1800's ties to the Bucks!

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February 22, 2014 at 3:20p

Tired of winter, last Saturday my family I went to Lewiston, ID to enjoy weather 13 degrees warmer than here. Before we went, I looked up on the 'net things to do. At Lewis & Clark State College, there is a free art and history museum. Their "claim to fame" is a restored Chinese temple. So, ok, we'll do that and some antique shops. We go through the museum which is mostly student art from what we could tell, but no chinese temple. I see a gal working in her office, the door is open, so I stick my head in:

"Where's the chinese temple? Is it still here?"

she replies "the buckeye rooms?"


"the buckeye rooms. Go back down the hall, out the door, then upstairs"

I point to the OSU shirt I am sporting that day. She looks at me like I'm an idiot, not making any connection.

"OK, thanks"

We find the door, go upstairs, and lo and behold, it was pretty cool, the Beuk Aie (she pronounced it as buck eye) temple. Lewiston was 74% Chinese at one time as they were building the railroad then mining came in.  But...the Indians changed that by murdering 33 of them one night so they left in droves.


A university so great the 1800's Chinese built a temple for them in IDAHO!      ;)  

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I would have like to put the last line of that post in italics and corrected my other boo boo but there is no way to edit after posting that I can find so if you are one of the many grammar police here, yes officer,  I know I was speeding.

+2 HS
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Helga, I know that temple you speak of.  I used to live in Spokane.  Never put that together as I didnt think to pronounce that way either.  Cool line of thought for a Buckeye!


Go Bucks!

Go Bucks!