If Tressel Had Coached This Year...

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November 29, 2011 at 11:37a

I often wondered if those who were lobbying for the Luke Fickell-era to commence in 2012, ever considered what the team's 2011 record would have been, with Tressel on the sidelines. Same talent. Same schedule.

We know what happened:

  Sat, Sep 3 Akron W 42-0 
  Sat, Sep 10 Toledo W 27-22 
  Sat, Sep 17 at Miami (FL) L 6-24 
  Sat, Sep 24 Colorado W 37-17 
  Sat, Oct 1 Michigan State L 7-10 
  Sat, Oct 8 at (14) Nebraska L 27-34 
  Sat, Oct 15 at (16) Illinois W 17-7 
  Sat, Oct 29 (12) Wisconsin W 33-29 
  Sat, Nov 5 Indiana W 34-20 
  Sat, Nov 12 at Purdue L 23-26 
  Sat, Nov 19 (21) Penn State L 14-20 
  Sat, Nov 26 at (17) Michigan L 34-40

So, I wondered.

I've reviewed the 2011 regular season schedule.

I see Tressel starting Miller against Akron, getting better offensive production out of the gate and improving steadily on this side of the ball, throughout the season.

With everybody else in their familiar roles on staff and despite the loss of Nathan Williams, I see...an undefeated season.

I think we may have missed the opportunity to watch Jim Tressel do his best job of coaching, yet.

What do you think? 




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Yes.  I think so.  11-1 at the very least.  Miami sucks, the Big Ten sucks, no reason that a Tressel coached team couldn't have rolled that schedule and wound up in Indy, and eventually New Orleans. 

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Does Tressel have that much of an impact on the defense? No. We couldn't stop anyone this year..he might've helped one or two games that we lost but I don't think it would've been a drastic change.

Tressel had a bad year in 2004, what 4-5 losses? What makes you think he'd make this young, inexperienced team any better than he made that team?

That team also had talents like Ginn, Hawk, Carpenter, Whitner, Gonzo, Pittman, etc.

Tressel was good..but he wasn't a miracle worker. The great seasons he had were with experienced, talented teams.


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At the very least, It'd have allowed Fickell to concentrate solely on D and not have to worry about everything. I'm thinking part of the issue with the D this year is Luke was swamped with everything going on and the situation he was in. He probably delegated a lot of things to the rest of the defensive staff that normally he'd have been more hands on with. Combine that with Vrabel's inexperience and you have poorer coaching than normal to go along with some subpar LBs.

I'm not seeing an undefeated season, but I think we could've won 3 . ..  maybe maybe 4 more games this year. Granted, with Lady Luck on our side, we could have potentiallly won all of them. But that's a stretch to say the least.

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Tressel wouldn't have changed the fact that this is one of the worst LB cores OSU has seen in recent memory, although I do think he'd of had Shazier playing much earlier in the season. You can only coach up young kids so much, and given the suspensions to Boom & Posey, I still think Tress would have picked up an L in that Nebraska game. Also, I feel like this team really rallied up for that Wisconsin game in a kind of "Us against the world" mentality; I don't think they'd of reached that point if they still had good ol reliable Tress at the helm and would have maybe been  beat at home in that one.  


Regardless, even though I will miss JT, his departure opened the door for Urban's arrival, and my gut feeling is that this program really starts to close the gap with the SEC teams. 

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I'm not so sure Tress would've let G. Smith railroad Posey the way he did.  We'd have had him back by Indiana/Purdue with Tress, IMO.

So with that in mind, I say 10-2/11-1. We win the last 3, regardless.  Sparty and ThugU are wins.  I can see us losing to Nebraska still because of Tress's blind devotion to Seniors, Bauserbombs would've killed us there.  I'd also see a potential loss against Wisky, because of Tresselball.

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I like Fickel  but he did show some  . . . . .  poor time-out managment- those errors did likely cost a game or two.  Plus the missed extra point - tressle teams did not miss those xtra points - that is part of the Tressel ball strategy, or I am forgetting something.

Fickel did lose starters not sure how Tress would have delt with that.  It is one thing to lose one starter - but 5! and these guys were 95% of the offense.

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You nailed it with the biggest critique I have of Fickell- Game management.  I swear, at times, it seemed like he didn't even know he had any timeouts; and then other times, he would randomly use one, for no apparent purpose. C'mon man!


Still upset he didn't use any time outs at the end of the first half against Michigan. Could have stopped the clock and got the ball back with 1 or maybe 2 timeouts with at least 30 secs left in the half. What's the harm in trying to get a long FG before half? Our receivers were consistenly getting behind UM's DBs and you never know what could happen, but he played it safe and didn't play to Win IMO. Just frusterating...

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You all make good points, and if you put this team in past seasons with stronger Big Tens and schedules, they probably would have struggled to 7 or 8 wins with Tressel.  I'm just saying given how weak the overall Big Ten is, and how close we were in 5 of 6 losses, Tressel could have made a difference. 

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There's no way in hell we go 11-1, 10-2 with Bauserman or freshman Brax at QB, an inconsistent Defense with no pass rush, poor Linebacker play,a young inexperienced secondary, injuries everygame, suspensions galore regardless if Tressel is still at the helm. Be real here at put down the scarlet and grey colored glasses.


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Have you ever seen the team seem more unprepared and lacking fundamental skills than this year? And you think Tressel didn't matter? Seriously?

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FYI, folks,

Tressel has been spotted twice on the UCLA campus in recent days. I would like to see him bring UCLA back to glory and control USC the way he controlled Michigan. UCLA has a red-shirt freshman quarterback with similar skill set as Pryor. There is good talent there but they need to be coached properly. Tressel could do it.