2014 Quarterbacks and More

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July 19, 2012 at 5:31a

Just a couple of nuggets I have on 2014 quarterback targets, Caleb Henderson and Kyle Allen to share with you all. As well as my thoughts on a couple other things.


I spoke to his father, Eric Henderson,  a couple of weeks ago and he had the following to say:

  • Visit: "He loved it. He hadn't been to Columbus since he was 7. The camp went very well."
  • More: "He came in Thursday after visiting Michigan. He met with Coach Herman and Coach Meyer, then camped all day Friday. After the camp, we went over to the stadium to check it out."
  • Offer: "They said they were going to take their time offering a 2014 quarterback. They want to make sure they offer the right guys. It was also good to hear from Coach Meyer that he didn't need a track star at quarterback, just a guy that can move around in the pocket and make occasional plays with his feet. Caleb can do those things."
  • Timetable: "I think he's going to let it play out."
  • Why was Caleb a Buckeye fan growing up?: "I don't know, that's a good question. How does a kid ask for an Ohio State t-shirt when he's 7? How does he know stats from all the great Buckeyes like Troy Smith? As a kid he always said he was going to play football for Ohio State. He's inching closer to having the option to pursue that dream."

I got the vibe Caleb is VERY interested in the Buckeyes, even though I didn't speak directly with Caleb. I hope to chat with him after he visits for FNL.


Few quick things from talking to another 2014 quarterback target, Kyle Allen out of Scottsdale (AZ):

  • Visit: "The day I flew in, I met with Coach Herman. I camped the next day."
  • More: "I was with Coach Herman most of the time, but I did meet with Coach Meyer before the camp and he said he wanted me to dominate. I talked to him again afterwards and he said he was impressed. He said they weren't ready to make a decision on offering any 2014 quarterbacks and they'd decide on who to offer late summer or in the fall."
  • Next visit: "I'll be back to see the Nebraska game."
  • Kyle told me Taivon Jacobs was the most impressive player at the camp.

2014 QB's in general: I think it's safe to say zero 2014 quarterback targets hold a committable offer from the Bucks. I have been told by three different 2014 quarterback recruits that the OSU coaches are saying they haven't offered any quarterbacks in the 2014 class.

Top QB target?: Also some confusion here. Both Allen and Henderson think they're number one on the Buckeyes 2014 quarterback board. I think this just a misunderstanding or just the players getting the vibe they're the number one target. I wouldn't read too much into this.

Taivon Jacobs: The Maryland high school standout is choosing between Maryland, Ohio State, and West Virginia today at noon. I think this is between Maryland and Ohio State, with him becoming a Terp. I haven't heard much about his recruitment, so I could be wrong. Jacobs could be a very good slot receiver or defensive back at the college level.

Vacation: I am going on an eight day vacation to Montenegro, a country in eastern Europe. I won't be very active on the forums or Twitter during this trip. I will be back just in time for FNL coverage though.

Have a great week folks!


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So since both guys said that we wouldn't offer any QBs this early, what's the deal with Deshaun Watson?  And do you think that offer (even if noncommittable) makes these guys sour on us a bit?

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That's a very good point and question. If Henderson is that high on OSU, he'll be okay with waiting. If Urban thinks Watson's best for the team, the other guys can't be too sour about it. We want competitors and guys that are willing to prove themselves, not guys that are going to back down.  They need to step up and assert themselves a little more.  Getting better is a great way to earn that offer.

"I have yet to be in a game where the most prepared team didn't win." -Coach Urban Meyer

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I think the Watson offer was an "offer" to gauge OSU interest...think about it, the kid is committed to Clemson very early....you say, "Hey DeShaun how are you doing? You're an outstanding player and Clemson is really lucky to have you on board so early. I know there's a lot of time and we just want to make sure you know of all your options. We'd love to have you play here at Ohio State and want to get you up on campus for a visit soon so you can see what we have to offer you".......I think the convo goes something like that and the offer, as of now, is non-committable...that could change after his FNL visit, but that's just my opinion as of now....

I don't think Henderson/Allen/Barker (the guys who are saying no QBs have been offered) get sour grapes on Crest or Watson saying they have offers. The coaches looked them square in the eye and said no QBs have offers yet. Either our coaches are great liars or kids like those two are either thinking they have committable offers when they don't or just trying to hype themselves up by claiming an OSU offer

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That's what I figured and if one of the three (4 if you include Kizer) ask about those offers, the coaches would probably say that they wouldn't accept any commitments at this point (indicating that those offers aren't "real").

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I'm torn.. I really like Drew Barker and Caleb Henderson, but I don't know much about Allen. It's going to be very interesting to watch them this Fall. 
It seems if we offered we could get an early commit from Henderson, and I'd bet that Barker would pick us too, but where do you think Allen has us in his group of leaders?

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the good news is if you get any of the three you are in good shape....

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Miles, are you playing in a high stakes poker game and driving an Aston Martin on your trip to Montenegro, by any chance?
Introducing himself: Joseph...Miles Joseph. Shaken not stirred

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I find it funny that he has to tell people where Montenegro is!

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Hey we're Amerricans, geography (especially eastern european geography) has never been our strong suit.  Heck I bet half of the US couldn't pick out Nebraska on a map.

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Let's be honest, even those who live in Nebraska might not be able to pick it out on a map.

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Great minds, TennBuck, do indeed think alike.

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Including people who live there

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