Penn State: It May Take A Decade

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November 14, 2011 at 11:53p

Allegations of child molestation have tarnished the reputation of a fine university and brought down, its legendary football coach.

To this point, de facto corporations Penn State and The B1G Ten, have responded and acted out of self-interest. Each has a brand to preserve and to protect.

State College is in turmoil and the nation is outraged.

Public opinion finds Jerry Sandusky guilty.

But, what if he's innocent?

Is it possible Jerry Sandusky is innocent? Is it possible he will be acquitted?

History - recent,  American history - suggests these possibilities.

And the McMartin PreSchool Trial underscores the fact history does repeat itself and can take a long time and a very heavy toll, in doing so:

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Great points. As more info comes out, it starts to make me wonder. He isn't great with answering questions which will hurt his case. But why keep showering with children if you've been warned? His atty's answer, he didn't use common sense? Why doesn't he have these kids he's helped so much come out and speak on his behalf? Costas' questions were certainly to suggest his guilt. I'm pretty sure everyone already has this guy guilty. McQeary could be lying about catching him in the shower.

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The only thing that gets me in all of this, it is REALLY hard to fathom that everything we're hearing is 100% true. You would think that in today's world of people becoming super rich off of lawsuits, SOMEONE would have brought a civil suit against Sandusky (maybe the mom in 1998). Also, Victim 2 is apparently denying what McQueary said, and the McQueary testimony is really the most important. There's something really fishy about all of this. The reason the Catholic Church was able to cover-up all its abuse was because they had set up a slush fund to pay alleged victims in exchange for not pressing charges. They were quite open about the "hush money" too. Pretty much every Archdiocese had encouraged victims to come forward so they could pay them off and avoid prosecution. Yet in the Penn State case, no hush money or anything. It's hard to believe NO ONE came forward earlier.

Sandusky may be a creep and a weirdo or maybe just a big kid (a lot of jocks/coaches are like that), but that doesn't necessarily make him a pedophile. Perhaps he posseses an overly paternal instinct. If the lawyer is telling the truth and Victim 2 is going to deny McQueary's allegations, then I believe the case is all but blown. It's going to be hard to prove anything. The only other "witness" had/has dementia. Not saying I necessarily believe any of this, but this is the angle the defense is going to play.

Just remember: Michael Jackson. He admitted to sleeping with young boys. He's another example of a creep and weirdo who acted like a big kid instead of an adult. But they were never able to actually prove that sexual abuse took place. The difference in this case is the McQueary testimony, and if victim 2 denies it, then holy shit, this guy could go free.

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I just thought of something else. McQueary reported hearing rythmic slapping sounds that suggested sexual activity. Yet, no crying? No crying? I'd imagine if I were being sodomized at 10 years old, I would be crying my lungs out, if not screaming in pain. Just some food for thought.

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Well it could be that this wasn't the first time he was assaullted by Sandusky.  There were what, 8 victims, but over 40 counts of sexual abuse right? 

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That was my first thought too, BTA. If the kid was so "used to it" that he was numb to the pain or trauma, then it truly is disgusting and Sandusky needs to be put into prison with the general population.

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Now, McQueary's equivocating, saying he stopped Sandusky and went to the police, immediately. NYT reports 10 more alleged victims have stepped forward. CNN's getting stonewalled by PSU regarding routine info requests. The judge who granted bail, should have recused herself.

In the McMartin Preschool case, the preliminary hearing took TWENTY months!

If this goes to trial, it may be two years before it begins. 

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It took five years of FOI's and a Pennsylvania Supreme Cout ruling, before Paterno's salary info was released. Things move slowly in PA.

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Still can't buy beer in a grocery store, and they vote with paper ballots...Eventually they will make it to the 20th century...Oh, how I want to leave this place!!


Buckeye in PA purgatory

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Feel for you, buddy.

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My first stay in PA seriously pissed me off when I couldn't find beer. I did find a GE where you could drink while you shop but couldn't leave with the beer.

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I drink whiskey. Try finding that. I would have better luck if I liked crack. Bars sell beer to go, so I bought a 6 with a backer. Tough living over there. Probably want to keep folks sober so they don't drive off a mountain.