Requesting Your Input for a Visitors Guide

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October 7, 2011 at 12:57a

Attention 11W faithful: I am in the process of compiling suggestions for a "visitors guide". This is something that will help anyone traveling to Columbus for a game by giving them a list of places to go, things to see, food, drink, etc. We all know that the main destination for 10/29 is Eat Too, Brutus. But for other home games, visitors might want to check out some of what Columbus and surrounding areas have to offer. 

If you would like to be a part of this admirable venture (and if you want to help out a guy who volunteered for this duty despite the fact that I don't get out much), please send me your suggestions in the following categories:

  • Travel and Lodging
  • Places to Eat
  • Bars and Nightlife
  • Tailgating  

I got the idea for this from our friends over at The Only Colors. If they were able to find lots of great places to visit in East Lansing, surely we can come up with much more in Columbus. As a bonus, you will get credit for your suggestion if I use it in the official "Visitor's Guide" post. I'm all ears and I'm waiting to hear from YOU!


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Pretty standard to say Thurman's and Jeni's Ice Cream. I think you gotta do Schimdt's Sausage Haus in Germantown.

I know there will be lots of debate about pizza, because there has been before. I personally always miss Donatos, but if we get into Adri's is up there for me too.

My favorite campus bar is Out-R-Inn because it's laid back, it has bags, nice patio, not a whole lot of the loud music/dancing stuff. But I guess sometimes you're in the mood for loud music and dancing, which I assume is because you want to hook up with some freshman girls or something in which case I'd recommend Little Bar?

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Lodging: I still think any hotel in the Easton Town Center is the way to go. It's 10 minutes from the airport, less than 20 to the stadium and allows you to get away from the Chaos after the game. There are 140 shops and over 40 restaurants/bars all within walking distance of the hotels. 

Places to Eat: There are 3 great places to eat in Historic Dublin, all located on the same block. Tucci's is an California-Italian Wood Fired Bistro and Oscar's is upscale, casual American. Both have been in Columbus's top 10 Restaurants and have bottles of wine just $5 above state minumum. Across the street is the Brazenhead, which is an Irish Pub built into an 1890 farmhouse, great beer and Irish pub grub.

Bars and Nightlife: If your young and single, head down to Front St. in the Arena District, you will not believe your eyes. If your older and like good, local microbrews, head to the Elevator Co. downtown.


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$trip clubs? Tat shacks?

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Well since you asked for help, probably substantive more than procedural, should fragment this into areas, downtown and campus at least. Then have suggestions for young and old in each category (dining/lodging/bars) for each area. Because I agree with Corey, but that's off campus stuff. I guess German town suggestions are too. I just didn't want to suggest chain type places, Canes, BW3s, etc. etc.

The original Wendy's is kinda cool. COSI is a must visit if you have kids and are there all weekend.

I liked the hotels downtown, the Double Tree across from the courthouse is classy and not too pricey if you book in advance. Parking down there sucks and is expensive.

I'd have to agree the arena district is good drunken fun.


PS this is Friday during football season I understand, but this needs to be bumped to the front page to get the attention it deserves and needs.

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Milestone 229 Restaurant/Bar in newly edesigned Bicentennial Park downtown is a great new thing for Cbus.
North Market is always good for everyone.
The HOMAGE store is pretty awesome.
I always liked Surly Girl in the Short North, great pizzas and Ohio beers.
Nancy's Home Cooking for breakfast in Clintonville is a classic as is Jack and Benny's.
I also always loved Blue Danube.
For late-night food the last couple time in Cbus I've hit up a food cart in front of Byrne's Irish Pub in Grandview.
Also in Grandview is Johnny's Bar and Grill, not many people know it, but it just screams Columbus Midwestern neighborhood bar.

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Jeni's, North Star breakfast burritos, Hound Dog's, Adriatico's, Barley's, Indian Oven, the sushi place north that's in that shopping center north somewhere that I've forgotten its name and cross streets but I know it's the best sushi around, St. James' Tavern...and I think most of the other places I miss about Columbus are closed or are record stores.

Because we couldn't go for three.

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I believe you're thinking of Sushi Ting, in the Kroger plaza off Olentangy next to Nyoh's.  If you're thinking of somewhere else, I would highly recommend this place anyway.

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Hotel - The Lofts - boutique hotel across the street from the Hyatt Regency. 

Eats - Basi Italia, Marcella's, Hyde Park and Eleven in the Short North. Lindey's (old stand-by, still great) and Barcelona in German Village - gorgeous patios in warm weather. Katzinger's. North Market (the Pho at the Vietnamese stand is the best anywhere, and Firdous - yum). Jeni's, of course. Third and Hollywood in Grandview.

Drinks - Mouton, Bodega, Surly Girl Saloon, Matt the Miller in Grandview (decent eats at all, too).

