97.1 The Fan - No Buckeye FB coverage for 2 days???

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September 27, 2012 at 3:34p

I'm an avid listener of the Common Man & Torg show and I've noticed that they have not discussed the Buckeyes since Mon. or Tuesday throughout the entire program.  Have they developed a beef with Coach or OSU or something??  Does anyone have any "inside" scoop?  They did rip the Bucks pretty badly after Saturday's game and it continued on Monday.  I thought they were a little over the top with the criticism and I wonder if it created some friction with OSU?  Perhaps it's just my love of the Buckeyes that has me creating conspiracy theories but it does seem odd that they've completely abandoned any mention of OSU FB.  Usually they start the show with a recap of Coach Meyer's call-in show today.  Nothing. The last 2 days have been dedicated to pro baseball???  All the other 97.1 shows have at least mentioned the upcoming OSU/MSU game even if only a brief analysis.  I've always been a fan of their show, but they sort of pissed me off with the non-stop bashing of the team.  Do other citiy's local sports shows routinely eviserate their local teams, especially when they WIN?  I posted yesterday that I felt local media and some fans had been relentlessly harsh on this team - especially considering we're 4-0.  I'm ok with critical analysis but the UAB analysis seemed really out of hand.  And this show usually talks about pro baseball for maybe 30 minutes max.  The last couple of days it's been pro bb and stupid personal stories with a little NFL sprinkled in.  Just wondering if there's a back story here??

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I'm pretty sure neither of them are tOSU fans nor grads of tOSU. Makes a bit of sense that they'd rather talk their favorte sport-- hockey.

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I don't think Common Man & The Torg is designed to be just about sports teams of local interest.  They talk about anything and everything of interest out there.  They're probably not even real Buckeye fans - they're just paid to act like fans because they work for sports radio in Columbus, OH.  I don't think they like any pro teams from Ohio other than maybe the CBJ, and that's even debatable.  I haven't noticed anything different in terms of what they've talked about.  Of course, I also only listen during like...the last hour.  Maybe 5:20 or so to around the end.
As far as relentless bashing of this OSU team, it does get to be too much.  We get it - beating UCF, Cal, and UAB by 15, 7, and 14 respectively is underwhelming.  The sky is not falling and we don't suck.

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I doubt it is anything like that. Could be that they are waiting until Thursday/Friday (I haven't listened today) to talk about Sparty/Bucks. With Bishop/Rothman from 12-3 and The Buckeye Show after CM&T it could be that it gives them a little more freedom to talk more about other topics since the other 2 shows are heavier on Buckeye football.
Also with what has gone on so far this week with the NFL refs situation/last week of baseball/Indians firing there manager today there has been plenty of national stories to talk about. 

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Common Man and the Torg definitely love Coach Meyer. Case in point, their weekly Urban Attack Show. Not sure if the feeling is mutual, though. IMO, they talked about the Buckeyes ad-naseum on Monday and Tuesday and didn't have much else to say these past couple of days. Not a whole lot has developed in the way of OSU news since then.

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I have no problems with any of the shows and as someone who listens daily: Mike's favorite sport is baseball and is from Chicago so he likes all of the Chicago pro teams. Torg is from Minnesota and likes hockey and the Vikings. They both seem to be huge football fans and at least partial Buckeye fans (whether that is from being paid or not). They talk about OSU as much as the Big Show talks about OSU. However, Mike and Torg are more open about not wanting to circlejerk about all of the obvious OSU football topics/problems such as bad defense, gushing about Braxton Miller, Urban Meyer, etc. They do the post game show on Saturdays and then basically have to repeat everything they talked about on Mondays as well, which includes all of the complaining.
It's the middle of the week and there is only so much OSU stuff you can talk about. Tomorrow is "football Friday" so if you want a fix then that is when you listen. Obviously the NFL refs were a huge topic this week and OSU=bad was not a priority for mid week sports talk.

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Yep. On the day Modell died, all Torg wanted to talk about was Norm Green and the Minneapolis North Stars.

The offseason begins when your season ends. Even then there are no days off.

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Yeah, but a proper eulogy for Modell isn't something you can really say on air.

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I wish I lived in a market that was Ohio state dominated


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You can listen to the programs online if you want. It may not be all OSU all the time but it is the most coverage you are going to find on a daily basis.

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Trust me Gordon...both those guys love OSU and the Urbanator.  Like many have said above...it's not all Buckeye football all the time.  They try to talk about it more on Friday because of the game being on Saturday too.  That show is the best on Fridays...I personally think they drink on Fridays when Circle K's in there...I don't have proof of this...just a hunch;-)

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At least now that they have the studio cam you can get closer to proving that theory

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These guys are like two juvenile delinquents who broke into a radio station. Teenage humor and giggling like little girls.  They make my ears hurt. Usually takes about 15 minutes for me to turn the station.  You can have them.

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I shell out for satellite radio and while I like their college station, these guys are much better than Finebaum.

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I think it was 2010 when they talked pro wrestling for 3 hours on scUM Eve. Haven't listened to those ass-clowns since.

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^^THIS x the fury of 1000 Suns!!!

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