Letter to fans from JT

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December 28, 2010 at 2:21p

As you know by now, I write letters.  I wrote one to JT just to tell him I was thinking of him during this difficult time.  Apparently, so did a lot of others, so he responded to all of us with the following:


"Please excuse this informal/impersonal response to your thoughts that you took time to share with me regarding our recent situation with our Ohio State Football Family. You can imagine we are quite busy at this moment.


I did indeed read your thoughts, and I appreciate you caring enough to spend the time to send them. There was quite an array of opinions of our kids, our program, our coaching, the NCAA, Ohio State, and the game of football. And for how we should proceed.


What I appreciated most was your passion for Ohio State and your compassion for kids and their futures. You can be sure we take very seriously our responsibility to the well being of the kids, Ohio State, and the game of football. We will continue to do our best in representing each.


Best wishes to you and yours as we celebrate a New Year living in the greatest country in the world."


jim tressel

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Thanks for sharing PAM.  I haven't seen your thoughts on this entire thing (probably missed them) but would like to know them.  I did see you post something about ensuring the other 80+ kids get our support.

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My thoughts have been mixed from shock, dismay, anger, disappointment and absolute sorrow for JT and the team.  And yes, we must support the 80+ guys that didn't do anything wrong and for for all we know, the other 5 truly didn't know they were doing anything wrong.  I believe they should be allowed to play.  The NCAA has a specifc clause that addresses defering penalties if there is a bowl game or some other post season tournament, championships etc.  It was not offered to Ohio State as a one time option, but is policy set by the NCAA. Gene Smith who is JT's boss and Jim Delany who is Gene Smith's boss filed for re-instatement for the SB after the players were suspended for it and got it.  I can't imagine Tressel benching them after that.  I know i can't over ride my boss or her boss.  And it must be emphasized that the 5 game suspension for the upcoming season is brutal, for the team and more importantly those guys. They are losing a third of their senior season.

While I may question some of JT's decisions on the field, I have never wavered in the belief that he always has the best interest of the team, the school, the city of Cols. and the state of Ohio in mind.   A finer ambassador we couldn't find. 

Last year's Rose Bowl was on the BTN a couple of days ago.  I watched TP, Boom and the others play lights out.  Seeing that intesnsity and absolute joy they showed after winning, I just can't believe that they don't care or love  being Buckeye selling rings etc. notwithstanding.

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Thanks for sharing this.

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Always. It's my pleasure to do so, 

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What's the Vest's addy? I need to add him to my Christmas card list for next year. And/or flower list for Valentine's day my gf doesn't need anymore flowers anyway.

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You can send me flowers anytime

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It's not valentine's day, it's singles awareness day!