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July 14, 2014 at 1:21p

Sometimes I'm guilty of watching an Ohio State/San Diego St-type game and sweating through every second and before long, the game is over.  I get to breathe a deep sign of relief and look forward to next week's struggle.  Week after week this same scene is repeated until the end of the year and the LONG (re: eternal) off-season.  

As I'm grinding out another football-less month and yearning for that Navy game, it's beginning to hit me that I might be sweating away the greatness that is the talent of Braxton Miller.  It wasn't too many years ago I did the same thing with a now Buckeye legend, Troy Smith  It was easy for me to look past each game, each quarter, each SNAP where #10 made the impossible look sublime.  Then, like a vapor, he was gone.  He lives on in YouTube clips that show such accuracy and leadership it's kind of like a dream.  Was that real life?  Did that actually happen?  How did it go by so fast?

So now I sit and ponder the same with #5.  This is going to be the last handful of snaps we watch from this uniquely gifted talent.  I will be making it my mission to soak in every second.  Yes, I will still sweat out that inevitable 3rd and 5, but my commitment to myself is to appreciate every time #5 touches the ball and I would encourage you to do the same.  The reality is we're not just watching any normal player, we're watching greatness.


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Man, this is pretty philosophical, 04. I may have to think about this for a while.

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I think this happened with Carlos "El Guapo" Hyde for many. There was greatness right under our noses and not many appreciated it. I'l miss the way he ran. It's like he was stealing souls. I imagined him running up to defenders and stealing their lunch. I would yell "EAT EL GUAPO, EAT!" as he grinded out first down after first down. He was eating their motivation, their desire, their heart. He was one of Ohio State's best and we didn't savor that enough while he was here. 

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I agree with you Citrus.  He was definitely a beast who will be tough to replace.

What can I say MN?  I'm a deep thinker... HA! (not really)

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