OHSAA says "no" to Spring Football

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April 8, 2011 at 12:15p


This really ticks me off. I feel the OHSAA is about as corrupt as the NCAA. WE need spring football in Ohio. The southern schools have had this advantage for years now. SEC dominance anyone? What's the harm of a 2 week non-contact instructional practice session? I say follow suit with this issue and separate public and private school playoffs. The OHSAA uses the best interests of students as a disguise to serve their own best interests. If a kid is blessed with the physical and athletic skills to play collegiate or pro football, then why not offer them help to reach their goals? Any student chasing an academic scholarship is afforded all the opportunities he or she needs to achieve that. Don't give me the "concerned about the student/athlete's future" argument. We are talking about a small percentage of students with special abilities. Go pro as early as you can. Get the money. You have your whole life to pursue an education.

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Living here in North Carolina, here in the South, I can you tell that Spring Football is not allowed at all. I cannot vouch for any other states in the South but honestly two weeks in the Spring shouldn't give players any real advantage. More is gained through summer 7-on-7 camps and the like.

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Well here in florida they play spring ball.  It gives them a big advantage imo.

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What William said.

As the father of 6 who all have had some exposure to sports (some more than others); I was opposed to spring football.  Spring sports are more important and more kids should be partaking of them.  I am also an OHSAA certified basketball referee.  I know how sports specialization is the way of the world now.  But I mourn that.  I think kids should be able to play more sports.  If I had to do it over again, I would move to a small town community so that my kids would have more of a reason to play multiple sports.


At St Ignatius, all football players that do not play a spring sport (Ignatius has almost as many as tOSU) are REQUIRED to run track.  Coach Kyle is also the head track coach, but he does it because track uses other muscle groups and it makes the kids grow up healthier and stronger and protects them injury better when they do play football.

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