay with him for the summer to check out some schools out West.  I wasn't at all impressed with USC -- bad neighborhood, bad social scene if you weren't Greek and I just didn't feel I had the money to fit in.  I got an invite to take a look at UCLA and went over a day early to check it out.  It was love at first sight.  
The campus is beautiful, not very spread out and exactly what I dreamed a perfect campus to look like.  There was a mix of races (I'm a minority) so it felt like it wasn't just rich kids.  Westwood (especially back then) was a picturesque little town inside the big city that was totally convenient and I saw Bruce Willis the first day I set foot there.  What more could you ask for?  I was walking to class in short in December.  And let's be honest - the girls are hot.  Nothing against OSU girls but UCLA had some really hot girls.  UCLA was also a much better academic choice for me and, generally, (depending on your major) was more prestigious than Ohio State.
I spent 3 years at UCLA.  Attended every football game and most basketball games.  Got my degree.  Lived and worked LA for 3 more years after graduation.  And you know what?  I still call myself a Buckeye and I am as big a Buckeye fan as there is.  Why?  Why not a UCLA fan?  I get asked this all the time because people assume I graduated from Ohio State.
First of all, there is very little enthusiasm for sports at UCLA.  Football games are played way off campus, you take buses to get there and the students get there notoriously late and leave early and even when they were there it was a half-packed, half-hearted stadium even though the team was doing very well.  There also too many other things to do around LA.  I remember struggling to try to find friends to go to games with because there was the beach and so many other fun stuff to do.  It honestly felt like a commuter school.
Also, UCLA's compact, convenient campus looks amazing but it has its down sides.  Everything is mega expensive.  Even with the nice stipend for rent, we were packed into tiny apartments near campus or living off campus and getting parking tickets every week because there is literally NO place near to park.  I think I spent more on parking tickets than food.  So many other negative go with the placement of the campus - it was a super pain every single day.  I can elaborate more but it'd get really long.
I don't know if you want to pledge a fraternity or not.  UCLA was very much split between the academics (minority mostly, like me) and the partiers.  Almost all of the social scene at UCLA is around the Greek system so if you want that, you should pledge.  Ohio State has a nice balance. Being in a fraternity is awesome but even if you're not, there's plenty of social life outside 15th Avenue.  
But 100% the biggest reason is that people in LA are much more shallow and rude.  It's a way of life.  You'll notice it when you first go out there and it will surprise you.  But then you get used to it -- like seeing Lou Ferrigno at the grocery store or Robert Downey at the gym.  You start getting used to the dude at 7-11 acting like you are doing HIM a favor buying something or the people that won't ever slow down to let you change lanes EVER.  In fact, you'll never notice it again until you go home and you go out around a bunch of people and you think that everyone there is so nice you can't believe it.  Image is everything there and people you think are your friends are just there to help their image and not people you can count on.  It sounds cliche but Ohio State friends were just more "real".  You'll never notice that on a campus visit where each school shows you only the bright and shiny.  But in the end it's about what you take away from those 4 years and that's true for life friends.
After you graduate, Buckeye fans are a united family wherever you go.  We are united around our teams and the great times we had together at school.  UCLA alums ... I hate to say it but I never find them.  In all the cities I've lived, Houston, Tampa, San Jose, Denver, Miami -- you can move there one day and the next day you can hook up with 300 or 400 Ohio State fans to watch a game.  I've never once found a UCLA "bar" or alumni get together. Ohio State fans treasure the memories of great games and great rivalries (I can't even imagine how much more that would be as a football player).  UCLA ... nothing - almost no enthusiasm.  Rivalry with USC, I guess but even then the stadiums were half empty whether we played at the Rose Bowl or their place.  But it doesn't come anywhere close to the year-round atmosphere at Ohio State.  (Are there 10 UCLA football web sites?  Or even 5 busy ones? IDK honestly)
I hope any of this helps you in your decision.  I don't regret the education I got from UCLA but i wouldn't trade my two and half years at OSU for 20 years at UCLA.  I guess UCLA is that hot ass chick with big &^%$ ... that you just ache for.  But she ended up being kinda shallow and superficial and two months later you can't remember her name.  Ohio State is that beautiful, clean cut girl your mom would love with a heart of gold (and a rockin' body under those clothes) that would never even look at another guy because she's yours forever.

