Urban Meyer: Managing OUR Expectations

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November 29, 2011 at 11:47a

I know it's really early.

But, I know Buckeye fans.

And I know that more than just a handful of you, have visions of BCS NC's dancing in your heads. 

So - mindful of our unique brand of zeal and the facts: 1.) Meyer just got the job yesterday and 2.) Meyer hasn't finished recruiting, much less started practice - looking at the 2012 Ohio State football schedule... 

What do you think is a reasonable expectation for Urban Meyer's inaugural season - as the head coach of - The Ohio State Buckeyes?

Sat. Sept. 1  MIAMI, Ohio Columbus TBA   
Sat. Sept. 8  CENTRAL FLORIDA Columbus  TBA   
Sat. Sept. 15  CALIFORNIA Columbus TBA   
Sat. Sept. 22  UAB Columbus TBA   
Sat. Sept. 29 at Michigan State East Lansing, Mich. TBA   
Sat. Oct. 6  NEBRASKA Columbus TBA   
Sat. Oct. 13 at Indiana Bloomington, Ind. TBA   
Sat. Oct. 20  PURDUE Columbus TBA   
Sat. Oct. 27 at Penn State State College, Pa. TBA   
Sat. Nov. 3  ILLINOIS Columbus TBA   
Sat. Nov. 10  Bye Week       
Sat. Nov. 17 at Wisconsin Madison, Wis. TBA   
Sat. Nov. 24  MICHIGAN Columbus TBA




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Irricoir's picture


Losses to Penn State and Michigan.

We beat Michigan State twice that year and go to the rose bowl. This is considering that our defense gets back to its roots and is healthy. If we play Wisconsin and 1/2 of Nebraska type defense the I predict this outcome. 8-4 if our defense remains average, due to the growth of our Qbs and receivers. Our running game regresses though.

I don't always take names when I kick ass but when I do, they most often belong to a Wolverine.

BucksfanXC's picture

Penn Stat will be one of the easier games next year as they lose all their recruits and have an entirely new coaching staff. I think at MSU will be a challenge as their D will be tough, but the O will regress. I think getting Michigan at home should be a win. Nebraska I'm not sure what they lose/gain for next year. Wisky will have a stiff drop off with no Wilson. I think we could pull this off.

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Miller's picture

I'm not sure about Martinez, but I know Birkhead will be back at Nebraska -- he's only a freshman, if I'm not mistaken. I think Wisky will have problems replacing Wilson; I don't think either Penn St. quarterback can beat us again; unless Michigan steps it up on Defense, we could easily see a repeat of Saturday's game, and it could easily go either way.

It's going to be a lot of fun to see how things develop :)

M tots's picture

Burkhead will be a Senior and Martinez will be a Junior

ThirdLegLouie's picture

Agreed. Is running the table next year out of reach? Absolutely not. 

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William's picture

The only game that worries me is at MSU. Next year could be fantastic or average, that all depends on the O-line, more so than any other unit.

flipbuckeye's picture

MSU's defense will be stout, but they lose a bunch of weapons on offense (Cousins, Nichol, Cunningham, Martin). I don't think they'll be much of a threat next year.

ThirdLegLouie's picture

I agree William, MSU is going to be the toughest game on the schedule next year, especially on the road. 


I'll have much fewer O-line worries if we get a top notch OC with an O-line background (aka Studrawa, who I want to return to the Buckeye State very very badly) but the unit that I'm most concerned about is the secondary.  I haven't seen enough improvement from the young guys like Bryant and I think Howard is over-hyped. I do have a high opinion on Roby though, think he could be special. 

If you ain't a Silver Bullet, you're a target

Buckeye Chuck's picture

The positive about the Wisconsin game being so late in the year is that it won't be at night. It seems like we never play those guys in daylight. But even without Russell Wilson, let's not kid ourselves--that's never an easy trip for this program.

I don't see any game on that schedule where we're going to be obvious underdogs--we were in every game this year except Miami. Frankly, I think the big roadblock is going to be Michigan. They're going to have the most experienced QB in the conference, and better freshmen than everyone else.

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Buckeyejason's picture

O-line will be replacing 3 starters. Wide Recievers need to step it up another level, same with just about every position group on the team.

