Warts by Brooks: The Sequel

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May 16, 2011 at 11:44p

Just two days after delivering the incredibly scandalous (and incredibly incorrect) scoop behind the departure of Shelly Poe as OSU's football SID, SPORTSbyBROOKS is back with "previously unseen images" of the letter from the Department of Justice that started our winter of discontent.

For the first time ever -- EVER I say -- you can take a gander at the letter from the United States Attorney that spelled out the details of the player merchandise found in the possession of tattoo parlor owner Edward Rife, himself embroiled in a criminal investigation.

What's that you say?

The Cleveland Plain Dealer released that document way back on April 28th?

Whelp, carry on then.

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Funny how he writes about Cam's supposedly game worn pants from the BCSNCG game being auctioned off and his only beef is only about the color of the pants. But then again why would he question them like he questioned the Buckeyes game worn items that were auctioned off for charity? Just proves he is a giant hack.

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I posted on his Facebook page that the PD had indeed released the DOJ doc.  He reponded by saying that "previously unseen" meant unseen by followers of SbB.  He deleted my post with the link to the PD article on 4-28.  He is not only a liar, but a coward as well. 

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From Brooks' facebook page:

Craig Confer ‎Sports by Brooks - 10tv in columbus had it on their website about 3 weeks ago.

His reponse to me when I showed him the link to the PD (it was deleted):

Sports by Brooks If it did, that's great. Never disputed that the PD or 10 TV did or didn't post it. Previously unseen refers to the majority of people who read SbB. If you've gone literal in your delusional defense of your football program, please turn out the lights for us all on your way out.


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Time to add him into my book......Mark May is on here a few times.....