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why didn't this comment surprise me haha

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It's a beautiful thing of symmetry that campus is bookended by The Stube and The Library.


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For those who drive to Cols. for a game, they can go to the Champs across from the 'Shoe, grab a bite or a drink and park their car for free.

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When you go to Cbus, lose the car.  It's liberating.

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This is hard because there are so many things choose from.  If I was rolling into Ol' Columbus Town for game day weekend I think I would have dinner at Eddie George's 27 Grill on Friday.  Then head north on High St to get a beer or two at Out-r-Inn and the Varsity Club.  I like these places when they aren't overrun with football craziness (truth be told, I like them then too but it would nice for visitors to check out the VC when you can find a table).

On Saturday, I would say get up early and get to a tailgate.  I'm partial to the Ag Admin lots off Woody Hayes and Fyffe.  If they don't bring their own tailgate gear (for shame!), head to Riverwatch/Varsity Club parking lot/Little Bar or any other that strikes their fancy, depending on the scene they want.

Grab lunch on the way out of town Sunday at the Hall of Fame Cafe.  Make sure to take a little time to stroll around the Oval/campus too.

Staying downtown is nice because you can take the bus that runs down to the arena district, or cab it since it's pretty close.

We should strive to keep thy name, of fair repute and spotless fame...

(Also, I'm not a dude)

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The Hyatt Regency downtown offers a $99/night rate on home game weekends. There's a corporate code you can find on their site, and it includes free parking. The hotel is also walking distance to just about everything downtown, in the Arena District or in the Short North. 


-Pizza, Adriatico's kicks Donato's ass IMHO. And it's nicer being at a hole in the wall on campus than a chain, if you ask me.

-Thurman's. Beer, wings and a burger, any burger. Those three are a must. If it's peak hours and you're anti-sitting at the bar, plan to wait 2+ hours. My advice? Plan to sit at the bar. It takes 5 min to find a couple open barstools.

-North Star Cafe- the breakfast burrito with bacon and the cloud nine pancakes are amazing. As is their biscuit. The village salad is great as well, and I've heard great things about the turkey sandwich.

-Mitchell's is my favorite steakhouse there... get the cheesy/jalapeno potato thing they have.

-Lindy's, a classic. 

-Schmidt's, everyone talks about the sausage, but I love the schnitzel... and they have cream puffs the size of your head.

-City BBQ, duh.

-Jeni's, go in and try every flavor, they'd be happy to give you 27 samples. 

-Tasi's breakfast, milkshakes and baked goods are great.

Bar scene

I'm predictable and always go to the Arena District. I love Bar 23, Bar Louie, and Patio. Also love the Press Grill in the Short North, get their fried egg sandwich with bacon and the buffalo shrimp. Club 185 near German Village can be fun too, and I recommend the burger.

Game Day

-Skull session, I've done it once to do it. To be honest, I don't care to do it again... but if I was only going to OSU once, I'd fit it into my schedule, I suppose.

-Varsity Club, it's a must. I know I always try to find the VC equivalent when I travel to other B1G stadiums.

-If checking out campus, Mirror Lake and the Oval are probably the two most important. I love the new library, the Student Union and the RPAC, but I'm just the daughter of two  architects that loves college campuses.

-If you wanna see the stadium without the crowd, gate 23 is open M-F during "business hours"

My plea to anyone visiting:

BEG of you... do NOT go to Applebees, Chilis, Champs, etc and then complain that Columbus sucks. I've seen this happen and it annoys me like you wouldn't believe. If you do that, Columbus doesn't suck... YOU suck!


How firm thy friendship... OH-I-O!

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I agree that Skull Session is a must if you got one and only one visit. If you have multiple visits, go once, then all the other times, don't let it interfere with your tailgating/drinking.

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For a little european flair, I would also recommend La Chatelaine on N. Lane. Get a croque monsieur and a french pastry then go to Graeters next door, which is infinitely better than Jeni's imo.

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(Also, I'm not a dude)

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Graeters is good. Better than Jeni's is blasphemy

“Any time you give a man something he doesn't earn, you cheapen him. Our kids earn what they get, and that includes respect.”  - Woody

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Agreed. Good, but not better. Totally different genres of ice cream too, IMO, if ice cream is allowed to have genres. If someone does go to Graeters though, black raspberry chip is a MUST.

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Better than Jeni's? You are either on crack or a UM fan ;-)



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I will agree it's an apples vs oranges comparison.  I don't get the hype around Jeni's, it's not bad but certainly overpriced.   $10-12 for a pint of ice cream?  That stuff better be mixed with gold flakes and the sweat of Jim Tressel himself.

We should strive to keep thy name, of fair repute and spotless fame...

(Also, I'm not a dude)

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Thanks to everyone for the input!  Look for a compilation post sometime prior to the Wisky game.

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Bumping this post to say that we won't be getting the post out this week, and so if anyone has more suggestions, please add them to the comments.