All He Does is Get Snubbed

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January 15, 2013 at 10:06a

Well, here we are again. Chris Carter, Buckeye and NFL great, on the HOF ballot for the 6th time. Thats right, SIXTH time. Tell me why an 8 time pro bowler who is 4th all time in receiving TD's (130), 8th all time in receiving yards (13899), and 4th all time in catches (1101) has been snubbed 5 times for the NFL's highest honor? Just to put it into perspective only 3 receivers have caught more passes and reached the endzone more times than CC. In fact, Carter has 31 more career TD's than Steve Largent, a first ballot inductee. Michael Irving and James Lofton, arguably 2 of the best players of all time, were each snubbed twice while Art Monk and John Stallworth were passed over 7 times before induction. Carter certainly deserves a spot before those two. A couple more accolades include 8 straght 1,000 yard seasons, 1st team All Pro twice, a member of the NFL's 1990's all decade team and recipient of the Walter Payton man of the year award. Does the hall have something against receivers? Were his off the field issues so terrible that his ensrinement is debateable? What gives? Tell me what you think. Will this be Carter's year?

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If off the field issues really hurt as bad as people think, Michael Irvin doesn't belong in Canton. Irvin especially is an interesting case study-he has three rings to his credit but Carter never played with a HOF QB or RB. Holding rings against Carter is unfair. I find it hysterical that a guy with fewer career catches than Larry Centers (Irvin) is in the hall of fame, while the 4th all time leader in receptions isn't. Irvin had a ton of yards and as such, a great YPC, but Carter has doubled him in TD's with 130.....say that to yourself outloud. A player who has caught 130 touchdowns is not in the NFL Hall of Fame. A player who has 65 is.
Its a disgrace and at this point, if anyone wants to use off the field problems (of which Carter steered away from once he got to Minny) as a reason, they are simply making excuses for not liking the guy. He has the resume to absolutley get in and Michael Irvin's three rings on one of the NFL's greatest dynasty's aren't enough to create a reason why Irvin is in and Carter isn't.

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I don't know either personnaly, but it seems to me that while Irvin had off the field issues, he didn't piss as many people off as Carter has.  Irvin just seems to have better people skills.  I definitely think he should be in the HOF, but this may be part of the issue.

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Sadly, you are probably right. And if you are, that's a damn shame because likability doesn't always coincide with greatness. Carter is one of the truly elite talents to play the position. Larry Fitzgerald was a Vikings ball boy growing up and talked about him. Carter's mantra was always pretty simple "Catch all of the ones you should, and a few that you shouldn't". I'd be hard pressed to find a guy, Rice included, with a better set of hands than Cris Carter. Now, as a Bears fan I saw that guy whine and piss and moan about every non call-in Carter's mind, if he didn't catch a pass, he was interfered with. If you ask him, he was never properly defended-only interfered with. He perfected the "Throw the flag" hand motion and probably got more than he didn't. I'd venture a guess that he's also the most interfered with receiver of all time. Unlike able-even for a Buckeye such as myself I'd say Carter is\was. Hall of Famer? You're Woody-damned right he is.

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He deserves it.
Upvote for your title.

Snarkies gonna snark. 

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Who knew it took so long to get from Middletown to Canton?

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There has been a logjam at WR for the HOF but no doubt CC should be in. It better be this year because next year it is just going to get more crowded. Plus I think 2013's class is going to be backed with big uglies (Larry Allen/Charles Haley/Ogden/Strahan) and CC might be the flashy player to make the cut. 

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Cris. Cris Carter

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Thank you Pam. I was just about to say it's CRIS not CHRIS. If we're gonna talk about him getting snubbed, let's at least spell his name right.

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Kind of the ultimate snub, right?  At least we're not calling him Chris (Jim) Evert.

Snarkies gonna snark. 

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Chris Carter, from many perpsectives, would appear not to be the nicest of people, or the purest of citizens. He has offended many in and around the world of professional football, or so it's been reported. I agree that Carter was an elite player. I also think Irvin was an elite player, and more importantly, an irreplaceable cog in one the the greatest team eras in NFL history. That matters to those who vote, whether we believe it should or not. What's also been reported to be discussed "in the room" when eliminating nominee's is a players likeability inside league circles. Carter, again by many accounts, is not well liked/thought of by people in and around the league. That matters apparently. Should it? IMO absolutely not. It should be based strictly on career performance and achievement... but I also firmly believe Pete Rose should be in the MLBHOF. As a matter of fact, IMO the MLBHOF will never be complete or valid until Pete Rose is enshrined. I believe Rose, like Carter in the NFLHOF, is being kept out of the MLBHOF because he is disliked. He isnt being kept from his earned and deserved enshrinement because he bet ON THE REDS TO WIN, but due to his lack of popularity with those who vote. Some might respond that Rose is unpopular BECAUSE he did in fact bet on his team, but if Rose was a well liked player by those who vote the animosity over the gambling would have long ago dissipated. In other words, Rose has served his time and then some, but writers who never cared for him during his playing career refuse to "let it go" and to enshrine this now 70 year old man into his rightful spot in what they consider to be THEIR HOF. I think Carter, to a lesser degree, is also disliked by those who vote, and it has nothing to do with his career performance.

