Mystery Flip Player - per Alex's Roundtable Allusion

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September 27, 2012 at 11:49a

What we know - it's an offensive player committed elsewhere (obviously) that talks to the osu coaches daily.  hmmmm..

Candidates mentioned so far:

- Taquan Mizzell (APB, Virginia)

- Mike Heuerman (TE, Notre Dame)

- Ethan Pocic (OL, LSU)

- Josh McNeil (TE, Alabama)

- Travon Chapman (QB, Pittsburgh)

- Aaron Bailey (QB, Illinois)

- Levonte "Kermit" Whitfield (ATH, FSU)

- Tony Stevens (WR, FSU)

- John Montelus (OL, Notre Dame)

- Ahmad Fullwood (WR, Florida)

- Sebastian LaRue (WR, USC)

- Demorea Stringfellow (WR, Washington)

- Marcell Lazard (OL, WVU)

- Dymonte Thomas (S, TTUN)

- Mike McCray (LB, TTUN)

- Courtney Love (LB, Nebraska)

- David Dawson (OL, TTUN now decommitted / scholarship removed)

- Gareon Conley (ATH, TTUN probably decommitting soon)

I seriously doubt it's larue or love because of their respective positions, larue is pretty clearly a wide receiver and love is pretty clearly not going to be playing offense in college.  pocic seems lower probability because he seemed pretty sold on lsu and their focus on the offensive line...although a part of me thinks he made a spot decision to go very far from home.  travon chapman / aaron bailey were good ideas (thanks buckshot)...we know urban meyer can spot talent on offense regardless of their high school position.  looking forward to seeing who it is!  this is all obviously pure speculation.  Based on our need for playmakers I wonder if urban has a card up his sleeve with our next hybrid player, and on the other hand we have jalin marshall and zeke already in the class, what about a deep threat?  this 2013 class is going to have a wild finish imo and you can't go wrong with the players we already have and the players still left on the board.

go bucks!!


edit: previously believed to be a non-wr, those possibilities are now believed to be open

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Im thinking Kermit Whitfield
I don't remember alex saying it was a non-wr, where did you see that at?

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well, i may have extrapolated too far...he said
"On offense, I think the Bucks end up with one more receiver in the form of Shelton Gibson. I also think they land the player committed elsewhere that I cannot name at this point in time (sorry again)."

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Whatever happen to flipping Dymonte Thomas? I remember hearing his name a lot earlier in the year and haven't heard it much lately.
David Dawson would be the person from the list I would want the most.

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i think its heurman

mark may wins douchebag of the year... again

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I'm betting it's a human.

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Although it could be this 5* recruit from Melmac. 

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It better not end up being Heuerman.  That would be a waste. 

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updated, a lot of people seem to think it's heuerman... pretty interesting but i think heuerman and that linebacker we know are pretty content at notre dame

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I think it is John Montelus Offensive Guard  Notre Dame

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I would have said Mike McCray, but it's an offensive player.

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don't forget about WV OL commit Lazard.
I think its Heuerman too but TE doesn't seem likely to me, nor does a RB. QB maybe? WR/OL are obvious.

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Hopefully it is an Olineman... It was tough with the misses but 2014 looks like a good year to pick some up in Ohio.

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Be nice to get a skill player. But an O-lineman would probably be my guess.

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I'm going to go with Taquan Mizzell

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Probably not mizzell because we already have ezekiel elliot that does the exact same thing but probably better. I would like a good o-lineman as we still need more good bodies in that group and we don't have much for the '13 class. we dont NEED a tight end but it wouldnt hurt to pick up a heuerman or mcneil.

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ethan pocic. that guy is ugly. hes a literal big ugly.

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Would be really nice but he was always waiting on a major sec program to offer him.  Dont see him leaving LSU for us.

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Bosa and Heuerman did seem to get very close during their visit to OSU which would put that slant on it. And he was a complete surprise, even to Alex, going with ND.

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Unless he's playing rb which I highly doubt it lol, plus we'd have to offer and accept the committments of half his Grayson team.

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Montelus would be nice. If I was a betting man, I would go with Lazard.

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my gues is heuerman but man i would love 'smoke' mizzel in urbs offense

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I really don't see it being Heuerman.  The kid is all Notre Dame in his tweets and he has recruited so many other players there as well. I also don't think it will be a QB/RB. If I had to guess I'd say it's an OL

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What about Demorea Stringfellow? We were in his top 2 before he committed to washington out of the blue. Maybe he is having second thoughts? Again, just a guess. But Stringfellow would be a welcome addition to this class as would any OL or WR

Sorry Urban, Woody is still my favorite

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Off topic but I love how "Demorea" sounds like a bad guys name from Skyrim.  

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I think it is Stringfellow or Whitfield. Weren't there rumors a while back of Whitfield thinking of decommiting from FSU?

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My guess would be Heurman

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I doubt it will be Lazard... but it is funny to look at 247sports profile of him... at one point it said "names Ohio State as leader, closing in on committments after a visit to OSU"... then Unofficial to WVU, commitment to WVU.

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looks like it might have been none of the above, tony stevens who decommitted from fsu!  

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Anybody think it could be Hunter Bivin?? the big Tackle from Kentucky i believe. He seems pretty solid w/ND tho. But I noticed nobody mentioned him.
Would love for it to be a guy like Pocic/Bivin as I have been very very high on both of them. Dawson would also be great or Lazard as far as the OL goes.
I think McCray could switch but he's a LB. I read somewhere that McCray is talking to the OSU staff undercover. Conley I could see ending up in this class, ONLY if Oregon dosnt offer.


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I wonder if it could possibly be Jake Raulerson, the OL from Texas. I thought he was pretty high on OSU for a while before committing to the Longhorns.