Apology to Herbie

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June 1, 2011 at 10:52p

Kirk Herbstreit was essentially run out of Ohio with his family for being honest and objective in his discussion of the OSU program and it's faults.  One of his main points was that Coach Tressel should stop recruiting players like Terrell Pryor for which he was labeled a traitor.  In light of the recent scandal it has become obvious he was right and I doubt you would currently find any Buckeye fan who would disagree with his stance on Pryor.  I read a lot of degrading and what I felt were inaccurate and hateful comments about Herbie on the blogs many of which were on this website.  Sometimes it's painful to hear the truth, especially when you don't want to believe it but it's obvious he was right all along.  He completely nailed the problem at OSU much earlier than any other journalist did for which he deserves credit.  I am interested to hear how many people now feel like they perhaps owe Herbie an apology.  Is there anyone who still thinks he is a traitor and not an objective journalist?

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Yep. This thought had crossed my own mind lately. Herbie still stooped to the level of a teenager, but in the end, he was right about some of these things.

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I don't; i've stated how wrong harrasment was, but he's still a jackass. Sorry.

"2014 National Champions...deal with it!!!"

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Completely agree Chief, he was right about Pryor, but that's it. He's done to much bashing in the name of being objective for me to be remorseful for any previous statements or beliefs about him. Still cannot believe that some idiots truly harassed him.

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"One of his main points was that Coach Tressel should stop recruiting players like Terrell Pryor for which he was labeled a traitor."

I still don't get it though. Every team in the nation was after Pryor.

And I still kind of think he's a douche. His twitter account and the tweets that followed were the death of him for me.

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I don't think anything Pryor does/has done would justify the "don't recruit players like him" comment. Ability is 80% of any recruiting evaluation. Pryor is stupidly gifted physically. He may have had character questions when he was in high school (honestly, I can't recall any), but the statement was still stupid. 

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As others also point out it would be stupid to not recruit a guy with Pryor's talent's.  To quote TP, "Everyone does" or was recruiting him.  Coaches who recruit get a pretty good idea of a player's personality and maturity level.  I think his point was that you not make it a habit to go after guys like him, but when you do as soon as the player steps out of line you put him in the dog house - no matter how good he is. 


I think as an OSU alum, Herbie is the kind of guy you want as an ambassador - intelligent, well-spoken, and sincere.  He just didn't want OSU to become a place like Miami in the 80's.  Sure they won and Ray Lewis and company were great athletes.  But it's a mixed bag and guys like that bring a negative perception to the university as well.

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I think you must not have read Herbie's short-lived Twitter account. Guy's a meathead.


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Absolutely. I would have put money on that account being a parody, it was incredibly telling.

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At long last, a little sanity....

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Frosted Tips may have been right, but he is still a doucher.

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Ohio State's troubles and Herbstreit being an insecure little girl are mutually exclusive topics.

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Just as making some poor decisions and breaking some rules doesn't make Tressel 100% evil, being "right" about Pryor doesn't make Herbstreit 100% holy.  I mean, his side of the story is that he let a minority of immature fans chase him OUT OF THE STATE.  That's what he's willing to admit to.  Virtually every member of the media (and especially the sports media) is on Twitter, but not Herbstreit, who is arguably the national face of the sport he covers, because some people were mean to him?  Seriously?  I can't respect someone like that enough to even consider apologizing to him.

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One of his main points was that Coach Tressel should stop recruiting players like Terrell Pryor for which he was labeled a traitor.

If you thought, based on TP's high school record, that he had some issues with maturity and should be avoided, then you must have cringed when you saw Troy Smith's high school record.  Should we not have recruited him?  It seems rather naive to think you can avoid off-the-field issues by recruiting only guys that pass some arbitrary standard of maturity.  I understand the desire to avoid a guy like Willie Williams, but for most high school players, the character question is not as clear as it was with Willie.

Although I never thought of him as a "traitor", I do not think Herbie was "right" about Pryor. I agree with Ramzy's original column on the Herbstreit issue, and I make no apology for it.

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Agreed - but it so very easy for anyone to now say, "you shouldn't recruit players like Pryor".  Twenty-twenty hind sight is a beautiful thing.  As mentioned above - just about every elite program was after him. 

Another thought - how is a coach/program supposed to go about 'not recruiting players like that'?   Should they hire a PI to try to uncover dirt on every potential recruit?  It's a little tough to predict what some high school kids are going to do/become when they leave  home and go to college.

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let's not forget: the biased disney family writes his check

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I said this back in December when it first broke.  How fortunate are we to not have Seantrel Henderson or Latwan Anderson?  You don't touch those idiots with a 10 foot pole.  But in Tress's defense he thinks he can help and save anyone. 

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This, this, a thousand times this.

 in Tress's defense he thinks he can help and save anyone

This perfectly describes Tressel, and why he recruits people like Terrelle Pryor and Seantrel Henderson and co. He truly beleives that they can turn their life in the right direction, and this time he got caught trying to help by breaking rules. I stand by JT.


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He absolutely does and I think his track record on who he has saved versus who he has not is probably in his favor.  I think Troy Smith is an excellent example of how the man can change a young adult to a positive roll model.  

Herb is a hypocrite.  He will spread the good word on a Cam Newton but then bash a Pryor.  If we should respect him - he should be consistent.

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I didn't intend to bash Herbstreit between the lines. I don't expect anyone in the media to actually think deeply enough about anything to somehow maintain some level of consistency. Regardless I think Herbstreit has gotten a ridiculously bad rap on this, and probably every other, OSU site.

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yeah.  whatever.  herbstreit still sucks. try winning 2 BCS games without Pryor...  I'm with stoney on this one, I may not like TPs actions but I still got his back.  He still dons the S&G. 



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I got hammered by 98% of Buckeye fans on this website and others for saying "I don't blame Herbie for moving his family out of C-bus." I also questioned how many fans questioned Herbie's loyalty to the Scarlet and Gray and was reamed again. 

I think I ALSO should get an apology.



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I got to be honest, its pretty lame when you come onto a forum asking for an apology.

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Agreed.  Also, I notice John Cooper did not leave Columbus.  But I guess he never got criticized as much as Herbie did.  (/sarcasm)

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What makes it lame? I think it is lame to call things lame without stating why such a thing is lame. Lame..lame..lame..

You think since this is the internet that the comments you make should not reflect on whom you are or what you stand for? If you speak your mind and others chastise you for your opinion, then in the end it works out that you were right, we should just forget all the stupid sh!t you said because it isn't your real name next to your avatar? A little vindication is always nice.

(I am not speaking about Herbie or you per se Jakebuckeye, just in general)

I don't always take names when I kick ass but when I do, they most often belong to a Wolverine.

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I never really understood how the Herbie bashing thing got so huge. I disagreed with the man but I still respect his opinion. I just thought I could disagree without destroying people on forums and twitter. I still can't agre with the man on quite a few things, but he is a Buckeye and still holds a place in my heart along with Ray Small, Clarett, Tressel, and Pryor.

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When he apologizes for his childish twitter comments, explains why he was the only pollster to drop OSU 3 spots for WINNING a BCS bowl game (and by "explains," I mean owning up to it and not simply claiming that he "was sleepy" or whatever lame excuse he gave last time), stops getting into wars of words with 20 year-old current Buckeye players, apologizes for (as I've heard) calling out players for being involved in the tattoo scandal who actually were not, etc., then maybe I'll think OSU fans owe him an apology.  Until then, I'll be waiting on Herbie to man up for his childish behavior.

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Here is my apology............

Fuck you Herbie!


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