USA Today's Annual Coaches Salary Index

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December 8, 2010 at 12:16p

USA Today released their annual FBS coaches salary index today and below you'll find the $2 million club (for all salaries, refer to the link).  Ohio State's Jim Tressel is the 6th highest-paid coach in the land, just behind Les Miles of LSU and just ahead of Iowa's Kirk Ferentz.

School Coach Total Compensation
Alabama Saban $5,997,349.00
Texas Brown $5,161,500.00
Oklahoma Stoops $4,375,000.00
Florida Meyer $4,010,000.00
LSU Miles $3,905,000.00
Ohio State Tressel $3,888,389.00
Iowa Ferentz $3,781,000.00
Wake Forest Grobe $2,939,475.00
Georgia Richt $2,937,740.00
Arkansas Petrino $2,713,000.00
Missouri Pinkel $2,550,000.00
Michigan Rodriguez $2,525,280.00
Mississippi Nutt $2,509,000.00
Oregon Kelly $2,400,000.00
Cal Tedford $2,305,000.00
Georgia Tech Johnson $2,300,000.00
SMU Jones $2,142,056.00
Virginia Tech Beamer $2,128,000.00
Tennessee Dooley $2,121,391.00
Auburn Chizik $2,103,500.00
Kansas Gill $2,101,200.00
Nebraska Pelini $2,100,000.00
Maryland Friedgen $2,043,306.00
South Carolina Spurrier $2,032,500.00
Rutgers Schiano $2,000,932.00

Some notes:

  • Michigan's Rich Rodriguez is paid well -- $360k per win. Not nearly the heist he pulled the last two years, but still earning far more than he deserves to pocket (especially when you factor in the hidden costs of recruits not qualifying, transfers, NCAA investigations, etc.)
  • Mack Brown has earned the right to be paid well. He's done a terrific job at Texas over the course of the last decade, but he takes the cake in terms of what he's paid per win. This year, as the Longhorns stumbled to a 5-7 record, he took home over a cool million per victory.
  • Nick Saban is a very, very good coach. He's turned Alabama into a dominant player after 20 years of middling success, but is he worth nearly $6 million?
  • Tennessee's Derek Dooley is easily FBS' highest-paid first year coach, but that comes with the turf when you take a job at one of the blue bloods of the college football world.

And here's the Big Ten's pay chart:

School Coach Total Compensation
Ohio State Tressel $3,888,389.00
Iowa Ferentz $3,781,000.00
Michigan Rodriguez $2,525,280.00
Nebraska Pelini $2,100,000.00
Michigan State Dantonio $1,796,700.00
Wisconsin Bielema $1,781,759.00
Illinois Zook $1,505,000.00
Penn State Paterno $1,109,977.00
Purdue Hope $900,000.00
Minnesota Brewster $808,000.00
Indiana Lynch $600,000.00

Notes on the Big Ten pay:

  • Figures for Northwestern's Pat Fitzgerald were not available as they are a private institution. He's rumored to be making somewhere in the $1-1.5M range.
  • Bill Lynch, the lowest paid coach in the league, is gone. His successor, Kevin Wilson is thought to be getting $1.2M per year.
  • As far as earning their pay this season, Dantonio and Bielema have done well, while Ferentz, obviously has not.

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Interesting that Harbaugh is not on the "$2-million" list... Maybe he will be a Michigan man sooner even than some think?

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Harbaugh's salary is unlisted because Stanford is a private institution.  There's speculation that he's in the $1.5M range.

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Ferentz and Groebe have to be the most overpaid.  Chip Kelly most underpaid.

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Joe Pa is getting paid on the Social Security pay chart so he thinks he is the highest paid coach.

I finally got a set of Gold Pants!

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I'd love to see similar chart on OC/DC salaries.  That might start to reveal more interesting trends...

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WOW!  There is a big difference between JT $ and Lynch. I too would like to se the Coordinators salaries.

CJDPHoS Member

The Official DDS of 11W

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I'm going to sit back and think about how much money this actually is...


Yup, that's a lot of bank.