Can't really say we have a huge strength on this team..especially with a whole new regime coming in.

Let's just hope for full improvement all around: Offense, Defense, Special Teams (which played quite well this season). I'm not going to guess what our record will be or who we'll lose to because that is just foolish and impossible at this point.


Seth4Bucks's picture

The Dline should be pretty awesome if Simon comes back and Williams hasn't lost a step due to his injury. I'm just praying for some improvement from the LB position.

Buckeyejason's picture

Simon IS coming back, he won't be a super high pick and he wants to get his degree and do the whole senior thing.

The D-line just needs more speed in general. Williams is one guy, Simon is as well. Need a few more guys like that for depth.


Seth4Bucks's picture

And we thought Tressel and Pryor would be back as well. I'm not implying that Simon has any issues like theirs, but I'm trying to be carefully optimistic. I'm pretty sure he'll be back as well. I'm just waiting until it's a done deal before I start counting on him, Simon, & Hank just blowing up some offensive lines.

ThirdLegLouie's picture

Adolphus Washington will definitely see action next year & let's see if Urban can sway Pittman back in the OSU family. Those are two young studs who can both get in the backfield. 

If you ain't a Silver Bullet, you're a target

acBuckeye's picture

I don't see why everyone is worried about scUM next year. They come to our place, AND we just lost to them by 6 at their place in a game where we left 21 points on the field. They may improve on defense next season, but this year they were highly overrated. Shazier is the best defensive player on either roster. And Miller basically cancels out Robinson. I'll take our home crowd plus Urban giving us the deciding edge.

The games that worry me are the Sparty and Wisky road games. MSU will be Meyer's first conference road game. However, i don't think either of those teams will be as good next year as they are now. If things fall right, we could be top 5 again, or if they dont, a 3-4 loss team.

The biggest issues will be the O-line, Miller's development, the offense's ability to adjust to a new system, and the growth of the back 7 on defense. Improvement in all of those areas and the 2012 season could be special.

Buckeyejason's picture

How does Miller cancel out Robinson? And I would think Simon and Mike Martin are more impactful than Shazier at this point.


M tots's picture

Denard absolutely killed us, but Braxton accounted for only 2 fewer yards than Robinson did... on the road in a hostile atmosphere as a freshman

BED's picture


Plus, D shored up next year means no ceral eating ass-clownage occuring in the Shoe.

Brax throws for eleventy-billion yards and 50 TDs as Urban won't ease up on Jabba the Hoke's squad.

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ThirdLegLouie's picture

I hope Urban runs up the score on scUM & then, as he shakes hands with Hoke at midfield, tells the fat man "It's THE Ohio State University" and then proceeds to Harbaugh him. 

If you ain't a Silver Bullet, you're a target

mshaf's picture

I also hope he explains to Hoke about THE Ohio State University and runs the score up.

Irricoir's picture

With as bad as our defense looked, Detard was probably eating a bowl of "Captain Kronic" he kept coming back with the munchies. Made me [expletive] sick. I wanted to knock a dread out of his wig every time!

I don't always take names when I kick ass but when I do, they most often belong to a Wolverine.

faux_maestro's picture

Jabba the Hoke LOL

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AltaBuck's picture

Nice thing about the schedule is that we have a bye week going into the Wisky game then the following week is TSUN at home.

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jameslee203's picture

Agree 100%, they circled the game on their calendar for 1yr and that was the best they could do.  How many things had to break completely wrong for us, for them to win. 

I'm not saying 12-0, but looking at the schedule, finding the close games is easy, try finding the losses...

Buckeyejason's picture

As much as we all hate Michigan and can't admit that they're getting better..we gotta face it, they're going to get better every year under Hoke, especially considering next season's Robinson's last year in Ann Arbor, they'll be a tough win in 2012.


ShowThemOhiosHere's picture

We can win all of those games.  But, as you know, games that we can win don't always become games that we do win.  We might take a loss at Wisconsin or at MSU but other than that, I see nothing but visions of W's and roses dancing around in my head.

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faux_maestro's picture

This. We were "in" virtually every game this year.

