Whenever I See Mgoblog. . .

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December 7, 2013 at 6:03p

Whenever I look at Mgoblog it reminds me how lucky we are to have Eleven Warriors.  If Mgoblog is the best that TTUN fans have to offer--or to use, it's no wonder their team sucks, too.  I posted a few things and was not being obnoxious at all some time back and ended up getting blasted out of existence just because I was an OSU fan.  Brian just posted a big rambling article and talked about banning some guy with 41,000 points, and they are pretty much going to ban anyone that gets on their nerves.  I hate to tell him, but if someone has 41,000 points and he's the third highest on the blog, well someone agrees with him an awful lot.  I have to say that I was pretty amazed not only how they treated me, but how they treat each other.  I know 11W posters have their times and we have all kinds, but by and large we are a much more amiable place to friend and foe alike.  The writing is top notch, the mods do a great job, and it is just easier on the eyes to read.  It also reminds me that everyone doesn't have to agree with me that posts something on here.   I'm sure that the guys at 11W get flustered at times with us, too, but hopefully it's not nearly as bad as TBUN (that blog up north).  Sometimes I am a bit quick to hit the dv and I don't want to be anything like them.  It's time to call it like it is--no pulling punches (Dontre--you inspire me)--Mgoblog sucks, but we have TBDBLOGITL! Thanks 11W!   

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As bad as MGo can be...it is still several orders of magnitude better than ND & PSU boards. It's truly scary how hard those sites work to maintain the echo chamber.
It's a shame about MGo because at times they've had some really excellent discussions.

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They certainly have a different attitude about things but it serves a different clientele. In the osu world we have 11w, land grant holy land, bucknuts, buckeye battle cry, etc. it took me a while to settle here as my place for all things buckeye.
I stilk read it for schadenfreude purposes and i stay out of tyhe forums.

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I think the entire TTUN fan base is a bit grouchy. For good reason.  



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Even during tatgate and 2011 we weren't that bad.  But, yeah, they do have good reason.  They are in a decade of suck.

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Sucking for that long, with their "Michigan Man" mantra, it has to kind of be expected. Anyone with a bunch of complaints about 24-0, well they have their own problems. It's great to be a buckeye!

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Agreed, 11W is an outstanding site, nice layout but more importantly top notch writing and analysis.

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I read MGoblog mostly for the schadenfreude, since that's the only thing the site is good for. The writing and analysis there is laughable, at best. The fact that the blog's owner feels a need to write a lengthy self-righteous diatribe threatening to ban anyone who disagrees with him is pretty pathetic, although to be fair, he is dealing with the bottom of the barrel in terms of internet communities.

As far as the forum posters go, lets just say that they strongly reinforce my absolute hatred of ScUM fans; 99% of them are utterly delusional and they're all incredibly irritating. I can honestly say that their joke of a team is exactly what they deserve.

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Seriously go spend 15 minutes on BWI or Irish Eyes.

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Never been there, but I spend a fair amount of time on Black Shoe Diaries. Penn State fans are almost as delusional as ScUM fans.

We can't stop here; this is bat country...

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The forums there have turned into a disaster because they crashed the upvote/downvote thing when they migrated servers. Brian will be adding them back in and I think this is a big reason why the forums have become unbearable. The 11w upvote/downvote system is very effective...whenever there is a Michigan or other team troll on this site, that person gets banished quickly. Also, people here are quick to downvote an OSU fan that attacks an opposing fan for no reason at all. When you lose that functionality (as mgoblog did) and you combine it with a season like this past one, its a recipe for disaster. Hopefully when they get the upvote/downvote fixed, things will get better.

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This would explain why so many foul mouth people post there.. Embarrassing actually. Thanks for explaining that Holmes.

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I don't even understand Mgoblog, I look at the site, try to find topics (hard enough) and it's a bunch of rambling by guys with terrible avitars.  No really, if I was dropped on the head as a child and ended up a Michigan fan I'd never in my right mind visit that site..It's unorganized and has like 1 continuous forum topic..

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Not only is 11W the best Buckeye blog and better than mgoblome. There are several other Buckeye blogs that are better. Face it, dude, you were either lucky enough to be born and bred into The Buckeye Faithful or you made a conscious decision to worship at the altar of Wayne Woodrow Hayes. Either way you are part of the largest, most rabid and most loyal fan base in the U.S.A. This is the first B1G championship game to be sold out. Why? Because our beloved Buckeyes are in it to win it. Mgoblome, blackshoesdiary, enlightenedspartan....they all suck.
Buckeye Faithful...rise and praise the father, Chick Harley, the son, Francis Schmidt and the Holy Ghost, Woody Hayes. May the Scarlet and Gray be with you.

"I don't like nice people. I like tough, honest people." -W.W. Hayes

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The rivalry aside, it's a hard site to actually get involved in. 
It's good to be a Buckeye, and on 11W. 

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I've never been even moderately impressed with mgoblog.  Horrible layout and haven for trolls and "didn't attend" haters with questionable grammar and spelling skills. I feel sorry for ttun fans as mgo seems to be the best offering for them right now and the leadership of that site (considering his recent tantrum) seems better suited to hang it up and go see what he can do to help improve healthcare.gov.  
So happy to have 11W.

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I don't bother reading the boards or comments, but the actual content on MGoBlog is top-notch. Brian is a great writer and the opinion and analysis he and Ace provide is genuinely awesome.

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I've spent a lot of time there and don't think the upvote/downvote feature is what's wrong with mgoblog. It's the blog's community: bitter, vindictive, pretentious. No class. No civility. Little tolerance for differing points of view. Dominated by a lot of group think and brown-nosing. It's a hostile, dog-eat-dog environment. They deserve each other.
11W has a very different vibe. I really feel fortunate to be able to partake.

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Losing does that to you . . .

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A big thanks to the 11W staff and community for having such a good d-bag filtration system.  The comment section on so many other websites just devolves into "you're an idiot," "no, YOU'RE an idiot," with both claims usually being right.  (I'm not singling out MGo here, so much as... a giant portion of the entire internet, especially on sports.)  There are eight thousand things I'd rather do than read through that kind of bs, so 99% of the time I don't bother.  It was extremely refreshing then to find a site like this where the comments are actually worth reading and draw me in beyond just the great content.  After checking 11W compulsively for about three years now I've even begun posting some occasional comments here - which says a lot because I don't do that on any other site.

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I've lurked at Mgoblog for a while for two reasons 1. know they enemy and 2. it was one of the best sports blogs on the internet.  While Brian still writes some incredibly entertaining pieces, it seems like he is starting to get run down (how long has he been doing Mgoblog, 10 years now?), and they've lost some solid contributors to pay sites (kinda like 11w) but we've reloaded with talented writers (vito, ross, birm, etc) while it seems like Brian has to do everything there.  Still a good blog, but the tone of it has changed, and its no longer a must read imo.  Also don't ever look at the comments.  If you think it gets bad here sometimes, yikes.

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Personally, I don't want to know my enemy ... just want to hate them.

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