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November 25, 2010 at 9:55a


Since there is a 125 word count minimum for a blog, I will have to fill in some dead space. Dang. I still need a few more words. Oh, there they are.


Top 10 Things Tougher Than Michigan's Defense

10. 1 ply toilet paper.

9.  A stuffed bunny, armed only with hugs and kisses.

8. Sneaking into Arizona.

7. Getting tickets to remaining Bengals games.

6. Trying to find a buyer in the Middle East for your left-over uranium.

5. Being a farmer from Iowa and having to choose between growing coffee or corn.

4. Finding a way to spend $100 cash at a strip club.

3. Coloring within the lines.

2. Determining if Sarah Palin knows more about guns or advanced economic theory.

1. Finding an unemployed Michigan grad.

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we all know why there arent any unemployed osu grads.

career builder has lots of truck driving jobs open.

Hi Haters...

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 My logic, it is irresistable.

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Have you been out in the Michigan landscape during daylight hours?

Desolation........ not even truck drivers.  The Michigan Central Railway Station has become the new symbol of what has become of Wolverine football prowess.   

Arrogance has never been in fashion.  Now, arrogance that has been embalmed for the last decade is just stupid.

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I am so proud. A Michigan fan finding his way about the internet. Next up...working on an actual defense!

To err is human. Really sucking requires having yellow stripes on your helmet.