Michigan loss? The Big10 is WIDE open.

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February 27, 2013 at 11:10p

Please post your crocodile tears here for our best friends up North after losing to the worst team in the conference.  I had to check that twice to make sure I saw that box score correctly.  I'm thinking there are at least 3, maybe 5 teams that could win the Big 10 tournament.  Illinois is clearly Sybil.  Are we, too?  Thoughts?

There are clear leaders in most of the other conferences but I think we are all beating each other up so much its crazy.  Admittedly, I've not seen the ACC games, are they better than our conference?  If so, by how much?  Is Miami for real?


Will we in the Big 10 beat each other up so much that we can have teams "gassed" since March Madness is so soon after the Big 10 tournament? Personally I think whomever wins the tournament gets a #1 seed.  Strange year indeed.


Anybody remember a year where the parity within the key conferences was so prevalent?   I don't. 

I think the WCC conference is better than the Pac 12 this year and I am inudated with info on the radio on both daily.  Probably not from top to bottom,  but the top 3 WCC are teams are as good/better than the Pac 12. 


(I am not a 200 word poster ordinarily so I apologize if I got snarky earlier about the minimum number of words.  I really do love this web sites so I shall comply.  I just wanted to open up the conversation on this subject. )

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Suggestion for the future:
If you can't get to 200 words, put it in the forums (Basketball in this case)

Sorry Urban, Woody is still my favorite

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Thanks, my first blog post and I didn't realize there was a minimum and I'm tired.  I edited this so as not to be a poop.  Thanks for the suggestion.  And thanks for your comment.

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Penn State hadn't won a game since Dec. 29
that's 14 loses in a row. 
one of the worst teams in the country. 

PSU stats
Points per game - 304th overall
Rebounds per game - 146 overall
Assists per game - 336 overall
Field goal % - 333 overall

WTF Michigan… 
I wonder if the PSU kids had App State shirts on underneath their jerseys. 
wow just wow….

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It's not really wide open.  Indiana has a game lead (and the tie breaker over Sparty) and they are the best team.  Michigan just sucks.

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Top 5 teams have now lost to unranked teams 18 times this season...this whole thing is wide open.

Not here to troll...Go Blue

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Michigan is a second round bust. Players disappear often, they are soft and burke has to carry them

Stay golden, Ponyboy.

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I've been loudly predicting to friends/colleagues who are Michigan fans/alumni that the Wolverines will be out by the third round of the NCAA tournament.
The problem is, I was always root for every Big Ten team in the tournament, no matter how much a despise them in February. Thus, I will be torn over whether to root for my prediction (and not have to hear these Michigan fools remind me that I was wrong), or go with my heart.
In addition, I'm now wondering if I'll be able to root for Crean's club . . .

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Trust me, root for your prediction.  You couldn't possibly be rooting against OU last year, were you?

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I want some miracle to occur and Kent State or Cincy or CSU or Toledo to knock scUM off in the first or second round this year. Just to blur the lines between Ohio State and the whole state of Ohio. I mean, who can blame them when they keep on losing to the whole state.
Fido, there are some teams you don't have to root for. scUM is one of them, and so is any Crean-led team. I hope that helps with your ambivalence.

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I wouldn't root for them.  Screw TSUN and screw Indiana.  I root for OSU.  And anyone who beats TSUN. 

Class of 2010.

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I don't think whoever wins the conference tournament is a #1 seed.  I think Indiana has one secured and would have to maybe lose 3 more times to not get one (i.e. not win the regular season championship outright).  I think if Indiana wins the regular season big ten championship and makes the final of the tournament they will easily get a 1 seed.  They might not even need to make the final (say they lose to a 4 seed OSU team).  I think Wisconsin has the 2 ugly losses including Virginia at home that will prevent them from going above a 3 seed despite playing like a 1 seed lately with 3 straight enormous blowouts.  Michigan losing to Penn State similarly prevents them from going above the 2 line for sure.  Michigan State could win out, finish #2 in conference and win the tournament and they might sneak onto the 1 line but still could be a 2 seed thanks to Gonzaga and solid champions from 3 other power conferences.  They would need Florida or Louisville to bomb out of their conference tournaments, probably.

