5 BCS schools are undefeated and within 5 hr drive of Columbus*

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October 8, 2012 at 8:28p

Here we sit after 6 weeks of college football.  4 teams from BCS conferences: Louisville, Cincinnati, West Virginia and Ohio State, as well as (BCS tie-in made easy) Notre Dame are successfully running the gauntlet... undefeated.  In the most recent USA Today Heisman poll, the current players resting in the top 2 spots for the award are from West Virginia and Ohio State.  So, what does this mean?  Maybe Columbus, Ohio, after a year long ordeal of dealing with an NCAA Investigation and subsequent loss of past victories, adored head football coach and swagger, has become the epicenter of the college football world.  Drive 5 hours in any direction from Columbus (except North...ha!) and you will find an undefeated BCS caliber football team.  Nowhere else in the U.S.A, can this feat be done.  Sure, Tuscaloosa Alabama is the capitol of the CFB world and S.E.C country holds the crown jewels of the past 5 seasons in various Southern towns such as Gainesville and Baton Rouge.  However there are some pretty interesting story lines developing in a 5 hour drive radius of Ground Zero - Columbus, Ohio.

Brian Kelly may have finally pushed the right buttons in South Bend, while they have super-tests on the horizon with Oklahoma, USC, Stanford and BYU....who would have picked them to be  5-0 at this point?  Brian Kelly did take Cincinnati to 2 BCS Bowl games before bolting to South Bend.

West Virginia left what was considered by all the Big Least and just waltzed into Austin, Texas and defeated the Big 12 Big Boy Longhorns.  Sure, K-state, Okie State and Oklahoma must be dealt with, but they must also deal with Dana, Geno and the Boys.

Cincy and Louisville are setting up for a possible ESPN College Gameday event Friday October 26 on the Kentucky banks of the Ohio River...though Florida/Georgia or Oklahoma/Notre Dame may take that honor

Ohio State, though not Bowl eligible is putting the CFB world on notice for the final 6 games of 2012 and also for 11 month away 2013 season.  Urban Meyer is in his first year in C-Bus and Braxton Miller is just a Sophomore.  back-to-back top 10 recruiting classes may have OSU re-primed and re-fueled for another run to a Football National Championship soon.  After watching the first 19 games of Braxton Miller's career, I get the feeling that the Buckeyes will have a chance to win any game in which he plays.

People say you never know what team will show up the next week during Fall, OSU could stumble in Bloomington, Stanford could bully the Irish into submission, West Virginia could get outscored at Texas Tech (but they have Tuberville as coach, not Leach),  Louisville may get clocked in the Steel City by Pitt, and Cincinnati could get smoked in the Glass City by Toledo........ then this post would look foolish.  Or they could all win, and we could enjoy another week of being in the epicenter of the 2012 CFB world, the melting pot, where we Ohio folk share our State's borders with SEC country, Big East, Big 12, MAC, Conference USA and Big10 territory.

Pretty easy to see what a tough job recruiting is in Ohio, with so many "wolves" at the door for Ohio's top talent.  West Virginia, Cincy, Louisville and Notre Dame, with all of the sucess they are having, should feel able to sell any recruit on their program, all other Big10 schools, the entire MAC and alot of C-USA mine Ohio for talent.  It is a testament to Ohio State's past and bright future (thanks Urban) that Ohio State still is King of the Current Epicenter.

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Not to mention a potential BCS-buster in the undefeated Ohio U Bobcats. Great post!

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You've shared some interesting points.  I love Ohio State, the State of Ohio and our great football tradition as much as anyone, but none of this matters until we dethrone the SEC/Bama.  
I hate to be a Debbie Downer, but it's true.  In order to turn any heads outside of Ohio, Ohio State needs to take on an undefeated SEC champion, i.e. Bama or the likes thereof, and SMACK THEM!  The sooner the better if you ask me.  

"I'm One Bad Buckeye, and I approve this message."

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One Bad Buckeye- Don't think of you as being Debbie Downer.  You're just sharing an opinion, and that opinion happens to be on apples, while the blog post is about oranges.
Already six games into the football year, no bowl game for us Buckeye fans to look forward to, but there is plenty to be intrested about.  As long as OSU, ND, WVU, UC and UL keep winning, damn sure it'll be turning heads around the country. 
WVU beat the Kings of Texas
OSU beat California's State University and Nebraska
ND Owns the State of Michigan and Miami Fla
Cincinnati beat perenial top 20 Va Tech
Louisville has beaten a SEC and a ACC School
Do you think that there isn't anybody taking note of it?  Along that line of thinking Oregon, USC and Oklahoma haven't turned heads since the BCS inception, because they have never dethroned and undefeated SEC Champ.

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There is so much athletic talent in this area. If you remember college B-ball was the same way with OSU, Cincinnati, Ohio, Xavier, Kentucky, Louisville and Indiana (I may be forgetting someone) all in the sweet sixteen and all within five hours of Columbus.

Our Honor Defend!

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Right, it's not just football.

Ohio, Ohio State, and Cincinnati all made the Sweet 16 this year. Now their football teams are a combined 16-0.


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I didn't know that Ohio bordered all of those conferences! And I ditto the previous post, we do need to take on an SEC champ, or at least a very good SEC team (like Arkansas at the Sugar Bowl minus the vacated win :P)


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Great post! Pretty interesting read & shared some great info. Gave me something to keep an eye on.


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well, any given Saturday.  WVU gets dismantled, Louisville was on the ropes, but fought through.  ND down 3 with 6:00 in the 4th.  Hopefully the Buckeyes come out tonight ready to play.
Is it me, or does Kansas State remind anyone else of the 2002 Buckeyes minus MoC?