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October 3, 2013 at 1:54p

In honor of Christian Bryant being lost for the season, Ryan Shazier is going to don the #2 jersey for the Nothwestern game. What are the thoughts of eleven warriors readers and Buckeye fans in general wearing their #2 jerseys to the Northwestern game to not only honor Christian Bryant but Ryan Shazier as well. Christian is a leader on this team and to honor him what a show of support it would be to see the stands at Ryan Field full of Buckeye fans all donning their #2 jerseys in honor of these great kids? I plan on putting on the #2 to show support for Christian and this team at the game. I think it would be great if the team looked into the stands and saw their fans all wearing #2 to support a great kid and what his leadership means to this team! I am curious about your thoughts and if you think this would be a great way to show support. I think seeing stands full of #2 tOSU jerseys would demonstrate our support for these kids and the sacrifices they make to this game. I am curious on the thoughts of the readers on this idea?




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Might be a little much to ask everyone attending the game to have a jersey, let alone a #2 jersey.  Nice thought, though.

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I think this is great JK.....but has this info been confirmed/released by the athletic department and/or the media? I know I've read that it might be a possibility, apologize if I've missed that info.

Not doubting it, as Shazier honored a buddy and wore #10 in the PSU game last year. This would be again incredibly cool and sure to inspire the guys in honor of their fallen teammate.

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He gave up #10 and wore #48.  I think that's what you meant.
I thought he should have kept #48 after that game.

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Nice idea, but not every one has a 2 jersey.  Both of my jersey have this little used number on it 45.

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It's been rumored, but as far as I've seen, not confirmed.

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I've been wearing my #2 jersey since first game of last season. It's yet to be washed and will stay that way as long as we keep on winning. I have to hide it from my fiance because she wants to wash it.

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I will also dust off my #2 jersey.

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I have a Cris Carter throwback.

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I'lll be rocking my #2 in the stands as well!  Great sentiment by Shazier!  I hope all the defense plays with a little more heart for Christian Bryant.

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Yeah I think these kind of things bring a team as a whole a little closer. I look for the defense to play lights out this weekend. Shazier is a good teammate for doing this what a classy kid. Hopefully our fans that do travel go along with this.

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I wore my #2 at a work event earlier this week.

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I think it would be cooler if they put it on Pitt Brown.  A senior getting a crack at it finally. Would be cool I think.

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AAaak - mine has the name PRYOR on it!! Where is my seam ripper? I know I had it here somewhere...

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I don't have a #2 anymore, so I will wear my #13 because the average of 1 and 3 is 2.

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