Ranking the 2013 Commits

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July 8, 2012 at 3:56a

I had a lot of time on my hands tonight, so I decided to find the average rating of the current Buckeye commits. For this activity, I added up the overall ranking of Buckeye commits on the "Big 4" recruiting websites (ESPN, Rivals, Scout, and 24/7), and divided the total number by 4, in order to find out which prospect came out on top. I was only able to do this for 11 of the 14 commits, as DL Tracy Sprinkle, ATH Darron Lee, and P Johnny Townsend are not ranked on any of the websites. The individual site rankings are listed in parenthesis (ESPN, Rivals, Scout, 24/7). Keep reading to find out which Buckeye commit came out on top of the overall recruit rankings.

1(1). DE Joey Bosa: 30th overall, (45, 20, 22, 33)

2(T2). CB Cam Burrows: 42nd overall, (19, 13, 99, 38)

3(T2). CB Eli Woodard: 43rd overall, (7, 19, 89, 60)

4(4). ATH Jalin Marshall: 63rd overall, (98, 48, 28, 80)

T5(5). TE Marcus Baugh: 113th overall, (127, 135, 109, 84)

T5(T6). RB Ezekiel Elliott: 113th overall, (172, 144, 53, 85)

7(5). OT Evan Lisle: 115th overall, (145, 102, 71, 145)

8(7). QB J.T. Barrett: 125th overall, (189, 149, 117, 48)

9(9). DT Michael Hill: 163rd overall, (237, 89, 135, 193)

10(10). DT Billy Price: 172nd overall, (207, 151, 133, 200)

11(11). S Jayme Thompson: 204th overall, (209, 179, NA, 226) Note: Only used ESPN, Rivals, and 24/7 for Thompson's rating, as he isn't ranked on Scout.

Reaction: The Buckeyes have obviously put together a very good class. I learned that Bosa seems to be the most consistently respected Buckeye commit. I also noticed Scout's ranking were way different from the rest of the recruiting services. If I took Scout's rankings out, Burrows would have been 22nd overall, and Woodard would have been 30th overall. On the flip side, Lisle would have been 130th overall, and Elliott would have dropped to 198th overall, had I not included Scout's rankings. This shows that all rankings services are different, and this year, especially Scout. I'll update this post as commits roll in, (looking like we'll see a commit, or two in the near future).


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Miles, will we see Whitfield's stock rising after The Opening? I ask this because Whitfield is one of the commits we are all presuming, and I see that he is ranked a 3-star on all sites except for ESPN, where he is in the top 150!

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If that isn't an example of ESPN rating everying that does well at their camps higher, i don't know what is. haha
Anyway, 247 guys have had good things to say about Whitfield the few times he was mentioned, I'd expect him to get a 4th star there at least

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Maybe we can get our new stats guy on 11W to see what the correlation between the various recruiting services rankings is.

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I'll file this away in my bank of story ideas.. would be an interesting article

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Missing Sprinkle

Cause I couldn't go for three

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I mentioned in the introduction that Sprinkle, Lee, and Townsend were unranked on all recruiting services, therefore would not be included.

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i don't think sprinkle has enough ratings do get a relevant average.

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RAMPAGE Sprinkle doesn't have a national rating on these sites, same with Lee

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Not bad, 11 out of 205 best players in the country. I'll take that anyday!


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Derp... my bad

Cause I couldn't go for three

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I don't know what it is but Scout sure isn't impressed with our defensive backfield. 

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Woodard or Burrows would probably be #1 in the composite rating if they weren't ranked so lowly on Scout.

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Woodard and Cam would be 1a and 1b for me but an overwelming #2 and I could even see as projected here #1 going to Joey Bosa.  I'm sorry but this guy will end up being better than Cam and Woodard as far as defensive impact.  I don't see many OT's or Gs being able to handle him even at Wisky or tTUN...oh it could be fun times to be a D-line fan like I am....oh how that saying goes in my country for ppl like him,  The coyote of the desert, always likes to eat the heart of the young, blood drips down to the children for breakfast lunch and dinner. The ribs will be broken in two... ;-)

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