+2 HS
LouGroza's picture

Could not get a better run-down than that. Very nice post that even others, besides Meechy, can appreciate for the insider look. 

+1 HS
Rockhbuck's picture

I grew up in CA and went to OSU for my undergrad and I agree with this 100%. I couldn't find a school out here with the passionate fan base and alumni I identified with. I go to LA for work and while I like to visit, it's the ride home that is my favorite part. 

bsodders's picture

Wow!  I lived in Southern California for seven years and just moved back to Detroit 2 months ago (all Buckeye, but grew up here) and this was 100% spot on.  You seriously knocked this one outta the park.

Squirrel Master's picture

I really think u have read things one sided. I have seen many posts on here asking tough questions towards Knox and I myself have up voted him but on the merit of his comments, not to just do it. He had said some great comments. I appreciate that. I have also seen some great ass kissing towards many recruits, so don't act like Knox is getting preferential treatment for being on here. Every recruit gets his fans! Even Ryan Timmons and others who don't even have offers. Barker for instance! So I do take offense to your generalization and ask that you read the broad scope of all the comments and don't zero in on the ones that make your point! All recruits get love and hate at some point. You just proved it!

I saw a UFO told me to have a goodyear!

GV9's picture

Meechy was having some fun with helmet sticker accumulation. 
Most of the rest of us were having fun with his quest for helmet sticker accumulation.    
Some people just need to lighten up and have some fun too.  
It's Summer.  Relax.  
Later Edit: looks like the topic had moved on to the pros and cons of UCLA as a place to live & school, but I was still stuck on helmet stickers :(  oh well.  
the only time I was in L.A. was in a layover at LAX many years ago.  I've been to Stanford (Palo Alto) though which was very nice and very expensive! 

MN Buckeye's picture

Actually, in the immortal words of Randy Newman, I love LA.  Every part of this great world has unique attractions and great people.  I enjoy traveling to all types of places and listening to the people to learn about other cultures.  Sure, LA has its share of fake people and boobs, but really, so does every place else.  The weather there is great, and I like hiking the mountains and even enjoy driving on the massive freeways out there.
Of course, I enjoy Cbus as well.  My brother lives there and works near campus, so I drive through campus whenever I am there to fill my OSU fix.  I have lived in MN for over 25 years now, and this is also a great place to live.  There is nothing like splitting wood outside in 0 degree weather and ice fishing (ok, drinking beer).  
The point: every place has advantages and interesting people.  Let's all enjoy them, and GO BUCKS!

Poison nuts's picture

Great post MN. You're spot on that every place has it's good & bad. As for Columbus vs LA, I was born in & lived in Columbus. I visited LA many times, including an extended 3 month stay. Both are great. LA, obviously just has absolutely beautiful weather & a huge variety of different things to do & see. The scenery there is amazing. Columbus though, for me, always feels like home. I've been lucky to travel & see the a lot of the world but when I'm in Ohio, I always feel more comfortable than anywhere else. As for the negatives of LA, the only ones I can really think of are the traffic, & it does have a certain plastic feel to it at times. Oh yeah, and I was in SF for the earthquake in 89 & that was far & away the scariest thing I've ever experienced...but it doesn't keep me from visiting California at least once a year. Columbus has a lot of positives. It's a big city & a very cool one with plenty to do & see, but it also has plenty of small towns around it if you don't love being in a bigger city. The one real negative to Columbus might be the weather. It can get cold in the Winter, but after all these years in Florida, I kind of miss snow & a legit Winter season.
When I was young, I dreamed of playing football at OSU. I played for a while but I'm 5'9" & 165 lbs & it wasn't in the cards...but if I had a choice between the 2 schools, mine would be OSU - which is easy for me to say since I was never recruited or had to look at depth, coaches, other players, or any of things that go into a decision like that. If I was 18 again & checking out UCLA & seeing California for the first time, it would be tough. It's a nice place & I imagine I'd give it a lot of thought...Then I'd go to OSU regardless because, I mean, I'm not crazy!  ;) 

"Do not pass me, just slow down - I can move right through you" Superchunk - Precision Auto.

