That Special Time of Uncertainty

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December 1, 2013 at 8:55a

I remember 1968.  I remember the term "Super Sophomores." That's not a term you hear thrown around today.  A sophomore is a seasoned veteran compared to the many freshmen that play college football today.  I remember when Archie Griffin--a lowly freshman--replaced Morris Bradshaw.  His 239 yards in one game made iit pretty obvious that a freshman could play varsity football.  The Super Sophomores made it undefeated through the regular season and were Big Ten champions.  They were 10-0 and had to face the powerful USC Trojans and OJ Simpson in the Rose Bowl.  They were not given much of a chance before that game--after all it was OJ Simpson.  It was a special time of uncertainty--that time between an undefeated regular season and the Rose Bowl.  But at the end of the day we won, 27-16.  We were National Champions.

I have an OSU mug from 2002.  One of those things my wife bought me at Krogers.  It has the regular season record from that year and proclaims 13-0 proudly.  I remember that year.  I remember some close games and some close calls.  Brent Musberger proclaiming, "Holy Buckeye!" comes to mind.  I remember a team that no one dreamed would be playing for a national championship at the beginning of the year.  Because of that mug, I remember that special time of uncertainty, the time between the undefeated regular season and the BCS National Championship Game.  No one gave the Ohio State University Buckeyes much of a chance. That team defeated the mighty Miami Hurricanes.  We were National Champions.  We were 14-0.

Here we are again in that special time of uncertainty.  The 2013 Michigan game is history.  We won.  We are 24-0.  That's two--two undefeated regular seasons in a row.  That has never happened in OSU history (unless you count 1916-17, but there was a tie in 1917).  We had a turnover in the Michigan game.  That is what made it close.  The defense made the stop when it counted the most.  If we win the Big Ten championship do we still have the clarion call to fire coaches?  If we win the NCG do we still fire coaches?  I've got a feeling that we will still be undefeated come next November.  Did I mention that we have just finished two undefeated seasons in a row?  Last season some said the only reason we were undefeated is because we knew we couldn't go to a bowl or anything else.  Well, we can go for anything else this year.  This team will not give that up easily--they did not give up last year, and whatever the WWL or anyone else says, to this team last year matters, because they have unfinished business.  We have a Big Ten championship game next--and it will be the greatest Big Ten championship game ever.  Then may God pity Florida State, or any one loss SEC team that stands in the way of the Ohio State University, because Urban Frank Meyer will have no pity on them.  

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Great post! Cant wait to watch osu beat msu on Saturday. I remeber those same feelings going into the championship game in 02! What a game that was

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Next week will be a great game vs the Spartans.  This is a real Big Ten Championship game.  You can bet that Coach Dantonio will have his defense keyed to stop Carlos Hyde, and an offense throwing plenty of screen passes.  I just wish Duke would somehow beat Florida State so we could somehow play an SEC team in the NCG.  It's time to settle that score once and for all.

"I miss Brady Hoke."

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Enjoying the ride!
For this coming week, Remember 1998! I sat in C deck with my dad after that loss until they started turning out the portable lights they used to bring in before the stadium renovation.
And on a further note Go Duke. I hope they upset Florida State so we do get to take on those SEC teams that supposedly merit jumping an undefeated OSU. Lets give them what they want and school them in Pasadena.

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I feel like they avenged the 2011 loss with this victory in the Big Outhouse.  This should even make TTUN work even harder to be a better team.  It's really time for the Big Ten to do some damage in the bowl games this year.  Time to make a statement.

"I miss Brady Hoke."

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Great perspective, well written JF.

Still settling things on the field, and that's all that matters.

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You're right, Hov.  The last I looked, that's where the football games are played.  The media can talk all they want.  We have a football game on Saturday with the Spartans.  We get to play against a former Buckeye offensive coordinator (who certainly feels a bit unappreciated by Buckeye fans) and a former Buckeye defensive coordinator (who has paid his dues and is building the elite football program in that state up north).  I imagine that even if this were not the Big Ten Championship Game, there would still be nothing more gratifying for them than to beat Urban Meyer and their old team--the Big Ten prize is just icing on the cake.  This is going to be one hell of a game.  I'm drinking out of my 13-0 mug right now.  LOL.  I will fill it with something more potent come Saturday evening.  

"I miss Brady Hoke."

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You only get so many of these "special times of uncertainty".
I will be there in Indy with my wife and youngest to watch Buckeye history being made!

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History in the making, and you will be there.  Go Bucks!

"I miss Brady Hoke."