Pryor's Apology

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June 15, 2011 at 8:42p

So, after watching the Pryor press video, I actually feel a little sorry for the guy. He seems genuinely remorseful and, if I'm being honest, scared. He looks like a 21 year old who just had responsibility fast-forwarded a year and realizes how much he'll miss his old life. As a Michigan fan, I take pleasure in a little OSU schadenfreude, but even I have my limits. If he is indeed sincere, then God bless the young man and I wish him reconciliation with his former teammates and OSU. in the end, I hope he gets an I-O to his O-H.

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I would like to think the same thing but his demeanor during the press conference seemed to be as far from sincere as you can get.  Buckeye fans will always love the guy for a 2-0 record in BCS games as the primary QB and of course 4-0 against Michigan, but as a person his age I can say that I would have handled the entire situation with much more class and remorse than Terrelle Pryor did. Just sayin.

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In fact, it won't neccesarily be him that's remembered specifically for those successes, but rather the 2009-2011 teams as a whole.

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"2014 National with it!!!"