Ohio State Basketball 'Mini Midnight Madness'

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September 19, 2013 at 4:29p

Last night on the outdoor courts by Lane Avenue, Buckeye students got their first glimpse of the 2013-14 basketball team.  The event was for a promo video shooting, for the video that will be shown before home games.  The event started out as a casual scrimmage before turning into a dunk contest, but here are a few takeaways that I had as well as some interesting tidbits:

  • Kam Williams showed some flashes of potential, and reminds me a little bit of Nate Robinson, not only with his leaping ability but with his play style.  Williams was a little shorter than I was expecting (probably a touch shorter than Craft), but he can really get off the floor.  Williams is definitely a natural scorer, and has a very short memory when it comes to shooting the ball (which he does pretty well).  I think Ohio State has a real playmaker here.
  • For those who are wondering, Aaron Craft can indeed dunk (though it took him 4 tries to throw it down cleanly).
  • I know it was just a casual pickup game, but Trey McDonald looked pretty comfortable on the court, looked pretty smooth and athletic.  I think McDonald is going to log a lot of minutes this year with Ravenel gone.
  • Amir Williams had a pretty nasty block on somebody (I think it was Kam Williams), maybe this is the year he puts it all together.  Didn't see a whole lot from him offensively
  • Marc Loving is a legit 6'8" and very athletic.  He was really smooth, with some flashes of power on dunks.  Can also really shoot it.
  • Sam Thompson had a minor lower leg injury so he didn't play.

I'll try to find a couple more videos (including craft dunk) and add to this a little more

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I was there as well. Was really impressed by kam Williams too. Didn't get to see much out of the PG position other than craft trolling on people the whole night. Crafts sister was also there and gave him an earful after his first missed dunk. 
The one shot I saw craft shoot appeared as though he was using a different technique.. Still unsuccessful though.
pretty fun night overall as I got a pretty swaggy pic with Brutus 

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Is it really only 50 days until basketball season?? I'm still having trouble writing 2013 on my checks. I can't wait to see the first mop up time where ADV and Kam get to play together. I hope Matta goes 11 deep this year. HELL YEAH, GO BUCKS!!