Buckeyes, Buckeyes everywhere

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February 18, 2012 at 10:32p

I am interested in folks' recollections of far-flung places where they have run into their Buckeye brethren. Some of my own:

1) While living in Belize for two years where I was a biologist at an eco-lodge/research station, we were visited by an OSU Alumni Association tour group which stayed for three or four days. That was A LOT of fun. It just also happened that I was doing my twice-yearly trip home to Columbus on the same Continental flight the OSUAA group was on. That flight was flight #1492... the same plane all the way through from Belize City to Houston to Columbus. There was singing and cheering on the flight.

2) I've been OH-ed in southern Florida, Phoenix, and Olympic National Park (Washington).

3) There is a massive alumni base in southern California.

4) My first trail race was the Xterra Topanga Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving 2010. I was wearing an Ohio State hat. Just prior to the race I was OH-ed... I responded with an "IO". Then there was an "OH" from somewhere else. I responded again. Then there was another one... there were about a dozen OSU grads at that trail race in the Santa Monica Mountains.

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I'm currently living in Italy, only have chatted up a few OSU fans here but they are everywhere. In fact, it seems like we are the only collegiate fans over here. I never see anyone sporting any other college gear, just pro. We are a proud and loyal lot that is for sure.

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Once in Mexico i was OH-ed and of course I responded with an IO

" I went for two cause I couldn't go for three." 
-woody Hayes 

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Sitting on Clearwater Beach, FL.  Was wearing an OSU ball cap.  The girl who drove the beer buggy up and down the beach spotted the cap and we had a nice conversation.  She graduated from OSU one year before I did.

Climbing Diamond Head in Hawaii - on the way up I got a "Go Bucks!" from someone passing on their way down.

Somewhere on the streets of London, England, got an 'OH'.  Responded in kind, of course.  Although I do prefer 'Go Bucks'.

It never ceases to amaze my wife, who is a University of Cincinnati alum.

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After spending 20+ years in the Air Force, I can pretty much say I have seen the four corners.  I have taken my Buckeye gear proudly with me everywhere.  I took a lot of crap in 2006 when I had a Buckeye flag hanging in my office while in Iraq after the MNC debacle.  Regardless, there have always been Buckeye brethren wherever I have been and each and every one of them wore their scarlet and grey with pride.  From every state in the Great 50 to Korea, Germany, Qatar, Japan, England, and Iraq, there was always an O-H or Go Bucks! to be heard.  Doesn't matter what day it is, it's always a great day to be a Buckeye!!!

“We few, we happy few, we band of brothers; for he today that sheds his blood with me shall be my brother.”  

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Cancun Mexico

"Did you push yourself to be great today? If you didn't do it you lost a day. We ain't got many days to lose. We're going to push your a$$ like its never been pushed because what you've got in you were going to find out" UFM

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I was at some all inclusive resort south of Cancun for my honeymoon and started talking to this really big guy at the pool bar. I saw he had a wedding ring and a huge ring on his other hand. THEN I noticed the gold pants around his neck. Turns out he was a "somewhere down the depth chart" o-lineman from the MNC team on his honeymoon with his former cheerleader wife. I can't remember his name now though.

Your mom told me she wants a Dicken Cidar.

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Currently living outside DC... and I see buckeye fans everywhere

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My sister just moved there last week so my family has added another Buckeye to DC. She is married to a Minnesota fan, but they're harmless.

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Luke and I both live in Capitol Hill; I know a number of folks around DC and the NoVa burbs that are all OSU grads. There are plenty more fans around as well.


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I'm originally from El Paso, Texas and from what I've seen there is a decent number of tOSU fans there also. Funny thing is, my dad's coworker is an alum and he lived in the same dorm that I lived in last year. It truly is a small world. And on that note, two of my high school friends are coming to visit in April. I would say there's a 50-50 chance they'll both be Buckeyes. 

It's true... We really are a bunch of nuts!
Go Bucks!

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unfortunately, i havent been a buckeye long enough to have any great stories, but the day before the michigan game this year i was walking thru nyc and one of the salvation army bell ringers OH'ed me, and as a result, of course i donated some money haha. either way though, its always great to know that there will be osu alums everywhere

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Reminded me of an O-H I got here in NYC one day outside my office from a Greenpeace canvasser, still didn't stop to talk about anything more than what part of Ohio he was from.

