Connor Crowell to wear 36?

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August 22, 2011 at 11:15a

I was a little concerned that this new kid would come to Ohio State and automatically start wearing number 36. I mean he is out on redshirt his first season here, healing from an injury and he is still keeping the vaunted number? I just read a little piece from Ourhonordefend and it seems that he has great potential and maybe I shouldn't be so critical after all. I know it is just hype at this stage in the game but I like everything I saw on video and the intangibles and effort in the off season really stood out for me. Here is to wishing him a successful number 36 career.


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Agreed Irricoir, also didn't this kid score an insanely high Nike Sparq rating, something like a 121?

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Maybe it's just me, but it would be sweet to see a #36 flying around the field in S&G again....

Don't text while driving.

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You're talking like #36 hasn't been worn in a while. Brian Rolle just had it last year.

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Maybe it felt like centuries ago with how long this offseason was.

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I had him pegged to be the best LB out of the 3 when its all said and done, until the injury. I'll think he'll finish second best behind Shazier.


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Yeah, I think the term "retired number" is a bit of a misnomer.  Anyone can wear those #'s as long as they get permission from the retiree.  Katzenmoyer asked Archie to wear #45.  I think I remember an interview where Archie said that Katz was the first person to ask him if he could wear it, and I think he might have been surprised that more don't ask.

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#36 is not retired, nor has it ever been.  Archie's #45 was informally retired when Big Kat wore it but now is one of the officially retired jerseys by the Buckeyes so no one else will be wearing out, along with Hop Cassady's 40, Chic Harley's 47, Vic Janowicz 31, Bill Willis 99, Les Horavath 22, Eddige George 27.  Those are the only retired numbers at OSU.  To have a number retired, a player must have graduated from Ohio State, or have been in good academic standing upon departure from OSU, in the case of leaving early for a professional career. He also must have won the Heisman Trophy, the Maxwell Award, the Walter Camp Award, the Associated Press Player of the Year Award, the Football Writers Player of the Year Award, or the American Football Coaches Player of the Year Award.  I expect see Troy's #10 up there at some point but Spiels doesn't qualify.