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June 9, 2012 at 1:06p

I read in the Dispatch where the Buckeye basketball coaching staff is comfortable with the way the recent recruiting went . Well this writer believes our coaching lacks a sense of urgency that is held by Kentucky, Duke and North Carolina and others. Our team lost a huge inside presence and argueably did not recruit a replacement and with a grave concern of what we have on our bench to help inside coupled with our lack of outside shooting expertise it appears that unless that shooting improves dramatically we may win a some percentage close to our shooting percentage. The coaching staff is the culprit here and their satisfied attitude had better get a greater sense of urgency or it will be another long season.

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"another" long season? boy are you spoiled

Cause I couldn't go for three

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tied for 3rd out of 347 must have really disappointed him. they must have taught both probability and rationality at his high school on the same day.


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I liked what I saw out of Amir Williams in the limited time he had, especially as the season wore on. Dude averaged close to a block per game in an average of less than 7 minutes per game. Ravenel is back too and Thomas is a really good inside presence as well, though his prowess will be more on the offensive side than as a shot blocker/affecter.
Throw in McDonald as a sub and I think OSU's inside game will be fine. The next season could be dicey with the graduation of Ravenel and likely early departure of DT, but Matta's shown he can bring in talented bigs. And this time around he'll know that he's got a lot of scholarships and can pull out all the stops. Whereas this past season he only knew for sure that he had one scholarship to use and only targeted a select few big names who were being recruited by a ton of other schools.

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Amir is going to be a stud.... mark that down

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I don't think a sense of "urgency" is what helps Kentucky, Duke, or Carolina on the recruiting trail. How about the fact that they are Kentucky, Duke, and Carolina? Maybe that has something to do with their success? 
To post something like this says to me that you have no idea what you are talking about. Did you even follow OSU's recruiting this year? 

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Who did we sign? And by the way the way the Dukes'. Kentuckys' and North Carolinas' got there is with a sense of urgency.

Noel Temple

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Are you even aware of the differences in plural and possessive structure?

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thank you for the english lesson pencil neck

Noel Temple

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Haha you're pathetic

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How many 30 win seasons do we need in a row to concede that we as fans don't know better than Thad.    
They will be fine.   
...and Amir is def gonna be a stud.  Good call
*edit*  See bolt's comment below. 
read, then read again.         
then read again.   

I know there's a game Saturday, and my ass will be there.

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Amir Williams would have started at almost any school last year and would have played right away if not for Sully so I am not worried about the front court this year at all and we have plenty coming back in the gaurds although depth was hit a bit that has never been a problem with Thad's team (he wasn't going to play 9-10 guys anyways).

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Hope your're right we will see

Noel Temple

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When you made that statement I was in hope that you were right however that has not happend. Amir is weak inside and has his shots contended by much smaller and stronger players.

Noel Temple

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This makes me feel very punchy. I am so sick of Ohio State fans criticizing Thad Matta it's beyond words. I'll try anyway...
Of course this was going to be a down recruiting year for us. We had ONE senior. That's one available scholarship (you can't just assume Sully's leaving...the same as we did when he was a freshman). Thad recruited a small handful of players that were all high caliber/elite players and had Ohio State as finalists before choosing elsewhere. There's nothing you can do about that if a kid decides to go to Duke and play for coach K or to live and play in LA for a year instead of coming to Columbus. We've been fortunate to have almost all of our top recruits come from the midwest and Ohio and that talent wasn't quite the same this year. Amadeo's a pretty nice coup for an "all's lost backup plan" as well. Let us also not forget that we've got a handful of McDs AAs and players from top rated recruiting classes that barely sniffed the floor last year waiting in the wings.  Next year's recruiting class is the big one Thad's after and I can all but assure he's going to land at least a couple big fish McDs AAs, as we have 4 or 5 schollies open now after transfers.
We sound so spoiled to complain about another 30 win team that made it to the Final Four. Especially a team that had several chemistry and maturity issues throughout the season. Thad Matta has been nothing short of brilliant in Columbus. Perhaps you'd prefer the mediocrity of the Jim O'Brien era...Winning 20+ games every now and then and paying mediocre eastern European players to come to Columbus. I'll take Thad and his 20 wins EVERY year and 30 wins a lot of years. He's been the best coach/recruiter in the B1G since he arrived...and the B1G has been the best/deepest conference in basketball the last few years.

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BuckBK will be fine. Voids will be filled.

Good hints that LaQuinton Ross could be big for the team: https://twitter.com/Dave11W/status/213275658833498112

I also am expecting a 2010-esque class for 2013 with a top 20 guy, 2-3 top 50 guys, and a definite depth booster (4-5 in the class).

