Did Sprinkle Want to Get Arrested?

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July 7, 2014 at 3:53p

Did Tracy Sprinkle purposefully allow himself to get arrested?

Is it conceivable? Is it at all possible, by any stretch of imagination, that these were NOT just bad decisions?

Consider this: you've been redshirted, and are down the depth chart, and there are new players arriving to compete with you for playing time. But you want to play, and preferably this season. What can you do? The university and the coach are not at all likely to grant you a release. And you've seen what happened to other OSU players involved in bar incidents. Is Jamal Marcus eligible to play for Akron this season?

Tracy had offers from Penn St,  MSU, Indiana, Purdue, Kentucky, Cincinnati and other schools, which have had players move on to the next level. 

After you survive— that is, you are cleared—of your legal troubles, can you get your release by being kicked off the team, and out of school? And then transfer to and play for another D1 college program this year?

Could it happen? I mean, could someone under 20  years old possibly think this way? 

Maybe the brawl wasn't planned, but given that it happened and the cops were there, and they gave you a chance to walk away, here was an opportunity. Why did you not take that chance?

I suppose it is possible, but it is difficult for me to fathom that anyone that has spent  a year in a Big Ten university, and has succeeded at passing their courses and keeping out of trouble, can suddenly do something so incredibly dumb as what’s being reported.

Was he dumb?

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Emotions can do a lot to a person. Could be that he did this on purpose to find another another school but isn't he on suspension and then be re-evaluated after all the charges are  settled?  So it looks as tho he is still a Buckeye until it's decided by the court system and Ohio State that he's not which could be a while.

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Pretty far fetched...especially since I dont see any scenario by which the staff wouldnt grant him a release if he asked for it. The coaches want kids who play angry, hungry and dont fear competition. If a kid came to them and said he didnt want to fight for a spot and wanted out, they would put together the necessary forms before he left the WHAC. A quitters mentality doesnt jive with the culture whatsoever.

And as far as being able to play this year...getting into a brawl and having the possibility of drug charges iant a way to endear yourself to potential suitors for your services. Id say its more likely he got into a bad spot, let emotions run over and made a big mistake. If you wanted to stage a fight for this reason, I woukdnt think youd want it to be in a place where it could escalate beyond control and cause the cops to drop a Code 99.

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Your mom told me she wants a Dicken Cidar.

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Young, drunk and proud will make you do crazy things.

I'm just a poo gas huffin' toilet snorkeler at heart....

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Like this post by the OP?

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That's a yes!

I'm just a poo gas huffin' toilet snorkeler at heart....

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Wait, so you are saying that Sprinkle intentionally walked into a bar with 2 balloons of cocaine, started a fight, ignored police officers who told him to go home more than once, got arrested, HID the cocaine in the seat of the car........just to get cut from the Buckeyes on purpose so he didn't have to miss a year by transferring?

are you dabbling in the Columbian nose candy yourself?

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seriously, that would be the absolute worst way to go about that. Now he has a record, he is no longer currently in football, he has an addiction problem (I doubt he purchase a couple hundred dollars of cocaine for no reason) and he hadn't proved that he is a starter at a D1 school yet.

Meth would have been a lot cheaper if you wanted to go that route. Even Heroin! Cocaine is one of the most expensive drugs to buy, I doubt he did this on purpose.

If you are looking for a reason why he would do something so stupid, see Rick James again! That shit will make you do some dumb things!

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I doubt that......When you think you are elite you do things in an elite way that bite you in the ass in the long run!

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I don't think getting arrested for the things he got arrested for makes him attractive to any other school, even lower tier FBS or FCS or lower schools where he'd easily be the most talented player on the team.  If he really wanted out, he would've talked to the coaches and found a way out.  And he'd have to sit a year.  And he'd have to accept that he's going to sit a year if he transfers to another FBS school.  Or else he'd either have to transfer to an FCS school or suck it up and stay here.

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I've read some pretty crazy stuff on 11w, but this might be the new leader. 

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If Tracy is really smart enough to come up with a plan as elaborate as this, which he very well could be, you would have to think that he would have realized how ridiculous of a solution to his problems this would be. I like the thinking out of the box though.

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Oh my shit. This post...

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Did you post this on purpose? What ever you are smoking pass that shit!

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So you're saying you think he might've gone through all that rather than just asking for a transfer? Seems logical...or not.

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Never get high on your own supply

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Some posters here do not seem to have read the whole blog. There is not one mention of cocaine or any of its aliases, or any other drug, or even alcohol, in it. Nor have I advocated any use of alcohol or drugs. Nor anything about starting a fight or even being under the influence.

Perhaps the posters read the title and went directly to comment. I wonder if they routinely hear the phrase, "hear me out," or 'jumping to conclusions," in their lives.  

BTW, if you request a D1 transfer, you have to sit out a season. 

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Purposely get arrested.... or sit out a season.... 


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Hahahaha no, he did not do this on purpose. You see, no matter how illogical the behavior,  intoxication can make this behavior happen.

Mike Hunt

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I have not seen reports of Sprinkle being charged with intoxication. 

Our honor defend, so we'll fight to the end !

If you can't win your conference, just quietly accept your non-playoff bowl game.

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Meant this to be a gif.  Guess I don't know how to upload those. Whomp Whomp

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Theres a button to insert an image into your post.  Hover over the buttons and you'll see one that says "Image".  Then click that and you will be prompted to paste in the URL to the image.

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Ohio State has let players out of their "agreement" before simply because they WERE buried in the depth chart.  I cannot believe for one skinny moment that Sprinkle premeditated such an enormous undertaking as that.  There would be way too many other less risky methods of getting himself off the team and onto another team.

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This is it! This is the most amazing internet post ever made on 11W! Thanks to the OP for the laugh - I needed it. I will bookmark this post & return it to any time I need to be reminded of how nuts people can be...

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Who let this guy in?

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