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January 26, 2014 at 2:17a

The last 50 days or so has not been the best of times for Buckeye fans, but I am convinced it will get better quickly.  I will explain why I am optimistic for both the Football and Basketball programs.


Football - UFM and the rest of the Coaching staff is putting the finishing touches on a Top-5 Recruiting Class (probably Top 3) which will bring in the talent we are used to having at OSU. I also believe the Coaching Staff has been upgraded in the past few weeks.  I hated seeing Vrabel go as much as anyone but does anyone believe we are worse off at that spot with LJ Senior?  I am placing my faith in UFM about Ash being able to upgrade the Secondary and Defense. If you have any doubts about how much Better Coaching can impact a team immediately, look at OSU's Offense the past 2 years or look at our record the last 4 years: 12-1, 6-7, 12-0, 12-2......guess which year we did not have a Hall of Fame Caliber Head Coach.

Basketball - I am well into my 40s and have always loved watching OSU Basketball. I lived through the end of the Fred Taylor era, the Eldon Miller era, and Gary Wiiliams short tenure. When Randy Ayers got the job at OSU, only Northwestern and Wisconsin had a longer Big 10 Title drought than OSU. Even though this year has been a little disappointing (and difficult to watch at times), Thad Matta has the BBall program at heights that I would not have dreamed of for the first 30-plus years of my life.  He has another great recruiting class coming in next year and there will some serviceable veterans to mix with them. The Oden/Conley class got to the Final Four as Freshmen and the Sullinger/Craft class got there as Sophomores, so we know what happens when Thad brings in a great class like this one.




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I've lived in central Maryland for the past decade.

In the time Ohio State won a NC in football, and Maryland a NC in bball, I've watched these schools take markedly different paths on the field and the court.

It could be much, much worse than being a Buckeye fan.

Nice post, Nash.

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Buckeyeproblems = a rough 50 days!
No reason to be anything but optimistic. in FB we have another stellar recruiting class, an upgraded schedule and a legit expectation to play in the B1G and if successful there in the Playoff.  In BB another 20 Win season, likely not B1G champs or too far into the NCAAs but, a dip, not a free fall, and with a great recruiting class coming in, Kam Williams an Mark Loving getting in work, all will be fine!

ONE Not Done!

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A lot to look forward to in Buckeye land! I suspect we will all look back at Meyers fist two teams and say they were probably the Least talented teams he had at OSU. Sky's the limit.    

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Regarding the football recruiting class, I noticed Jamarco Jones scheduled a visit to Michigan State next weekend.  Anybody have any news regarding that?

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Nice post. We are incredibly blessed (and probably a bit spoiled) with the recent success of our two main programs at OSU. We have not enjoyed the continuous success that Thad has brought since probably Taylor's teams. Success breeds higher expectations.

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I have to agree that the defense has been upgraded. I certainly hope it has. If nothing else I think the newness of Ash and his enthusiasm will be an asset. It will cause them to play better if for no other reason than its new and exciting. But I do think he brings a better Xs and Os mind to the table. When I listened to Withers it was all about effort and toughness. That's for the HC to preach. The position coaches need to teach scheme and follow that with effort and toughness. As far as LJS is concerned from what I hear from most of the commenters and the experts that was HomeRun hire material.

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Nice post Nash.  Plenty of positives in both programs.  It's a great time to be a Buckeye.  Seems as though things are only going to get better.