Have Your Expectations Changed?

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October 2, 2012 at 10:20a

With Ohio State out to a 5-0 start (though with less than impressive performances in some instances), have your expectations changed for this season and next?  Do you believe Ohio State is a top-10 team this season, and do you think they should rightfully get talk of being potential BCS championship contenders next year?  Or, because the offense has come around more slowly than anticipated, and because the defense has shown some very visible weaknesses, do you think the 5-0 start is fool's gold and this reclamation project to again become one of college football's elite is going to take a little longer than what many thought?

Personally, coming into the season I felt this team could win 10 games because of the weak schedule, but probably would fall somewhere in the realm of 9-3 or 8-4 based on the amount of youth and growing pains with the new coaches/schemes.

Now, based on what we have seen from the offense and improvement from the defense, I am leaning more to an 11-1 or 10-2 result, with an outside chance at 12-0.  This team seems to still be grinding its way to victories at times, so I continue to think there is at least one loss somewhere in the offing.  Nebraska and TSUN will obviously be tough matchups, and I think the two tough road games remaining at Wisconsin and Penn State are not guaranteed wins.

If we continue to see this squad grow and improve like we did this past Saturday, I think talk of a potential BCS championship game bid next year is not outside of the realm of possibility.  The explosive offensive plays have not really been seen yet, outside of Braxton Miller, so I think it will be important to get Elliott, Marshall, Jacobs, and whoever else comes on board in this recruiting class, up to speed with the offense as fast as possible.  If one or two of those guys can make an immediate impact by just imposing a threat to the defense, I think it will do wonders for the big-play ability of the Urban/Herman offense.

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Expectations has been and always will be an undefeated season!

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Of course it is at Ohio State, all things being equal.  Unfortunately, not all things are always equal.  We have more knowledge of the team's lack of depth in some areas, youthfulness, new coaching staff, new offensive scheme, injuries, etc.
Once you factor in those sorts of things, you then come up with an informed and realistic set of expectations.
Those are the expectations I am speaking of...

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I'm with you. I definitely thought the most likely best case scenario (as in a season I would be happy with) was 9-3. I could have seen one of those losses coming to MSU, UCF, or Cal. Seeing that we've gotten through those three games I think the expectations go up to 10-2. Nebraska will be tough. Penn State could be tough as they are playing with the most emotion in the nation right now. Wisky proved last weekend that they haven't completely fallen apart and will give us a game. Also, if Michigan continues their slide then the Game might determine whether their season was successful at all. Thank goodness we aren't playing Northwestern this year. I think we have a very good team that is getting better every week. But we are still an injury away from a close loss. Imagine if Braxton went down, or if we had a couple of offensive lineman miss a week. Eventually this offense needs to involve more passing downfield to be great. At any rate, I am enjoying this ride!

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if brax goes down i think kenny g is more than capable

mark may wins douchebag of the year... again

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I figured 10-2 with losses at MSU and at Madison were to be almost expected.  1st year of a new offense and the D was still maturing. 
From what I've seen from OSU and their oppenents thus far, I think anything less than 10 wins now is a disappointment.  We have 2 tough road games left at PSU and at Wisky, so you would like to take 1 of 2 at least.  Then Nebraska and Scum at home.  Both revenge type games, and Nebraska is at night.  Would like to take both of course.
Then OSU seems to play down to competition so the others aren't guarenteed but expected

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At the start of the season I was picking the Buckeyes to finish 10-2, and figured youth and inexperience with the new offense would lead to a loss in the first 5 games, either to UCF, Cal, or MSU.  Well, we're 5-0, so my expectations should change, right?  The problem is that I believed it was the offense that would be experiencing growing pains, but instead it's the defense that has me worried.  Although the performance against MSU was encouraging, it reminds me of the performance against Wiscy last year.  The Buckeyes can stop that type of O.  I'm a little worried about stopping Nebraska, and can't get rid of the memories of them absolutely gashing our D last season.  If we can shut them down on Saturday, I see 12-0 as a real --and really crazy-- possibility.  However, for now I'm sticking with 10-2.  Nebraska, michigan, and @Wiscy, are all games to worry about.  Even Purdue could be a dog fight.

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The problem I have is depth on the OLine.  One injury there could really hamstring us and maybe cost us a game that we should win otherwise.  The thing is...  The longer we stay injury free, the more time guys on the second and third teams have a chance to learn the system which could lessen the impact of any injury.
Aside from the question of injuries, my expectations have raised.  More because of how bad the Big Ten has looked this season then anything else.

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I'm holding on to the dream 12-0!

I know there's a game Saturday, and my ass will be there.

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I really don't care in what fashion we win games this year. We don't have a bowl game to go to. All I care about is a W at the end of the day. Next year, different story.

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No change, I still expect to loose 2 games.GO BUCKS!

I wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then.

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I actually thought anyone who believed this team would go 12-0 was out of their mind.  I said at the begining though if they got to 6-0 I'd buy in.  I still though this was an 8 or 9 win team with posibility of being a 10 or 11 win team.   I don't see anyway they got 8-4 so yeah my expectations have certainly changed.
I won't be disappointed if they lose though.  I'm not one who expects an 12-0 season every year.  They've only gone undefeated one time in how many years?

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I feel the same on if they were to lose.  Everyone talking about 12-0 being "probable" must have missed the memo on just how difficult that is, even for a dominant team. 
I won't like it if they lose, obviously, but it's nuts to expect a team this young, with so many questions and in transition, to go undefeated in major college football.

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My initial expectation was around 10 wins.  After the first four games I had tempered that signigicantly.  After this past Satruday I am optomistic for 10 wins again, though I don't think many will be easy.  Penn State is coming along and Bill O'Brien is an excellent coach.  Wisky will be looking for revenge and to slavage their season.  Nebraska is greatly imporved over last year.  Michigan game is always tough (well except for that one stretch).  I would LOVE to see this thing keep rolling, but, despite the MSU win, they do still have a lot to improve upon.