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Bucksfan's picture

A lot of our personnel from this year are returning, but maybe there is some OL depth tat can be an issue.  Wisconsin and Michigan State will most-certainly have a drop-off.  They're both losing a lot of key players that have made their last 2 years very successful.  Michigan will be good.  Nebraska, maybe?

A division title is well-within the realm of possibilities.  I don't see us losing any of those non-conference games.  A Rose Bowl appearance would be a remarkable year (and I f'ing love the Rose Bowl).

Until the Buckeyes show that they can make it out of the division in the top spot, I'm keeping expectations low. Let's see if Meyer's new M.O. works first before we start using the words "national" and "championship" in the same sentence.  And let's do our part in giving him the time he needs.

chitown buckeye's picture

I see posible 9-3 team or better next year. We have a lot of building and teaching to do with the young talent. The beauty of a coach like Meyer is he will win the games he is suppose too. Dont look for us to come out flat against IU or Purdue next year. Then "steal" a game in East Lansing or Madison. As usual we can play with any team in the conference and will be in every game. I think it simply is a question of how quickly the coaches and players mesh. I think we will get much better as the season progresses so look out in November and it wouldnt surprise me if we were in the BTCG.

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Waffles's picture

Lefty, 2002, you in here?

ThirdLegLouie's picture

Urban has improved every team he's ever taken over by AT LEAST 4 wins his first year.. So we're looking at a minimum of 10-2 if history repeats itself. I'm counting on the over. 

If you ain't a Silver Bullet, you're a target

Nick's picture

This schedule is very manageable. I will say we have a change for perfection with maybe 1 loss depends on Wisconsin, IMO. I don't think MSU will be able to keep up on offense, same thing with Penn State. TSUN should have lost last saturday, with the walrus returning to sea world 3rd and 6 spikes won't be happening anymore.

kingjamborah's picture

10-1 with the lone loss coming @ hated Camp Randall.


ThirdLegLouie's picture

Very interesting comparison between Urban Meyer and Coach K by ESPN's Gene Wojciechowski:


Meyer has never been allergic to hard work. He put in monster hours as head coach at Bowling Green, Utah and Florida. It's what helped make him great. It's what helped push him to the brink of exhaustion.

If Urban Meyer can find balance, he may find success long-term success at Ohio State.
On the intensity level, Ohio State is Florida times two. They don't write books and do documentaries on the Florida-Florida State rivalry. They do with Ohio State and Michigan. Former Buckeyes coach John Cooper can tell you all about the pressures of that rivalry.

If I had to name the five most pressure-packed coaching gigs in college football, the list would feature Notre Dame, Texas, Michigan, Alabama and Ohio State. This is the world Meyer returns to. And he'll do so at a Buckeyes program that has been wounded from within.

The temptation will be for Meyer to dive into the deep water without an oxygen tank. Try to do everything himself. Impose his will. Return to the days of 100-hour work weeks.

And if he does, he'll fail. Or, at the very least, he won't last.

There was another famous coach who won a pair of national championships (as Meyer had) and built a dynasty (as Meyer had). Then he suffered self-inflicted mental exhaustion and had to step away from the game as his mind and body healed from seasons of overwork.

He had a choice to make: return a changed man or fall into the same, self-destructive work habits.

The coach was Duke's Mike Krzyzewski.

Krzyzewski walked away from his program 12 games into the 1994-95 season. He came back the next year with a different perspective, more balance in his life and a new personal work model. Since then, he's won two more national titles and most recently became the winningest coach in college basketball Division I history.

Meyer has a similar choice. He can be the coaching nut job of those earlier years and pay the price for it again. Or he can learn from Krzyzewski's example and from his own experiences.

Under normal circumstances, this Ohio State-Meyer marriage should last happily ever after. These two were made for each other.

But it won't … it can't, unless Meyer is a different kind of coach from the one who left Florida a year ago.

If you ain't a Silver Bullet, you're a target

mshaf's picture

I say 10-1 with the loss coming to Wisconsin

M tots's picture

Why is Wiscy such a threat though?  I realize we don't play well there, but I don't think this game is going to be at night.  They lose Wilson at QB and after the season he has had I imagine Ball will leave as well.  That's a lot of offense to replace.  Is most of their Defense coming back??