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Wonder how crappy the buckeye team feels knowing they could be tied at the top if they coulda had their act together and closed out michigan on the road and should have showed up at wisconsin or earlier in the year to not be so afraid going into illinois......they could of had a tie for the lead yet again this year like everyone expected them to.........

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I think the top 6 teams in the conference would all feel that way, to some degree.

Those who stay will be CHAMPIONS!

~Bo Schembechler

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Rather than referencing a road blowout, why not mention MSU? How many points did we score that game?  But at this point, why would they (or you) worry about 2 or 3 past games that are in the books?  They're done.  Move on.  Win out to finish 13-5 and they're guaranteed a top 3 finish because MSU plays UM and UW so someone has to lose...

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I think the whole thing is wide open......parity as a result of the one and done free for all that is Division I b-ball.

I almost keep forgetting UK won the whole thing last year.

I like that Ohio State can at least play defense, something scUM can't seem to do. Hope that counts when it needs to the next few weeks.

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This is wide open.  The BIG is tough.  Could easily place 5-6 teams in the sweet 16.  Several teams are capable of the final 4 national championship runs.  it will all come down to the matchups.  The hurricanes are overrated and at least 7 teams in the BIg could and would beat them. Let the Madness begin. 

I know of only two things that are infinite, space and human stupidity.....and I'm not sure about space". Albert Einstein.

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I would say it's wide open. Regarding the hurricanes, I'll withhold judgment until after the Saturday rematch in Cameron against Duke. That being said my gut says an ACC team that leads the conference and beats Duke by nearly 30 pts in a matchup, and moreso if they sweep with a win saturday in Cameron, and that team is NOT UNC then one has to give them some respect and legitimacy in my opinion. Think about it really, when was the last time ANYONE has beaten Duke by that much? The answer 3 teams have done that since Coach K took over there and the closest of those games was Clemson in '09 (74-47), Tarkanian's UNLV in the '90 NCG (103-73), and the big one was UVA in an ACC quarterfinal in '83(109-66). here's the link to the blog for the scores: http://www.dukebasketballreport.com/forums/archive/index.php/t-23568.html

"The only meaningful statistic is number of games won."~ Woody Hayes

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Thanks for the comment.  I don't have a lot of time to watch ACC games but yeah, lets see how Duke/Miami turns out.  And don't forget, the Bucks squashed Duke 85-63 last year!

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And that squashing of Duke by Ohio State didn't even make the list of the 100 worst losses in Coach K's career.

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Not to mention started like 13 or 14-0 in ACC play.  I do think the 'Canes are legit. 

Class of 2010.

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Has scUM been evaluated anywhere yet for their schedule and wins?  Frankly, their resume is no better than ours. Other than the game Hardaway couldn't wake up and their  split with us in conference, no wins vs other top tier conference teams.  Blown out by Sparty. 2 to go vs IU and Sparty. And lose to lowly Penn St. And best nonconference win is ... NC St?  Sorry, but they're not even a 2 seed. Maybe a 3, and better watch out for those Ohio U Bobcats drawing a 14. 

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Losing to PSU had to, had to, have cost them at least a 1-2 lesser seed position. This is assuming they don't win the Big10 tournament, which I see as a good assumption at this point.

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I know it happened a couple of nights ago, but I saw again that TSUN lost to PSU, so...
OK I'm done...I think...oh wait...
OK now I'm done.  Seriously.
Look, I get that the Big Ten is a tough conference.  Big Ten teams have been losing on the road all year.  But seriously, of all teams, they lose to Penn State?  Ouch.  Big ouch.  I know the Buckeyes didn't exactly light the world on fire when they went to Penn State, but they still won handily. 

Class of 2010.

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My point exactly.  Ouch to Corn & Smurf.  I have to agree with the posters here, they do not have a better resume than we do at this point.   Which is why I am looking forward to the Big10 Tournament.    Wide Open.

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It blows my mind that Bo Ryan has never finished worse than 4th in the B1G. Especially with the talent he has compared to others. A kid that I played with in HS (Bowling Green OH) named Vitto Brown is committed to Wisconsin. He's a senior in HS this year. His height is really the only reason I can think of that Wisconsin would want him. They must see him as really raw with the ability to become a good player. I'm very curious to see how he pans out there because he has never been a disciplined kid and has the worst attitude I've ever seen in a kid with so much potential. Something tells me Bo Ryan will straighten him out though..