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I think "probable" is a bit too much to use when it comes to 12-0..."possible" is a better term to use...call is spoiled or whatever but undefeated should and will always be the expectation at The Ohio State University...the "beauty" of this year having a bowl ban means if we do lose a game then it won't cost us at all compared to previous and future years....
With that being said, with the influx of speed and playmakers coming in next years class...coupled with the scheduling gods smiling down on 2013, I still think that next year there is a VERY real possibility that we can make it to the NC game...Of course, you never know with incoming freshman, but Braxton will be a JR, and if some young speedsters on the outside can mesh with Philly and Devin then our offense becomes immesnly better than what it is currently...
Next year's BCS NC talk is of course contingent on the Myans being wrong about 12/21/12...

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I get this is Ohio State and we're used to great football but undefeated happens so rarely I don't get why that is the expectation.  It's like if you don't go undefeated it's a failed season, and that's just not the way I feel every year.  I mean yeah going into most games every year Ohio State is not getting points by the oddsmakers, but since 1890 Ohio State has 8 undefeated seasons and 4 of those included a tie.  So, only 4 years in Ohio State in 121 seasons and 5 games  of playing football have they had a 0 loss 0 tie season. 
I think double digit wins is a reasonable expectation every year, I think contending for the B1G title should be a reasonable expectation most years, and as we get away from the sanctions I think contending for a national title most years will be a reasonable expectation.  Undefeated though, every year is just not reasonable at all.

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I totally understand that undefeated happens rarely, but if you're not undefeated then its a crapshoot (in the BCS) as to whether you will make it into the championship game...so with that mindset expectations should be to go undefeated..
And even with the playoff system coming to get into the playoffs teams that lose 2 games are probably on the outside looking in, and if you want in then your expectations have to be perfection to guarantee a spot.

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Your goal should be an undefeated season.  Expectations are something different.

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No they have not,  I expect The Buckeyes to win every game.


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I had 10-2 or 9-3 for this year....I think we'll be better than 9-3, but I still think we can lose a game or two....I know you will all call me crazy, but I think we lose at PSU....it is much like our game against Wisco last year....nothing to lose, at home, night game, white out, and they consider us their rival....I am scared of that game......Wisconsin on the road is another tough one....Purdue will give us a game in the 'Shoe I think.....Michigan will still be tough, although I think we win that one....at IU and home vs Illinois should be easy Ws....so I change from 9-3/10-2 to 10-2/11-1 but I still think we lost at least one...just hoping not Michigan

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Totally agree on PSU.  Very scary game.

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I think that's a fair prediction Alex-- however, if we can keep Brax healthy (I realize after this past weekend that is a BIG IF) then 12-0 is still within reach-- I believe we have the leadership, the talent, and the staff to be able to will ourselves through any close calls we may encounter.

Remember that in the end you will be judged not by what you believed, planned or dreamed; but, by what you did.

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I have always said 12-0.  I expect perfection every year.  I still believe we can be undefeated at seasons end.  I think we have a real fight on our hands this weekend.  Wiscy at Madison is always tough.  I think PSU is a tough one, but a win.  Who else is going to beat us?  Not IU or Illi.  Purdue? Possibly, but I doubt it.  AACC?  Not this year!  Urbz will have them pumped up for this game.  We just about beat them last year, and they aren't any better this year.  I still think 12-0, but won't be to upset at 11-1.  IF the 1 isn't AACC or Baby Bret.  

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The Official DDS of 11W

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I said 10-2 or possibly 11-1 before the season...but probably 10-2.  Now, I'm saying 11-1.  As much as I wasn't thrilled with the way we played the OOC slate, this is a bad B1G, so my expectations really didn't change much.  I was thinking MSU would be one fo two losses, so now I'm going with 11-1 with the loss being either to Nebraska or at Wisconsin.  Or possibly Penn State, though I'm not sold on them yet. 

Class of 2010.

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As I said at the start of the season...I am a time traveler, and have already been there. I cannot reveal a whole lot in a public forum, for fear of upsetting the balance of the universal timeline, but when the curtain lowers on the season, each of you will have rather large smiles plastered across your faces. Well, some may already be unconscious in a state of self-induced drunkenness. Just don't end up like the poor LSU fan who forgot to wear a neck wrap while drinking with Alabama fans.

Anyway, enjoy the debate of the present!

I like cookies.

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Nope.  First, Nebraska is probably totally jacked to play our secondary.  Purdue will also be excited to pass on us.  And by the time we play Wisconsin, they could have things finally figured out.
2 losses is still a very real possibility.

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With the win over Nebraska my expectations are changing.
The rest of the season is looking easier and easier. We still have away games at Penn State and Wisconsin, and we host ttun, but if we play like we did tonight I think we could run the tables.

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Has anyone seen the rest of the B1G? I went into the year thinkin 2to 4 losses, but after watching the other teams in our conference I think 12-0 is certainly doable. It's still a hard road because it is tough never to have an off day, but the level of competition is weak.

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I think CPlunk is dead on.  The competition is not as strong as we thought.  On the other hand injuries could play a factor, especially now with Bino hurt.  There is always the chance of having an off day as well.  Especially with a young team.  Right now, I would pick them to win the rest of their games individually but it is a fragile thing.

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My expectation was originally to go 10-2 with my question marks on Michigan State, Nebraska, and Wisconsin.
It has now changed to an undefeated season 12-0, with all of the B1G having losses now. Wisconsin will be a tough one as it's at Camp Randall Stadium.
Never thought for a second Michigan had a chance to tarnish our record :).