Mascot Madness 2013: YOU PICK THE MASCOTS!!!

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May 28, 2013 at 8:40p

Here's something I'm trying to do to pass the time:

Hypothetical. Mascot. Tournament.

Yes, we can pit mascots head-to-head and determine which ones are the best. This is something I'm very intrigued in due to how others view mascots across the CFB landscape considering how strange and unique some mascots are. (On a side note, my high school had a mascot but he never dressed for games unless it was homecoming. All four years.)

Anyways, what I will have YOU do (yeah, that's right, you) is vote for your top 10 favorite mascots in NO PARTICULAR ORDER! The top 8 vote earners will be seeded in a tournament style and will be judged based on their looks, styles, and how they would brawl against one another. This is a thing.

Here are some particular ground rules:

1. NO NFL MASCOTS! As much as we would like to see Chomps and Poe battle to the death over Art Modell's grave, this won't be happening here.

2. Must be a FBS school! This means no mascots that are a pair of balls. As fun as that would be, we have to keep this relatively safe for work.

3. You can't vote twice. Nope, can't do it.

4. If you vote for more than ten, your eleventh and beyond on your list are cut off and will not count, so vote wisely.

5. Vote for schools that actually have mascots. No one wants to see Sparty go against Michigan's nonexistent mascot (Although it would make for a hilarious situation)

6. If the school has multiple mascots, please specify which one you are voting for. Such is the case with Arizona, which has a male and female mascot (yikes)

7. All mascots must be CURRENT mascots, but we should all agree that Mean Brutus would destroy any other non-Ohio State mascot.

8. Bret Bielema is not Arkansas' mascot

9. Brady Hoke is not Michigan's mascot

10. You cannot vote for the Blue Mountain State Goat. He'd probably die in the middle of the article anyways.

And that's all the rules! Have fun, but remember to be courteous to others (yes, even the Michigan fans)

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Well Brutus is and will always be my sentimental favorite..but being an Ohio grad I will go with Rufus in this case..besides..
We already know how this one turned out:

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1. Sparty
2. Chief Osecola
3. Ralphie
4. PayDirt Pete
5. Football Pete
6. Purdue Pete
7. Bevo
8. Bucky Badger
9. Uga
10. Ramses

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I'm going obscure:
1) Stanford Tree
2) Xavier Blue Blob thing
3) Nebraska Lil' Red
4) Santa Cruz Banana Slug
5) Wichita State Shocker
6) Western Kentucky Big Red
7) Syracuse Otto the orange
8) Dayton Rudy Flyer
9) Toledo Rocky
10) Cal's Oski Bear

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As entertaining as it would be watching the blue blob and Rudy Flyer going head to head would be, neither mascot is eligible, as is UC-Santa Cruz and Wichita State's mascot.

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I reject your reality, and substitute my own!

"Can we please stop the message board fighting? I really can't stand the message board fighting..."

"No. You're an idiot, and your posts are terrible."

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Is this the 5 o'clock free crack giveaway!?!?!?!!

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Cant believe no one said by far the best mascot besides brutus... Super Frog TCUs mascot!!

We were born to love Ohio State and hate that team up north.

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Sparty is pretty damn cool-looking.

I'm just happy to be here

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If it's not just D-I schools then my alma mater Heidelberg University's Student Prince has to be up there.  What a horrible name...why not the knights right???  We tried to make a petition when i was a JR and the Alumni said they'd stop donating...really???  Over a change like that...oh well.  Yep John B. was an Student Prince too at one time;-)

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1. The Ohio State University - Brutus
2. Hawaii - Vili the Warrior
3. Temple - Sammy the Owl
4. Akron - Zippy
5. Washington State - Butch T. Cougar
6. Maryland - Testudo
7. Tulane - Riptide the Pelican
8. Wake Forest - The Demon Deacon
9. Syracuse - Otto the Orange
10. U of Florida - Tim Tebow

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+1 for the Tim Tebow reference lol.

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Youngstown State's Pete The Penguin

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I gotta go with Akron's Zippy. How could you vote against a kangaroo? (Unless he's up against Brutus of course)

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