Official: America Has ESPN/SEC Fatigue

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December 4, 2013 at 4:58p

The SEC's PR firm - ESPN - is driving a new debate: its minions are asking, "What is the value of a loss?" The real question is, "Has America had enough of ESPN and its prized brand, the SEC?"

Beyond SEC-Country, America celebrated Auburn's victory. But, it did so for these three reasons: 1.) it was a memorable finish to a football game; 2.) not only did Alabama lose, its chance of a three-peat took a huge hit and 3.) the chances of any other SEC team continuing the region's college football dynasty, suddenly appeared remote. The only reason we're discussing Auburn right now, is because it did something the rest of America was hoping would happen.

We've heard a lot about that "Southern Charm." Where's it been for the past seven years? SEC-Country has rubbed the rest of America's noses in the fact of its gridiron superiority for far too long. The rest of America is tired of SEC-Country.

And ESPN is the of sports television. The way ESPN broadcasts is why we hate loud car stereos, on that first warm morning in spring. ESPN is a maniacal and monstrous, media machine, back-blasting America with verbal methane, as the soundtrack of its obnoxious sportsporncast.

Here's to the success of ESPN's competitors and to the end of SEC-Country's bloviating.

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Amen brother Hoody! Well said.

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I would argue that SEC-fatigue peaked during the Bama-LSU NCG and hasn't relented since. Okie State was hosed IMO, and while the South and the commentariat celebrated the all-SEC championship game, everyone else was tired and bored. I believe that game was one of the lowest rated BCS title games, iirc.

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+1.  Truly, the LSU-Bama championship game was the death-knell to the BCS.

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You got  +1 here also....wouldn't bother me if SEC states fell into their own lakes  (geographically don't try this at home)

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Well said. A few logs for the rant fire...

  • The SEC braggart is akin to the annoying co-worker or relative always pumping up and seeking validation for his/her bitchin' laptop or phone or whatever: Dude - I'm psyched about your processing speed, but I'm good with the one I've got.
  • The strength/weakness logic is inverted in SEC-world: Big Ten bottom feeders show weakness of conference; SEC bottom feeders show week-to-week toughness of schedule. 
  • SEC media advocates (networks and individuals alike) draw from an always-evolving list of superior qualities that sound good in the abstract, rank high in intangibility, and are completely disregarded if present in other conferences: Team speed, high number of draft picks, mad scientist/control freak/old school coaches, recruit from where people *really* love their football.

Ending rant to focus on pathetic, plodding, backed-into, Top 10 11-1 v. 12-0 matchup.

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I agree that there is a fatigue. I believe a lot of that fatigue is because of the media. We have seen streaks before in sports. Of course, some fans wished for those streaks to end. They did end. 
In recent years, there have been many new media outlets opened. As a result, when people or stories get constantly repeated by many sources day in and day out, people get tired of it (e.g. Tim Tebow). They tune out. 
This is not just confined to the sports world either. You can pick many stories or people in entertainment, business, or politics that people get fatigued about. Sometimes, this is not a result of anything an individual did, but the result of the constant drumbeat from others, such as the media. 

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The name 'Kardashian' comes to mind here.
Maybe we can coin a phrase: "The SEC and it's Kardashian ways."

One day I will valiantly become a political prisoner of 11W jail.

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Great stuff. I bet that CINCYOSU guy is in tears over this. Cry us a river, CINCY!

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I get he comments on many of the ESPN threads, but don't call out another poster like this.

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Why? I'll call him out all I want.

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Because its childish, but if being the big man on the internet makes you happy then all for you.

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Southern Charm is a oxymoron.  They are too conflicted about the Civil War, the influx of YANKEES, racism, the whole bible-belt thing, etc.


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Agreed. That's why I put it in quotes.

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As somebody stuck living in the deep south for the time being you hit the nail on the head. They act an feel as if "this is whole other country."

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And yet 11W organizes a contest that depends on ESPNs Game Day ( Although I might sanction it if the winner in some way mocked Game Day.
Since the Auburn win I have sought to avoid anything other than 11W, knowing that the usual ESPIN/SEC crap would ensue. That includes anything that has to do with Game Day. 
For those of you who do watch, be prepared for everything from Maurice Clarett (everything bad than happened), Tress' emails and resignation, probation, bowl bans, the 2011 season, Bradley Roby/Carlos Hyde suspensions, the lack of serious punishment for M Hall and Dontre Wilson...yada yada.
But if you want facts, solid analysis, and an intelligent discussion of college football and the Buckeyes, go no further than 11W.

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ESPN 'Gay Dames' you mean.
I wanna see an O-H-I-O in the background 

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There's a reason why Johnny Manziel is so famous now. Because he beat Bama. People are tired of them constantly winning and the media gave him celebrity status because of the one game he won. I can't even imagine how much coverage he'd have gotten if he did it again.
So instead, Auburn is in that spot because they were the ones who knocked Alabama out of #1 status. It helps their case that it was really late in the season too.

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I've got fatigue from posts bitching about ESPN!  

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This is beautiful and I would give you all of my helmet stickers were I able.  Hit the nail right on the head.

The answer may not be at the bottom of a bottle, but it never hurts to check. 

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I have fatigue just from the media plain and simple shoving it down your throat for days on end  plain and simple.

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Great post/view. One comment though.
SEC-Country, fact, and grid-iron superiority don't belong in the same sentence!
Unless of course Unicorns, Leprechauns, and world peace are included!!!

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Great Post!!!  

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