Florida vs Ohio State offensive balance

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November 15, 2011 at 12:38p

2006 Florida Offense : 33.2 rushing attempts per game vs 28.5 passing attempts per game (54/46 split)

2006 Ohio State Offense : 36.7 rushing attempts per game vs 26.1 passing attempts per game (58/42 split)


2007 Florida Offense : 37.5 rushing attempts per game vs 27.8 passing attempts per game (57/43 split)

2007 Ohio State Offense : 42.6 rushing attempts per game vs 25.8 passing attempts per game (62/38 split)


2008 Florida Offense : 38.9 rushing attempts per game vs 23.5 passing attempts per game  (62/38 split)

2008 Ohio State Offense : 41.5 rushing attempts per game vs 20.5 passing attempts per game (67/33 split)


2009 Florida Offense : 39.6 rushing attempts per game vs 26.0 passing attempts per game (60/40 split)

2009 Ohio State Offense : 43.4 rushing attempts per game vs 24.2 passing attempts per game (64/36 split)


2010 Florida Offense : 38.7 rushing attempts per game vs 29.3 passing attempts per game (57/43 split)

2010 Ohio State Offense : 42.0 rushing attempts per game vs 26.8 passing attempts per game (63/37 split)


Just some numbers for those who have a perception about what an Urban Meyer offense is all about.

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I'm pretty sure that most people that comment here know that Meyer ran a run heavy spread offense.

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Hence Tebow breaking the S.E.C record for rushing T.D.'S and all the running plays built for guys like Harvin, Rainey, Demps etc.

Just another reason his offense will be just fine for the B1G.


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Hell Maestro, I though this was going to be about the hoops game tonight.

Long live the southend.

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glad i wasn't the only one!

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Yeah, same here. Bummer.

Johnny Hooker: "He's not as tough as he thinks". Henry Gondorff: "Neither are we".

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Meyer's offense was pretty simple. Pound the ball and get speedsters in space. I mean, dude had some realy offensive firepower at the college level in Hernandez, Harvin, Cooper, and such. %90 of people hear "Spread" and think TTU under Leach when in all reality, "Spread" refers to nothing more than the formation and has little to do with play selection. Rich Rod, Urban, Dabo Sweeney, Chip Kelley, Bob Stoops. All run Spreads but to say their offenses are the same is a bold faced lie or a total lack of understanding. Meyer's is very run heavy and would give the Big Ten NIGHTMARES.

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Exactly and he'd have weapons if he came here from day one.  Stoneburner would be utilized to his potential, Jordan Hall would quit getting handoffs between the tackles and could be used more like Harvin was.  There will be a bruising back with speed like Hyde.  Not to mention the threat of Braxton taking off. 

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Just making sure that people realize what they are really begging for.  5% more passing is hardly significant.

vacuuming sucks

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No but utilizing players to their strengths is. Meyer's offenses always played to his players' strengths, he had speedy backs, so he had runs designed to put them in space, he had a FB/QB who he had inside runs designed for. OSU does not do this. Hall should not be running up the middle on 3rd and 1, and Herron should not be taking sweeps or pitches. The exception would be Hyde, as he is both bigger and faster than Herron and Hall.

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Ask any Florida fan if the offense played to the players' strengths in 2010.

Tim Tebow makes a lot of "players' strengths" more noticed.

vacuuming sucks

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Florida's problem in 2010 was they had a QB who is both terrible and was a terrible fit for their offense.


Meyer's offense spreads the ball around very effectively, uses the whole field, and constantly makes the opposing defense respect the QB as a threat to run.  It's pretty much the opposite of what we've been doing the past few years which only worked because Jim Tressel could call a brilliant game with a QB he trusted to execute his game plan.

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On that same note, Meyer's offense also comes from the same "tree" as Rich Rod's spread option attack. Which led the B1G in scoring (YES I KNOW THEIR D WAS ATROCIOUS). 

If you look at why RR failed in the B1G but had wild success in the Big East, it wasn't because his offense got "exposed" by B1G defenses. It was because while they were scoring 40 points a game, so was their opponent. But you can't ignore that his offense was pretty successful in our league. 

If Meyer can bring a similar offense here (tailored around Braxton, of course. Meyer coached Alex Smith once upon a time and Chris Leak as well) and if our D doesn't fall off the face of the earth, we should be MANY TIMES more successful than we are this year. 




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Offensive balance is not about a 50/50 split of run and pass. It is about maximizing and therefore equalizing yards per attempt. That is to say, if you run 50% of the time and pass 50% of the time but your ypa for run is 2.3 and your ypa for pass is 7.9 that means you are not passing enough.


If 70/30 (either direction) gives you 5.5 ypa in both categories, that is the definition of a balanced attack.

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The point was the mix of run and pass.  The percentages are pretty similar, that is all I was pointing out.

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Oh, and with your definition (based on Chris Brown I assume) every team in the country should throw more.  Even the worst passing offenses in the country average around 5 yards per pass attempt.   Basically 110+ teams every single year average 5 yards or more per pass attempt. Rarely do more than 20 teams average more than 5 yards per rushing attempt.

vacuuming sucks

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I don't care if we run the triple option as long as we win