Dougger's picture

I enjoy reading people's views on LA. I visited with my sister to go to the OSU-USC game at the coliseum in 2007. Needless to say I got PTSD from that game and the people i interacted with so going there is a no-no for me in the future.
On the bright side the Village People got their star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame while I was there - that was a scene

I like football

danbrown7665's picture

Did he really ask why nobody called him out on making a commitment? Does the author of this post know this is the biggst decision of his life? that would be very unfair to do

"limitations, like fears are often just illusions"
-Michael Jordan, the greatest athlete of all time

bdh467783's picture

People were calling for me to get the boot from this site for just giving my opinion on Knox because it wasnt nice and rosy about him. I made one little joke about he and Kitt de-commiting together and was called sick. Everyone twisted my comments so quick, just to jump on board the good guy wagon, that  after about 10 minutes I was trying to figure out if they actually saw my post or just skimmed through the thread and saw what people were saying and just decided to go with the flow. I did admit that my comment was made in haste and I could have worded it differently. I will never think that Demetrius or any recruit should not be allowed to post on here or have the same rights here afforded to me, I said that in my opinion this isnt what I want my teams recruits doing. I didnt say the kid doesnt work hard, I said I want to see Jeremy on here updating me about this kid working hard or tearing it up at a camp somewhere. I dont agree with asking Demetrius about committing to Ohio St, but that is just me, if someone else did I wouldnt have a huge problem. If me commenting on here becomes what makes or breaks a commit then Ill find my way to the door because I wouldnt want anything to do with that. And for all you that referred to me as a recruit stalker and things of that nature, take a good look in the mirror because if thats what you took from my comment then you might be the stalker. I definately agree with the ass=kissing comments, but do I think they are wrong, no, this is an Ohio St. site and we are fans of the Buckeyes, sure there are going to be people trying to butter up a big time recruit, thats just to be expected. But its also not a private club where if you say anything critical you should be kicked out. If things were turned around and we were Texas in the Knox situation you same people would be killing this kid. And I keep hearing upfront and honesty, while you completely ignore the facts right in front of you. I dont know this kid other than what Ive read, I dont dislike or hate him like some are so quick to assume, I know that this is a small part of this kid as a whole, and I might like everything else about him if I knew him. But its so contradictory to tell me how good someone is, while you call me a hater or whatever else, when you know him just as little about him as I do. I do understand that recruiting is heading more in this direction and this is going to become more common, I might not like it personally but Im sure I could grow too just like anything else. When I found this site I couldnt believe I had missed this great Buckeye site that had been up and going for a while. I like the writing here but in no way am I a writer, so Ill leave that to the 11w staff and if they think this stuff is great for the site, they are more educated to make that decision than me, and Ill keep coming back. And just to wrap this up, Ill admit the way my comment was made was a mistake on my behalf. If I had it to do over again I would have still commented on it but I would have chosen my words better. Never could I have malice in my heart for a 17 year old kid who I dont know, because I dont think certain things he does fit my favorite teams image.

steensn's picture

1) You don't really know him
2) As an adult, you don't tell a kid you don't know negative things
3) As an adult, if you want to tell a kid you don't know something, keep it positive and uplifting
I don't care if it was malicious or not, it was poor judgment IMO. Unless you see a kid directly doing something wrong and someone needs to intervene, IMO it is not your place. I really don't care who it is, big time recruit or some random 15 year old bench warmer who comes here and says he'd love to play for OSU some day. We don't need to be the ones to "step in and teach the kid something." These are not adults (sorry Meechy), they are kids. When we are talking about kids, we don't act like they are adults.
Butt-kissing is necessary when you are talking to kids you don't know and aren't doing anything wrong.

