Where are the shirts?

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August 28, 2012 at 9:17p

Where are the shirts that 11W made through skreened? I have looked all over, and want to purchase a skull session T. 

Can anyone tell me where they went, or where I can find them? Was it ever cleared up as to how much of a percentage goes to 11W? 

I also need to have at least 100 letters in a blog post, evidently. So in order to be able to receive responses on this query, I must increase my quantity. This seems to be much more difficult when you have such a simple question as "where are the shirts". Evidently I still need more. There you go...

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Was unaware of the minimum length requirement for blog posts.

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Not sure how I missed that, but thank you for the info. Tough stance to take, but I will gladly wait a few extra weeks. 

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Ramzy tweeted a couple of days ago about the store coming back soon. (https://twitter.com/ramzy/status/240278668780376064)  Also, if you dont have 100 words, you can use a forum post (which have lower minimums). I think blog posts are supposed to be more about writing a piece with a good chunk of information, rather than askign a question.  Hopefully that helps in the future. (as I read this, it may seem mean, trust me, it is only meant to be informative.)

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Good to know, thanks. 

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keep an eye on the site today....

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Oooh, tantalizing.

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I want an 11W shirt. I was new to the site this year and am a junkie there forth.