11W 3.1 Release

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August 31, 2010 at 2:19 am


  • Basketball schedule link at the at the top of the page now correctly reads "Basketball" instead of "Football"
  • Comments per page has been bumped up to 200. We'll be moving to an AJAX (no page refreshes for non-nerds) comment setup soon, but this should hold us over.


  • New comments are about 85% less annoying. Gone is the "New" marker that was showing up on top of profile pics. Instead, the entire comment is a soft yellow background to indicate its freshness.
  • The container housing the comments has been resized to preserve a bit of a gutter between the sidebar.
  • Comment signatures have been cleaned up.
  • Various other small style tweaks.

More to come.

Thanks, everyone, for reporting the bugs and style disasters you have encountered.  Better yet, thank you for all of the kind words upon release yesterday!

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