bdh467783's picture

Do you know him ? Why do you think you have the answer for how everyone should conduct themselves ?  If we dont need to be teaching them things then why do you feel you have to reference his name ? This is so funny. You were that guy in the van following the school bus around werent you ? Stop it with the phony Ward Clever persona. 

steensn's picture

If you don't know how to act appropriately as a grown man, someone has to tell you. Trust me, this is not an act, I'm the guy that downvotes someone when they post women's pictures to gawk at.

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I'm calling for you to get acquainted with these things called paragraphs and punctuation but welcome you giving your opinions including ones that arent nice and rosy. Youre free to make little jokes about whatever and maybe some of us will call you sick. Then your comments will maybe get twisted so quick because we here at 11W like to jump on board the good guy wagon, that after about 10 minutes you wont know if we actually saw your post or just skimmed through the thread and saw what people were saying and just decided to go with the flow. Did you know that Mark May wears womens underwear and that Craig James killed five hookers while at SMU. We appreciate that you never thought that Demetrius or any recruit should not be allowed to post on here or have the same rights here afforded to you and that you said that in your opinion this isnt what you want your teams recruits doing. I hate tofurkey, veggie bacon, and vegan bakeries. We didnt say that you said that the kid doesnt work hard we said that you said something else. The problem with not using paragraphs and punctuation is that very few readers will read this far into your comment so they wont know that I secretly have a thing for Helen Mirren even though shes like 80 years old or that I think that Phish mostly engages in musical masturbation. Of course, its probably a good thing that they wont read this far into the comment because I am writing some offensive things now and now I'm about to randomly insert an excerpt from the Gettysburg Address. Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth upon this continent a new nation conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal. Now we are engaged in a great civil war, testing whether that nation, or any nation so conceived and so dedicated can long endure. We are met on a great battle field of that war. We have come to dedicate a portion of it as a final resting place for those who died here that the nation might live. This we may in all propriety do. But in a larger sense we can not dedicate we can not consecrate we can not hallow this ground. The brave men living and dead who struggled here have hallowed it far above our poor power to add or detract. The world will little note nor long remember what we say here while it can never forget what they did here.

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Says the guy who doesn't use paragraphs or apostrophes. Just saying. :)

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Im calling for you to get a life that consists of something more than correcting peoples grammar on the internet. I cant think of how bored I would have to be to think it would be a good idea to just go ahead and spellcheck this manually. Did you actually have a point on the actual subject or what exactly were you trying to do ? Im firmly in tune with reality and I know that you guys are reaching a lot to have taken those comments so offensively. But you both seem to be putting on an act like you think your designated educators. I know when I was 17 that joke would have bothered me less than your phony see-through personalities.

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The day anyone goes on the Internet to blast a teenager for how they handle themselves on a recruiting website (especially when they are being respectful and aren't doing anything lewd, illegal, etc...) isn't it time for us to reevaluate out priorities? I appreciate the point being made, why not just praise the kids who busted their butts to get an offer and leave off the taking a shot at a recruit?
We ask these young men to come to the schools we love, to represent it with pride, to give their best, to forego a million and one opps for a million and one other opps while enduring pain and potential public humiliation and yet we give them crap for silly stuff like this. Then we say? Why don't they love my school?

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Totally off-topic but Collier is my favorite commit.

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I'm more of a fan of the trenches. I think Knox i the kind of kid you want in an OG position and will make your line just shine and therefore I thought he was the best OL add we could have before his first commitment. Still do...
But since he is not a commit, Trout is my fav.

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7000 upvotes in 3 days. Amazing. Imagine if it had been Pryor or D'Andrea during their recruitment. I wonder what the number would have been.

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