Art Should Speak to You -- in 105,000 Voices

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September 23, 2010 at 1:40a
The 2010 Eleven Warriors Schedule Poster

Friend of the blog, and designer of our latest batch of t-shirts, Walt Keys, is also quite the poster artist. He designed the schedule poster you see to the right for us (if you were at the tailgate and managed to grab one, bully for you -- if not, click the image to download a PDF and print your own) and has also whipped up posters for each game on the Ohio State schedule.

The posters are unbelievably amazing.  So much so, that Paul Lukas handed out some love today on the venerable Uni Watch blog.

You read this blog, so naturally you have exquisite taste in all things Buckeye and would wisely like to procure one of these fine posters for your lovely home. Well, you're in luck. His Miami print is on sale through Etsy (signed and numbered) and he has plans to make the other prints available as well.

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I don't know if Walt reads these comments, but I'm just curious as to this faceless theme i'm seeing this year, kind of reminds me of the Greendale Human or whatever that mascot is called on The Community.


That said, I love the work, and I'm glad it's available... now if only I had made it to the tailgate...

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it came about last year, when i decided to whip up a little graphic for the rose bowl. i wanted to see what an old-timey, sophisticated gentleman brutus would look like. i took it sort of the realistic route, a man with an actual buckeye for a head as opposed to the cartoonish (in a good way) look of the true brutus.

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i actually really liked that poster too, i guess it's just the way this one is done (with the dots) that makes it look like that

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Well,I guess I don't have exquisite taste. I thought this was about Art Schlichter.

Long live the southend.