Video: Interviews with Marcelys Jones, Erick Smith, Lonnie Johnson, and Darius West at the Best of the Midwest Combine

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February 19, 2013 at 1:15a

We caught up to several prospects at the Best of the Midwest Combine in Indianapolis to discuss the event, Ohio State and recruiting in general. Featured are videos of Ohio State commit Marcelys Jones, a guard from Cleveland Glenville, safety Erick Smith, also from Glenville, Gary (IN) West Side High School wide receiver Lonnie Johnson and Lima Central Catholic defensive back Darius West.

First up, G Marcelys Jones speaking about his performance at the combine, his Christmas Day commitment to Ohio State, his plans to visit other schools such as UCLA, Florida State, Kansas State and USC and what that means in terms of his commitment.

Another clip with Jones, in which he says he's helping to recruit Marshawn Lattimore and Erick Smith, his teammates at Glenville, to Ohio State: "I'm definitely going to try to work my magic."

Glenville S Erick Smith on his visits to Ohio State for the Michigan basketball and football games, and what he likes about Ohio State. Smith also claims the coaching staff at a school will be the most important factor in his decision. This bodes well for Urban Meyer.

Gary (IN) West Side WR Lonnie Johnson on his performance at the combine and some of the visits he's taken. On Ohio State: "The swagger of the school is just amazing."

Lima Central Catholic S Darius West on his communication with Ohio State: "I've been talking three of the coaches a lot: Coach Withers, Coach Coombs and Coach Hinton." On his biggest factor for making a decision: "The biggest factor is definitely academics."

We'll have more on 11W shortly, including a full breakdown of the combine's winners and losers, so stay tuned.

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Another very informative piece. This is stuff is unique for me, I enjoy the tidbits.
Thank you.

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Appreciate the videos and feel like I have a better understanding of Marcelys Jones' commitment after listening to his comments.  He wants to be a part of OSU, but he also wants to experience the unique process of being recruited by D1 schools.  It might make the fans sweat a little --there's always the chance that something shiny somewhere catches his eye-- but he sounds all Buckeye to me.

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If I was getting offered free trips around the country that included tons of new athletic gear and amazing meals, I would be doing the same thing. He definitely made it sound like the we were way out in front.

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marcelys= buckeye. Work that magic on marshon and erick. Glenville trio yes please. Def would be doing same thing marcelys is if I was in his shoes

stark county football

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A note on Marcelys, I've heard that him and Kyle Dodson are very close friends. Not that I'm worried about him leaving, but if he starts to waiver you know Kyle will be in his ear about playing on the same O line

Sorry Urban, Woody is still my favorite