Vonn Bell Visit Details

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January 13, 2013 at 10:56p

Rossville (GA) Ridgeland S Vonn Bell was on campus this past weekend for his much anticipated official visit. Bell has three schools tied at the top: Alabama, Ohio State, and Tennessee. Bell brought most of his family with him this past weekend so they could check out the school. It sounds like the visit went pretty well. I talked to Bell's high school head coach, Mark Mariakis to get the visit details:

  • Visit: "I talked to Vonn's father while they were on their way home from the visit. They had a great time. It was a fantastic visit. Vonn and his family got all their questions answered."
  • More: "His dad is stopping by the school tomorrow to tell me more about the visit, so I'll know more tomorrow."
  • Upcoming visits: "He's still visiting Alabama next weekend and Tennessee the weekend after that."
  • Alabama: "They've been winning a lot of National Championships. They're just one of the premier football programs in the country. Vonn has a really good relationship with Coach Saban. They've done a really good job recruiting him."
  • Ohio State: "He really likes the relationship he has formed with Coach Meyer. He also likes that he feels at home at Ohio State."
  • Tennessee: "He has been a fan his whole life. They have the emotional vote. He doesn't know much about the new staff, but is excited to meet them on his visit."
  • Timetable: "He's going to announce on National Signing Day at 9 A.M.. at the school."
  • Factors: "Relationships with the coaches is very important to Vonn. He also wants a good education. The kid is a competitor, so winning is important too."
  • Bell was with Jalin Marshall for almost the entire visit. He also was around Shazier, Braxton Miller, and Bradley Roby quite a bit.

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Thanks, Miles, for staying up late to give us fans something to look at.

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I'm still awfully skeptical. Hoping for the best though.

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OSU feeling like home is a great comment

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We needed him to commit this weekend.  At this point, I just don't see us winning out over Alabama or his hometown school Tennessee.

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That's what everyone said, but with a decision on signing day I think everybody is in play until the end.  I think the chances are still decent that we get him.  He really could choose any of the 3 schools IMO .

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Well, it ain't over yet! I don't feel great about it but we still have a chance

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I hope its a better chance than this:




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I hope it's not over, but have a bad feeling that it is, I think he is all Bama.

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I hope Urban has another dream and he picks the block O hat on national signing day!

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Thank you Miles for the update, this statement is a concern:
Vonn has a really good relationship with Coach Saban. They've done a really good job recruiting him."

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the fact that we compete with Alabama for southern kids shows the heights Urban can take the porgram to

I'm a friend of thunder is it any wonder lightning strikes me

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This kid is as cool as they come...I can't seem to gauge one way or another what school this kid intends on commiting to, he may not even know yet at this point.




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Ohio State might not be able compete with SEC schools. Bell expects a big party to be thrown in his honor at every campus he visits. Expects free beers for 18 year old high school football stars at college bars at the schooll of his choice.

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I think you're mixing Vonn's and his brother's comments.  There's no point in thinking much about the brother's comments.

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This is why we can't have nice things.

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Sure he'd be great to have.  He looks like he'll be a great player and he must make his own decision that he feels is best for him.
If he doesn't come here, wish him the best and immediately recall that Jayme Thompson isn't chopped liver.  And who's to say Thompson wouldn't compete for the position anyway?

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Hopefully it's a signing day surprise for the Bucks. If the line about wanting a good education is accurate; that bodes well for us; a degree from TOSU vs Alabama; no contest.

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As stated before...he's going to end up at Bama.  Flame me if you want...it's my opinion and the opinion of the "experts."  I'm not being a negative Nancy or whatever...hard to argue with Saban and 3 NCs in the last 4 years.  That's all...if he ends up a Buckeye...I'll eat crow...doubt it happens though.  

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Got a note on this one. 

Was with Jalin Marshall for almost the entire visit. 

Players he was around for most of the time: Shazier, Braxton, and Roby.

Nothing substantial, but a few more details I'm sure is cool to know.

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Bell could not be reached for comment, but his older brother, Volonte, who accompanied him to OSU, tweeted, “I would say the Ohio State visit was an A. They really got my family to buy in what they are building at the Buckeye Nation.”


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Wells Guthrie ‏@WGuthrieESPN
Hearing Ridgeland's Vonn Bell has given #Alabama a "soft-verbal" commitment. Nick Saban visited Bell today at Ridgeland.

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Nothing's over until signing day/ or they enroll.  Anything can and often does happen.  That's why they call these verbal commitments.

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IMO I think he is leaning Bama,  but his parents were sold by the staff over the weekend.  There's about 3 more weeks until NSD and I'm sure his parents will be trying to give him advice until then.  I also believe I read that Withers has another in-home visit before NSD and that could seal the deal for us.  Apparently Withers is a very charming and smooth recruiter.  I could see this one being 50/50 between us and Bama all the way to NSD.  I don't think UT has a shot, but don't count them out.  He could play from day 1 there and it would only be an hour and 45 minutes from home. 

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Don't they still lynch people in bama?  That would be my pitch if I was Urban, just sayin.

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It appears that this will be a photo finish. This kid is in a nice situation because either he commits to the only undefeated team from last year or the dending national champ. Talk about win/win. And to my dear Buckey Brethren, I hope he comes to OSU but as a preemptive stike, let me say this in advance: Put the razors away and don't slit your wrists if he goes somewhere else. We will all be ok.

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