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Jim Bollman haters, please read

This is a breakdown of each offensive play that was on TV.  I think you will see that execution was the problem today.  Not play calling. So the first 2 series basically weren't on TV except for the 3rd and 9 play on the 2nd possesion. 3rd and 9, Miller runs directly up the ...
02 Oct 2011
by Maestro

Rotating Captains killed Kennedy

So after reading that permanent captains would have undoubtedly prevented the Jammmmaaaaaal (I can never remember if it's 2 m's or 2 a's or both) Berry "situation" from occurring I have come to the conclusion that Luke Fickell is a complete failure as a head coach. A lot...
30 Sep 2011
by Maestro

What about Gary Pinkel?

Akron native. Kent State grad. MAC Champion coach. Has brought in some serious NFL talent to play at Missouri. Downside is that he is almost 60, but I never see his name mentioned by the REPLACE FICKELL YESTERDAY folks. Just think he is an option that would be very solid and c...
22 Sep 2011
by Maestro

Is the B1G ignoring Oklahoma or not?

So OU's President essentially "turned on the red light" regarding the future conference affiliation of the Sooners this past week.  Should the B1G get into the fray with Oklahoma?  I say yes, and for that matter I think Kansas and Missouri should be strongly considered...
06 Sep 2011
by Maestro

Really ESPN, really?

So in case you haven't heard ESPN has turned up the witch-hunt-o-meter to 11.  Yes, THE FOUR LETTER is suing Ohio State.  Stop the Presses!!! Here is a tidbit from their complaint filed in the Ohio State Supreme Court on July 11th...."In short, when times are good, Ohio State l...
12 Jul 2011
by Maestro

Tressel write ups

Jim Tressel's Last Punt January 4, 2011.  Ohio State leads the Sugar Bowl 31-26 with just over 1 minute left.  4th down and short.  Coach Tressel calls a punt to make Arkansas drive the length of the field to win.  It's blocked and Ohio State is as good as dead. ...
08 Jun 2011
by Maestro