My most random must be from Cinque Terre a few years back.  I had an old OSU t-shirt on and someone seated at an outdoor cafe put out a loud O-H!

Then a couple years ago I was at an Auburn game (yea yea) with my girlfriend.  We were trying to find some of her friends in the madness around Toomer's Corner.  Her friends saw us and screamed out O-H (amidst hundreds of delirious Auburn fans)!  I yelled back I-O at the top of my lungs our of sheer reflex.  Then we look towards where the voice came from and realize it was her friends.  Loved it.

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Just last night, driving from Gig Harbor to Port Orchard (WA) there was a jeep with an OSU tire cover on the spare.  We run across quite a few Buckeyes out here - I live in Poulsbo, west of Seattle, across Puget Sound.  

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Vienna, Austria. My wife was there last April to run a half-marathon and I spotted a guy with an Ohio State t-shirt on hanging out by the finish line.


Also hung out with some Buckeyes at a pub in London and watched the season opener with them last year. Even got into a debate with some Londoners over Soccer vs. Football.

Scotch: It may be too early to drink it, yes; but people it is never to early to think about it.

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Bakersfield,Ca. is well represented by Buckeyes too !

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When we went to Disney World in December 2006, we ran into many fellow Buckeye brethren.  I went with my parents - we took a picture in front of our hotel with a couple of fellow Buckeye fans with a huge OSU flag.  We were walking through Epcot the night Troy won the Heisman, and saw the announcement with some fellow Buckeye fans.  I had my Troy jersey on, too.  Fun night. 

I've been O-H'd at many establishments in Myrtle Beach, including but not limited to:  Broadway at the Beach, Barefoot Landing, a seafood buffet, and in a condo complex, where we happened to run into two different couples from Ohio who had rented out condos there.  I've also seen an OSU themed tarp on the beach.  If you go down there, check out Deckerz Bar & Grill in North Myrtle Beach.  It's about a block from the ocean - the only OSU themed bar in the Grand Strand area.  My fiance and I checked it out - it's more of a bar than a restaurant, but we had burgers that were delicious, and quite massive.  It's shockingly easy to find OSU apparel down there, too.  It's featured nearly as prominently as the universities that you think would be featured down there. 

When I went to NYC for training for my current job, there was actually an OSU alum that I met that worked there.  It's a small company (600ish employees), and I figured I would be the only one, as I hadn't heard of them until they called me to come interview for a position in Columbus and I've not seen them recruit OSU.

Class of 2010.

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I did a study abroad in the Czech Republic in '06, our group was O-H'ed in central Prague.

Also, during that same study abroad, I went on a weekend trip with a few other fellow Buckeyes to Berlin.  We decided to do an English-speaking bike tour of Berlin from a flyer we saw in our hostel.  We get to the meeting point for the tour and there is ~40 people there from all over the English-speaking world including Canada, New Zealand and Australia.  Our guide gets there and introduces himself saying he is a German history grad student at The Ohio State University.

If that alone wasn't weird enough, as we are peddling around the Berlin Wall, Checkpoint Charlie and crazy World Cup fans (remember it was Berlin in '06- home of that year's World Cup), we start chatting up fellow bikers.  Turns out that a set of triplets who were all current students at OSU, and lived three blocks from me on campus, were on that same tour. 

Having a conversation about OSU with three sets of complete strangers in Berlin, Germany was bizarre.

We should strive to keep thy name, of fair repute and spotless fame...

(Also, I'm not a dude)

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My wife and I went to Punta Cana and we started talking to an older couple at the bar, simply because he had an Ohio State shirt on. Ends up we live 30 miles from each other here in Cbus and we hung out all week, despite the 20 year age difference.

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My wife and I went to Punta Cana a few years back. That was a lot of fun.

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In November 2010, my wife and I were exploring Connaught Place in New Delhi when we ran into a middle-aged Indian man with an Ohio State shirt on. At first, I just assumed that it was a t-shirt that he had come across randomly, but after informing him of my own fandom, he immediately asked if Michigan State had won the day before.

