A Moment of Silence for TBDBITL

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December 9, 2013 at 1:02p

There could not be a worse BCS bowl draw for The Best Damn Band in the Land than the Orange Bowl. The Orange Bowl traditionally does not permit college marching bands to perform at halftime, instead opting for a Super Bowl style performance which will feature country singer Dierks Bentley this year. I have never understood this, considering that college marching bands are such a huge part of the pageantry of college football. Usually BCS bowls, or bowl games in general really, are a great opportunity for universities to showcase their bands, and those two to three minutes of halftime coverage provided are coveted by schools and band members alike. These kids work extremely hard all year long and those couple minutes of national exposure are certainly warranted. 

The sad thing is that TBDBITL has never had a bigger year. They've had three halftime shows go viral, have gotten all kinds of media exposure and praise. The world outside of our OSU bubble finally realizes just how good they are. It doesn't seem fitting whatsoever that the best marching band in the country, after a such phenomenal year, has to end their season sitting in the stands during halftime. The band will travel to the game and they do get (I've heard) four minutes of pregame performance time, but that's barely enough time for a double Script. Definitely not an ideal situation.

It's just such a shame for these kids, and it's a shame that the Orange Bowl doesn't recognize the fact that they are benching TBDBITL and depriving a lot of students and fans an amazing opportunity year in and year out.

So, moment of silence, commence.

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I was hoping for a Video Game-off with Clemson.

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As a former member of X-row from 88-91 I can say that I thought the same thing yesterday when it was announced. This is really disappointing. The only bright side I see is that at least TBDBITL will get some time in the sunshine and on the beaches of south Florida. I spent one of my bowl trips in 38F and freezing rain playing along side Lee Greenwood at the Liberty Bowl in Memphis. 
I know that I won't watch their Dierks Bentley, cause I don't even know who he is. What I do know is that if they chose to show TBDBITL that their viewership would be higher at halftime than the Dierks Bentley show. 
A sad halftime indeed...

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X-row 07-09 here. I'm sure the group is happy to get to make the trip and the 80 degree weather is a huge perk for sure. Definitely beats not going to a bowl game.
Still unfortunate that this is how the chips fell. 

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Just when you think you are keeping up... who the hell is Dierks Bentley?

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Yea, honest, I can/could do a Google search. But even when I saw the results, I was at a loss as to his discography. Kind of a quasi country fan, so I will confess to being on the outside of who is popular. 

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If I was even considering going to the Orange Bowl (which I wasn't), this would seal the deal for me. The only reason I would have considered going would be to see some of my graduating friends who are in TBDBITL perform their last halftime. This makes me even more happy I made it to the game on Saturday.

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The band is performing at a very high level this year, and are a perennial top-performer.  Very much a shame that they are left out at the Orange Bowl.  

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Too bad there isn't a marching band component in the BCS selection process............

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Good post, I had no idea the Orange Bowl does that.

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I knew the Orange Bowl did that, but I thought they still invited the bands and incorporated them into the game.

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Yes, the bands still attend and are given a short amount of pregame performance time. I'm sure they will have a great time in Miami and represent OSU well. Just not the fitting end they arguably deserve after such a phenomenal season. 

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I say let the band go down, but not perform at all.  Tell the Orange Bowl Committee that TBDBITL isn't some two bit opening act for some country yoddler.  This way the members get a few days in the sunshine and a bowl game experience, but not screwed into playing for only 4 minutes.

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I get what you're saying, but the athletic department won't want to pay for them to go down and not perform. It's hundreds of thousands of dollars for the band to travel, even on short trips. Plus the band wants to perform. 4 minutes is better than nothing.
It's not something only our band is subjected to. This happens to every group who gets an Orange Bowl bid.

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Better yet, use the travel money for a home grown, at the Shoe, performance using their animations. Then upload to YouTube. They will get more exposure than their four minutes at the Orange Bowl (where I assume only the fans who attend the game will see them) and it will be seen by a younger audience.
As far as TBDBITL being seen on TV, I am sure that they will be preempted by repeated showings of Woody Hayes taking a swing at Charlie Bauman. 

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Do they still have a big parade on Biscayne Blvd.?  It used to be on TV on New Year's Eve.  
Because the game used to be on New Year's day.  
Maybe this thing lost prestige when the Orange Bowl (the stadium) became such a decrepit place.

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TBDBITL has won the National Championship this year.  Undefeated, untied and un-scored-upon.


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Let them play! Is their a petition that we can start?

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-1 for poor grammar.

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The misuse of They're, there and their is one of my pet peeves.  Along with lose and loose.  That's the type of thing I expect to see on Mgoblog and Baboons with Internet.  Not on the best college football blog site in the universe.

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Living in CHS SC we don't get much live actiion with OSU.  My son's first experience with TBDBITL was at Taxslayer in 2011.  They made him feel like a hero. Pictures, poses and the music....The band  outnumbered the game pictures 2-1 in his scrap book.  You can't tell me Dierks is more important than that damn band.  Arghhhhhh   This news is seriously depressing. 


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Yeah and its a 4 min performance an hour before the game so hopefully there will be some buckeye faithful there early to cheer us on!

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I beet TBDBITL could REALLY screw up Dierks Bentley's performance if they just happened to start playing at halftime...

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Ohio State fans in attendance should start a loud "We want the best damn band" chant as halftime begins and do not stop the chant until halftime is over. 

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I despise diedks Bentley.   Country flaVor of the month

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2 Platinum and 1 Gold Albums, 2004 Top New Artist at the Academy of Country Music Awards, and 10 Number 1 singles.  Definitely Country's Flavor of the Month

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135 years of tradition and excellence. 40 million youtube views on just 3 of literally thousands of videos. Dozens of albums. 77 years of Script Ohio. 1984 Sudler Trophy winner. The largest all brass and percussion band in the world.
While I agree that Dierks Bentley is no country music n00b, the numbers don't really compare.  

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i completely agree that TBDBITL is getting shafted.  I'm just pointing out that just because the poster doesn't like the genre, it doesn't mean that the artist is "the flavor of the month"

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Thanks for the post, the sentiment is appreciated.
-from a current S-Row member.

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Great avatar CDUBS, is that Lee Corso from College Game Day this past weekend?

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No it's a bit older, from 2009 vs. USC in Columbus, I believe.

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Reality is, I would rather see Mr. Bentley instead of 99% of the bands out there EXCEPT TBDBITL. TBDBITL just is so above and beyond the usual college band in talent, spirit, creativity, musicianship and performance that you can understand why the bowl committee does this. They probably signed him up months ago.

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Dierks Bentley? What, Slayer wasn't available?

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Nickelback perhaps?

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At the B1G Fan Fest before the game, the band announcer said they estimate 6 billion people have seen the band perform this year. Even if they only get four minutes in the pregame, you can bet they will perform at many fund raisers in the days before the game. Also it takes a while to set and take down the stage. OSU & Clemson bands should come to an agreement on how to fill the time. And tell the OB not to play PA crap over top of them.  

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I am going to the game, and I can't say I am looking forward to halftime now :/  Looks like a good time to wait in line for food/drink.