Tyrann Mathieu

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August 10, 2012 at 1:09p

Just saw on ESPN he's looking to transfer out of LSU and play for another school??  Wonder what happened there... anyways, get em' Urb!  This would be a pretty sweet pick up if we could somehow snag him, but I highly doubt it.  Anyone else hear anything about this?   Damn I need 100 words... yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo what what what what yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes no no no no no maybe maybe maybe ok ok ok ok

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LOLz...Honey badger gone be hiding, oh yes. You'll hear no more about the honey badger. THANK YOU GOD!!!


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Dude got kicked off of LSU?  No thank you lol

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not worth it. He's one failed drug test away from being kicked off most NCAA teams anyway.  Not saying LSU isn't trying to make his random....ultra random, or maybe they randomed him and are keeping the results ultra quiet, but he knows and isn't happy.
Dude won't transfer either IMO.  Either he plays at LSU or sits out a year and hits the draft in the winter.  Can't see a honey badger waiting 2 years (transfer waiting year, then year of eligibility) to get at honey.

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Cant he go FCS without sitting out a year?

Favorite Buckeye: Obviously BJ Mullens

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We dont want this clown. Hes pacman jones of ncaa. Plus he might have to play naia after third failed drug test according to bruce feldman.
Besides, john simon ests honey badgers for fourth meal. 

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So because Honey Badger smoked weed, he's the equivalent of a guy who got into a strip club fracas that left a man paralyzed? Oh, okay.

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He's off to the FCS for the season... probably somewhere in the Southland conference (nearby)... Sam Houston St, Stephen F Austin, McNeese St... or maybe he'll go to my old grad school, Southeastern Louisiana... then he would get to play Mizzou!

Cause I couldn't go for three

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Being the Bengals of the NCAA is not the reputation Urban needs to build in Columbus

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Honestly I think he is extremely overrated.  He is an amazing return man, I will give him that.  But as a defender he is a liability when he is not blitzing.  There is no way he will continue the turnover rate he had last year, but when he is back in coverage he was LSU's 3rd best corner and you can't blitz your CB every play.

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Honeybadger doesn't care about drug tests, honeybadger blazes spliffs all the time!
This dude is overrated, he constantly got burned in the NC title game this year. Someone will take a chance on him though and live to regret it....smdh.

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I hope you are joking about going after this punk. Not our type. I am so glad we don't have to hear about him again. By the way, "honey badger" means something entirely different than he thinks, in the Chelsea neigborhood of NYC. LOL 

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Wow. Les Miles. +10, buddy.

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Seriously. Lots of respect for Miles.

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LOL at lots of respect for Miles for weed discipline on da Badger, when you have an avatar of O. Pace...... just sayin.

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Seriously, fuck Leslie Miles -10