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For the record, I fully expect next year's team to be every bit as good as last year's when it comes down to it. Sullinger turned out to be a liability on defense and Amir is an immediate upgrade in that department. Granted he's got drawbacks on offense at this point, but between adding Amir and possibly Sam Thompson to the starting rotation in place of Jared and Buford respectively you're upgrading significantly to an already excellent defense. I think this team is going to be flat out elite on defense next year. Craft and Lenzelle have shown capabilities to be very effective when playing assertive on the offensive end (rather than deferring to the big dogs like they did most of the season), we all know what Deshaun can do, and we've been hearing the rumblings of what LaQuinton Ross can do for what seems like years already. Jared's not easy to replace on offense but the rest of these guys get another year together (and hopefully Craft working on his shot like crazy) and the chemistry should be improved as a result of those two things, as it turned out to be an issue for stretches last season.

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Your point is well taken and we will be as good as our outside shooting percentage will let us be, let's hope our outside shooting improves over the off season.

Noel Temple

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Agreed, last year was a longer season for OSU than it was for all but 2 other teams - KY and Kansas. Let's hope for another one

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So, all the comments have been about the 30 wins, let's see the original thought was concerning the recruiting, to even the casual observer we recruited many and got one, that tells me we may be able to get some athletes from Ohio or a Michigan or Indiana, Here is the point; we are not able to get the athletes from outside the tri state which means that you may be able to get 15 wins nonconference and 15 more in conference and tournament. But if that's our comfort level then we will year in and out not be able to compete with the North Carolinas', Dukes' and of course Kentuckys' (which has the model for excellence in recruiting).

Noel Temple

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While I respect your opinion, I think it's a bit if a disservice to Thad and his staff to say they didn't have a sense of urgency or recruited many and got one, while comparing them to that trio of schools who have had elite programs for decades.

Coming into the season, Thad knew he was going to lose Sully and Buford, but I'm sure he was hoping Sibert and Weatherspoon would develop into something, so he didn't have a bunch of schollys to give out in the first place. Since neither developed and both wanted out, he has two more open up and now they have to scramble after most of the high schoolers have chosen where they are going.

I can also see where Thad is satisfied with just bringing in Della Valle, a 6'5" SG who shot over 50% from the arc last year, playing against national competition at Findlay Prep in Vegas. He should start classes on Monday, which means he'll be around for the open gyms this summer.

Ohio State is fine on the inside and wing next year. Amir will get his minutes, with help from Ravenel, while Thomas, Thompson, Ross and Smith have the wing spots covered. Even if Della Valle mirrors Diebler's freshman season at 29%, he'll still be that outside threat they lacked last year. Plus everyone will be more improved from deep, with Smith, Craft and Thomas building off seasons of 38, 36 and 35 percent respectively.

Next year will be a larger class, since Thad knows right now he has at least four scholleys to give out. The 2012-13 squad could lose just two players, in Thomas and Ravenel, so Craft's senior season will be one of Thad's most veteran groups, especially if Hood chooses to come here.

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What are the realistic chances of Hood choosing OSU? Can't get a gauge on it.

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I think Thad has done a fantastic job at recruiting. to Bolts point he did have limited schollies this year, you can't recruit a kid and get a commit and then we sully and Thomas stay have to revoke there commit. I pretty much new he had 2 schollies with Buford and sully and maybe had a 3rd but he coudn't go after to many guys, I really thought Tony Parker would come to OSU to replace sully but he seemed very adamant on not shedding any weight like sully did this past year.  On a side note how many guys do you think sully plays this year 8-10 guys?

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I think Thad will rotate more guys this year because we have a better quantity of capable players this year. I know some of these freshmen come in as McDs AAs but they clearly aren't ready to play right out of the gate. In the case of Sibert (I know he's a soph) he simply was useless out on the floor because the whole reason he was there was to knock down shots which he wasn't doing. Other freshmen would look lost and that's to be expected. Thad didn't play that deep last year because I don't think he thought he could...and I don't disagree. Amir got better as the year went on but would have serious freshman-like lapses in games still when he'd get brought in. I remember Thad putting him in for two possessions against Illinois and Meyers Leonard dominated him so severely on both sides of the ball that Thad had to yank him right back off the floor. I think the short rotation argument against Matta isn't totally unfounded, but it's greatly exaggerated in Columbus with criticizing him.

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Your comments in this thread have been excellent.  You should write a blog post IMO.