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Cris Carter never broke the rules of the game (and they are explicitly stated to all players in all sports) by betting on his team, either to win or to lose, and Pete Rose did. End of story. There is no parallel to be drawn between these two men on that count irrespective of how they were viewed by their peers or the media.
On another note, though - how can it be that someone who wins the Walter Payton award isn't liked by the media? Isn't it given only to upstanding, inspirational citizens? Carter belongs in the HOF based on his statistics, period, but if the "look" is something that matters, that award ought to be a plus.

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Come on man! Let Cris in!

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The Football Hall of Fame uses sports media personnel to vote. Traditionally there have been a lack of representation at the defensive player level, WR, defensive backs, linebackers, special teams, and punters.  It is ironic Ray Guy has a college award named after him, arguably one of the best punters to play the game, and yet is not in the Hall of Fame. Like KMP10 said if you are not in the mind of the sports media people you will not get in.  Sorry process if you ask me and it has been critized over the years for this.

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Not to mention he put up alot of these numbers with Dante Culpepper as his QB and playing second fiddle to Randy "straight cash homie" Moss

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More with Warren Moon and Randle Cunningham than Daunte Culpepper. I don't think they even played together.

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FWIW: He played with Culpepper from 99-01.

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I guess that means T.O is going to get left out for awhile too(even though he shouldn't). Writers should not be allowed to vote on this.

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You have to consider that they only let in 5 modern era people per year so when you have new guys come on the ballot that are deserving (and they try to get multiple positions covered it seems), guys can get bumped back.  This year you've got Sapp, Ogden, Strahan and Bettis all going on the ballot.  All of those guys are eventually going in imo if not this year.  Sapp and Ogden in particular are likely on short lists for all-time best at their positions. 
Bill Parcells not being first ballot last year was a joke too and he should probably go in this year.

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Cris was/should have been/is a first ballot HOFer! That is all.

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What are the chances 11W posters can get the phrase "C'mon man! Cris Carter should be in the HOF" trending on the interwebs?

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in other news Duron Carter has transferred

I'm a friend of thunder is it any wonder lightning strikes me

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I believe he actually declared for the draft. 

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But he will end up transferring to the CFL

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Like how Todd Graham just agreed to be the Head Coach at Oregon only to take the Syracuse job immediately after his presser?

The offseason begins when your season ends. Even then there are no days off.

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Arena Football 2 practice squad

I'm a friend of thunder is it any wonder lightning strikes me

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It is ridiculous, but the answer is the NFL Hall ONLY really cares about Super Bowls. If he had just one Super Bowl title he would have gone in on his first and at the most second ballot. Plenty examples of guys with the numbers, Ken Riley, Ken Anderson, that do not have the ring, but have compatriots with mediocre numbers that are in. Riley is the greatest example of being in the top 5 (he was higher) and everyone above and below him on the list are in.
Anderson was the best qb in the divison with even Brian Sipe and Dan Pastorini being better than Bradshaw, but the Steelers won and Terry is in. If you would show his numbers with better numbers and ask who is in the hall, NOBODY would pick Terry's numbers. Riley and Parrish were vastly superior to Donnie Shell and Mel Blount, but only Blount is in thanks to the titles. 
To me you need to ask who would you rather have on your team in their prime, I would take Cris Carter over Hall of Famers Art Monk or Irvin.
When it comes to individual honors like the Hall of Fame, it is ridiculous that your team had to be successful.

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But Carter never played in a Super Bowl, and he never had the kind of game-changing speed that forced defensive coordinators to always account for him.  While those facts could provide the basis for denying him entry into the Hall of Fame, concerns exist that Carter has been overlooked due not to his performance, but his personality.
Most in the media regard Carter as a jerk.  (In 11 years, I’ve encountered only one member of the media who doesn’t.)  And there’s growing concern that, when it’s time to cast the secret Hall of Fame ballots, those who are voting against Carter possibly are being influenced by their personal dislike for him.
Basically, Cris Carter is a huge dick.

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