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Time and Change

One thousand thirteen days ago, I wrote my very first piece on Eleven Warriors. At the time, I spent 8 hours, 5 days a week answering phone calls from irate consumers entering a world of strangeness and unfamiliarity and helping them make sense of it all. In my spare time, I aimed to provide...
28 Mar 2012
by Luke

R.I.P. The Golden Age of Ohio State & Twitter

As was first reported on pay sites and the like then later corroborated (ironically through twitter), Urban Meyer's first act beyond forcing the players to meet at 7 AM the morning following a game and long flight back to Columbus was to forbid the Ohio State football players from using the p...
03 Jan 2012
by Luke

Braxton Miller In Important Moments in History/Pop Culture

If you watched a television (or re-)broadcast of last night's classic, you were probably mindful that until the mind boggling, game definitive touchdown pass (and even then not without a bit of internal facial muscle tape delay), Braxton Miller showed approximately zero reactions conducive to...
30 Oct 2011
by Luke