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December 8, 2013 at 10:54p

Well, that sucked.

I should have known the night wasn't going to go well when I approached my seat and a bloated, beer-soaked bro was sitting in it.  Said bro moved over and said to his Dad "damn I hit my head really hard on that seat, I am kinda embarrassed."

Very unfortunately he was a Buckeye fan. Within seconds of the kickoff it was clear that I might have the worst seat in the house.  Apparently the loss can largely be blamed on Buckeye Nation not screaming loudly enough on 3rd downs. After the Spartans went up 17-0 thank goodness he left, only to return and ruin everything after the Bucks tied the game in the 3rd quarter.  What a disgrace that goon was. A real stain on the fanbase.

Concerning the on field action I always love watching the Buckeyes play in person, but that one was tough to stomach. So many missed opportunities. 

Kudos to Urban for benching Hall and kudos to Elflein for stepping up in a big way.  

Braxton played well, he was really let down by the WRs big time. Hyde was dominant yet again.

As hard as it is to say, kudos to Connor Cook and the MSU pass blocking. They were stellar. 

I am still trying to think of a single play that Noah Spence made. Same goes for the scUM game. Pretty disappointing.

I am uncertain about the near future of the team. I expect Tajh Boyd is going to have a field day in the OB. My stomach is already in knots just thinking about that.  A lot is riding on Miller and Shazier's decisions obviously.  I expect there to be changes with the coaching staff and that is certainly going to cause some upheaval.

I trust in Meyer's leadership and will look forward to the next time I get to watch the Buckeyes play in person.

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Spence made a couple of TFLs in the MSU and TSUN game if I remember correctly. He wasn't getting the consistent pressure on the quarterback, but he definitely made plays in the backfield.

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I am sure he did.  Always hard to tell from the nosebleeds who is in on those piles behind the LOS.  I am talking about sacks, batted passes mainly.

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For the record, the best part of the game was when the conference awards were announced prior to kickoff.  Funchess and Lewan were the first 2 players recognized and they were both booed mercilessly.  They knew it was coming.

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And the grin on the Northwestern kid introduced after them. Raucous cheers for all not wearing an "-" jacket. 

Winning is a habit. Unfortunately, so is losing.

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Hackenberg had a nice grin on his face too when he was applauded.  
Allen Robinson got a lot of boos too.  Don't know if that was more Sparty fans or what?

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Yeah, that was pretty funny.  They both took it in stride.  Still nice to get one last boo in for Lewan.

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I was also in the nosebleeds (Section 617), and was taken aback at how wide-open MSU's receivers were on many of their passing plays - even guys who didn't get the ball thrown their way. There were times when I found myself actually counting to make sure we had 11 defenders on the field.

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605 for me.  You could probably here the annoying guy sitting next to me from 12 sections over.
Cook made some great throws, but you are right the guys were pretty open.  He could have made mediocre throws and they would have likely still been successful.

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