Here we were, in India for all of two hours and I had bumped into a Buckeye fan.

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I suddenly remembered one that I forgot in my original post. I spent two summers in Costa Rica when I was at Ohio State... the work there was unrelated to OSU, though I want to note that one of the Nicaraguans that ran the research station I worked at was an OSU graduate. Anyway, my first summer down there, I was taking a cab from Cariari to the research station. This was the first time I had left the country and I knew no Spanish. The guy was trying the talk to me, and I was feverishly flipping through my translation manual trying to have a conversation. I figured out he was asking me what college I went to. I told him "Ohio State". In what was the only English he spoke the entire "conversation" he said "Oh, THE BUCKEYES!".

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Negril Jamaica. 

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I see many people have mentioned DC and Im actually stationed here now along with 170 more soldiers from the great state of Ohio.  I went to Murphys the other night in Old Towne and ran in to at least 10 buckeyes.  Every time I go out around here I have to decide if I want to spend my whole night socializing with random buckeyes or chasing tail.  If Im feeling talkative I put on my buckeye gear.


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For me it was seeing Slovaks wearing Ohio State shirts starting with our first visit in 1973.  I am in my early 40’s and a first generation American and I distinctly remember our forays behind the iron curtain in the 1970’s. For us, grandma and grandpa’s house was over the ocean and through the woods so visits happened every 3 years.  Painted against the backdrop of the firmly entrenched Cold War, my parents were responsible for brokering a more significant contact than Tricky Dick Nixon’s Pepsi for Stolichnaya deal. If for no other reason, because theirs was done out of love, rather than spite.  (Page 298 http://books.google.com/books?id=QsyHqrDmsfMC&pg=PA298&lpg=PA298&dq=richard+nixon+pepsi+for+stolichnaya+deal&source=bl&ots=XXQ7LHm2Qw&sig=P1_rFwGUwVvw6FI11hAX6wI18a4&hl=en#v=onepage&q=richard%20nixon%20pepsi%20for%20stolichnaya%20deal&f=false

For us the battleground was Czechoslovakia and the front line were the two neighboring, little mountain towns of Helpa and Pohorela, located in central Slovakia along the Hron River that had populations around 3,000 each. This is where mom and dad grew up. Both of them came to America for the better life that all people seek for their children. Once here, dad avoided the steel mills that eventually claimed grandpa's life when he graduated high school, then joined the US military with the desire to protect and serve his new beloved land.  From their dad took advantage of all this country offers and went to The Ohio State University on the GI Bill and quickly found out what all the uber-intelligent folks already knew, which was that tOSU is the greatest, political, social, religious, academic sporting and cultural club in the world.  As a result, dad infiltrated the communist blok by disseminating what outwardly appeared to be harmless hand me down shirts and other types of OSU gear. These originall trickle into Czechoslovaki, but eventually were poured into the country in staggering amounts, until it was too late for stem.  The introduction and eventual ideal that is tOSU took root in the common people and sparked a revolution that culminated in the eventual collapse of the communist way in Europe and Russia. We would marvel on subsequent trips when we saw simple mountain folk swap traditional dress for Ohio State t-shirts and jerseys and go from apathetic automatons to free thinking idealists craving the best possible life that one can have. This awakening continued for the better part of decade and a half until the final awakening occured and before we knew it, the curtain came down. 

Pope John Paul II, and even Ronald Reagan are credited to varying degrees with the triumph over communism that JFK started, but there were many different factors that went into it.  Howeve, we finally know the truth regarding the true catlyst that pushed all these factors and forces together.  That off course was The Ohio State University’s introduction behind the Iron Curtain via two small towns, which quickly spread throughout the communist world finally resulting in the collapse of communism some 16 years later. OH-IO indeed.

So I would say the former Czechoslovakia, current Slovakia starting in 1973. Sure it is a bit stilted and hurried, but a great way to burn a Friday workday afternoon. Do Toho Buckeyes!

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Oktoberfest in Munich. Oompa band played Hang on Sloopy. A good number of the 10k in The tent responded with O.H.I.O at the appropriate moment