Nothing To Play For

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August 28, 2012 at 9:04p

I've heard from people on a lot of different sites, some Buckeye and some not, that this team needs to get motivated because of the post season ban. 

I do understand that the lack of an opportunity for a Big Ten Championship, no shot at a BCS bowl or not even having a shot at being crowned the National Championship, for a lack of a better word, sucks. But to say that this team has nothing to play for is simply absurd.  

This is THE Ohio State University. The largest student body population of any US college. 56,867 students at the Columbus campus that care for the results of each and every game. 

525,000 living alumni that care about each and every game. 

105,000 for 8 home games this year that will care about the results for each game.

Roughly 3.1 million fans that long for college football so they can watch their beloved Buckeyes take the field against who ever they play and long to hear the victory bell at the end of the game. 

The opportunity of taking the same field as greats such as Chuck Csuri, Les Horvath, Jim Stillwagon, Troy Smith, Archie Griffin, Jack Tatum, Eddie George, Woody Hayes, Orlando Pace, and the field that Chic Harley built. All who shed sweat, blood and tears to make The Ohio State University what it is today. It is the responsibility of the current team to build upon this legacy.

22 Senior members of the Ohio State football team that do not want to end their careers on a sour note.

24 true freshman that don't yet know what it's like to walk into Ohio Stadium on a Saturday against that team up north. 

39 players that are currently 0-1 vs Brady Hoke and that team up north. 

24 players that have the possibilty to be the first ever to go 7-0 against that team up north. 

1 head coach whose record stands at 0-0 with The Ohio State University and taking the reigns of a powerhouse football team after one of the darkest and hardest years the Buckeyes have endured for a long time.

And last but not least, so none of us ever have to see this again:


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I may be mis-understanding, but how do 24 players have a chance to go 7-0 vs scUM, when they lost last year?

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This is a good motivational speech. I wish you could tell this to the team..although I don't think they need much motivation with Meyer in town.


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Freshman will play four years in the annual game at the end of the year and 3 in the Big Ten Championship game...

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Edited above...

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This is motivation enough. 

"Okay -- I've got an El Camino full of rampage here." 

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^^ wow that video is TERRIBLE!!! lol


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Yes, video is disturbing.  Song is AWESOME!  Lot's of inside humor, which you may or may not know about depending on how closely you follow your hated rival.  The initial release (Feb or March) didn't have the video and was a lot better.

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Makes me want to tackle someone. Now. Couldn't have said it better myself. Can't wait till Saturday!

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Ha, I was just looking at my one and only blog post from before the season and the good news is that it worked! :)
Glad it was shared with the players...