Mini-Rant towards ESPN/Gene Smith

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September 5, 2010 at 2:56p

Why the hell is College Gameday going to Tuscaloosa?

Seriously, Penn State is going to get whomped in all 3 quarters by 'Bama's first team. And then get whomped in the 4th by Bama's 2nd and 3rd team.

What a waste of mascot head picking, when you could have at least been at competitive games like Oklahoma vs. FSU or Miami vs. Ohio State.

Plus, you know the crew is going to be at at least 9-10 'Bama games this year regardless if they went for the Penn State game or not.

It just pisses me off. I'm also half pissed at Gene Smith. We probably would get gameday if he hadn't scheduled Marshall on Thursday and made it a night game. That way we could actually spend our exciting night game money on our premier opponent and get all of the hype that surrounds a big game like Miami (such as; night time, gameday bus, Herbsreit kids, Lee putting on Brutus' head, Musbeurger's hyperbole).

It just takes a little away from the season for me personally not to have that premier home night game. Sure, we had the Thursday night vs. Marshall game, but that was terrible. That was such a sour experience for me to watch Ohio State on a week night. And I know we get Wisconsin at night and that will be a really fun game, but its still not the 'Shoe.

/End Mini-rant

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A True Freshman getting eaten alive by the defense of the number 1 team in the country is not going to be good TV.

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espn's obsession w/ bama is downright sickening. however, i've been told [i think it was alex or luke from here @ 11W] that the players asked for the game to not be @ night. as much as i want this to be a night game, [trust me, i love night games @ the shoe as much as humanly possible] if the players believe that they'll play better during the day then so be it. i can live with that as long as gene smith's bullsh!t isn't the reason we're not playing after the sun goes down.

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You may be correct, but I can vividly remember Gene Smith saying the Miami game is not a night game because they used the Marshall game for the one night game this year.

Because Ohio Stadium is a historic landmark, it would lose that label if they built in lights. Therefore, for every night game they have to rent lights. That gets expensive so Gene Smith says he is now cutting down to one night game a year or none at that. He used Thursday night for that luxury, and I can pretty much clearly remember him saying that's why Miami isn't a night game.

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It was me. I know for a fact the players don't love the night games. They sit around all day and wait to play and it differes tremendously from their normal routine. This is better for the Buckeyes.

Also, please trust Gene Smith. I'm telling you this guy is the best in the business. He would never not act in the best interest of OSU.

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I love Gene Smith almost as much as I love Jim Tressel. I just question his decisions sometimes, as I do Tressel.

That doesn't mean I would want anyone else in either respective position.

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If you sit and spend time getting angry at ESPN, you're going to go mad pretty quickly.

Gameday is silly - spend your time tailgating with friends rather than standing around watching people in suits talk about football.


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If I didn't live in Southern California that would be fabulous.

EDIT: And underaged.

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I'm already pissed because I wanted to watch Rich Rod's and Mr. Laceless Shoes hopes dashed vs. an improving Notre Dame defense.

What time is the kickoff for the Bama/Nitny Lions game? 3:30?

About Gameday: I don't watch it anymore. It's just too silly. They added the "Babe," Erin Andrews. Having her on there is not going to make me watch. Pretty faces are a dime a dozen.  And now their talking about adding cheerleader and band interviews. Rediculous. They're trying to feminize college football.