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Venting; The Weak Conference

I go out of town for a few days and go off grid. Get back and what, what, WHAT? The Big Ten expands and 1. adds schools that suck in sports 2. adds schools that don't strengthen our chances of winning national championships in the 2 sports that matter. WTF?! Now, I know, without exploring, that...
21 Nov 2012
by Jarrett 33 Comments

"...and three things are bad."

I'm watching the NFL Network and Rich Eisen has verified to me that he is a "DA." I'm trying to be politically correct here so I'm not spelling out "DA." If you can't figure it out then; 1. you are not a true Buckeye Fan 2. you do not know Eisen is a u of ichiga...
11 Nov 2012
by Jarrett 28 Comments

Bourbon; Blanton's and Buffalo Trace

LOVE the weekly snippet about Bourbon. Living in Utah (The Land behind the Zion Curtain), my bourbon selection has been greatly reduced by our wise and compassionate state government. And NOW you know at least one of the reasons why they are called "Utards." The 11W posting about making a...
11 Nov 2012
by Jarrett 54 Comments