Guiton's New Role

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September 23, 2013 at 10:49p

Now that our our main man is back in action (would be a shock if he isn't this week), Kenny G's sweet jazz sound will get a lot less play time, BUT I think can still have a huge role in the offense. My thinking is with Braxton back he should take 100% of the snaps unless he is injured. No matter how good a QB is, they need to be in the game the whole time in my opinion to have the feel of it and a rhythm. 

Guiton and some of our young playmakers (Wilson, EzE, etc) should learn/create new formations or idea for 2pt conversions and extra points. This will be a thorn in the other teams side and give us potentially free points. Going up 8-0 or even 16-0 puts a lot of stress on a traditional team that isn't going to match 2 pt conversions. And this is where Guiton can shine and focus a lot of his time on, making the right read and giving the ball to the right guy or calling his own number. Which is his strength to begin with.


Share thoughts on this.. Like or dislike going to 2 on many/most scoring plays.

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I would love to see a 2 pt conversion "offense" with the 2 nd string guys. 

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Like the thought of going for 2. Sets the tone and fits the personality of the kind of team urban wanta. Intense, relentless and not afraid to put the pedal down. While I understand there will be times it isn't prudent to risk taking points off the board, I'd love to see it early in games. After the first couple scores...let the oponent know they are in for a long night. And kenny would do well in this setting...he's very adept at reading things. Hell, with him as the holder they dont even need to send out the can be run within the FG unit.

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Urban has made the 2-point conversion a priority and with Kenny G being able to run the offense the way he can makes it almost a no-brainer call. Kenny G has the accuracy and the legs to make life very difficult on opposing defenses even in the short yardage situation of a 2-point conversion

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Great thing about Kenny as the holder is that they can run something from a typical PAT or field goal formation.  They don't need a special 2nd string team--but it's pretty cool when you line up weird and say, "Ok, we're doing this--try and stop it."

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Last week Guiton made a BAD decision and didn't call for the switch to the 1 point conversion formation. Even a TERRIBLE FAM stopped the 2 point try, They had it defended perfectly and it should have been recognized and the switch should have been called.

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He made the right read, it was 3on3 or 3on4 for our favor, if Basil is split out and a RB is with Guiton then it makes the keeper more effective. Basil is not going to block anyone.

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The way I saw it on a second viewing, FAMU got lucky. The defenders were actually out of position and racing to get lined up when Kenny called for the snap, which put them in perfect position to slant behind Jordan's blockers.
If Kenny waits a second or two more for the snap, the defenders would have been "in position" and thus blown up (most likely) by Jordan's blockers, allowing him to walk in.
So, his "bad read," as far as I saw, was just calling for the snap too early.

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I think if you practice and plan for it, I bet the 2-pt conversion rate would be better than 50%, therefore it would be beneficial overall

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Math and facts, who needs that

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If you review the play- the blocker to Hall's right kicks his man out. The blocker to his left gets enough of his guy to create a seam. Hall starts to go inside and for some reason tries to reverse direction and kick to the right- directly into the path of the defender.
Right read by Kenny - bad execution by Hall

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Now that we are in Big Ten play I don't think we are going to see too many 2pt conversions with the talent level we are going to face too risky. But who knows i sure don't but I have a hunch we don't see too many more.