When will #10 be retired?

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August 26, 2012 at 12:32p

Just wondering if anyone knew when or  if we were going to hang up #10 for Troy Smith. I think it's weird to have guys on both sides of the ball wearing a Heisman winners Jersey number. Most other teams don't do that, so I was curious to see if anyone knew anything about this.  I know no one is wearing #15 at Florida, USC has Bush and Leinart's #'s retired. I think Alabama has a guy wearing Ingram's #22, which is weird for a school with only one winner.  I hope we will see Troy's number retired soon.      blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blaah blah blah blah blaah blah balh blh blah blah.


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Didn't Smith say there would be no more retired jerseys? 

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Troy would most definitely be retired...however, like Pam said we might be doing away with the concept. Troy would probably be looking at getting retired any time now but I think they're holding off because they're playing with the idea of not having retired numbers and finding a different way to honor the athletes.

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Not being able to retire numbers because too many are deserving-#BuckeyeNationProblems

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I have been wondering when they will put Troy's name up in the stadium next to all the other Heisman winners. Maybe they should do it vs ttun this year, after all, he did own them. 6 Days and counting!!

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When did they recognize Eddie George? Was he still playing in the NFL? At this point Troy's pro-career is still going on, or at least it could still be going on, so I wonder if once he "retires" if they will recognize him and include his name in the stadium. 

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Eddie had his number retired in 2001, at the time he was still playing.

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I don't see any reason that they can't hang his name and number next to the other guys. 

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^This. Troy deserves to have his name hanging in the shoe

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It would be right if it his number was retired, or put in the honored at halftime against Michigan. 
Troy Smith is one of my favorite Buckeyes ever.

Help is on the way.

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Retiring Heisman winners is fine. I am surprised they didnt do it on the 5th anniversary of his Heisman... needs to be done ASAP..one of the best college football players over the past decade.